Some Excellent Reading At “Notes From The Margin” Blog

Cliverton here.

I’ve been meaning to let our readers know about some of the excellent articles appearing of late at the Barbados based Notes From The Margin blog. A few suggestions…

Third Petro Caribe Summit

Writer Marginal asks “What’s the Catch?” and asks if the signatories are mortgaging their children’s future even more.

With Respect Sargeant Reid… We Disagree

The President of the Barbados Police Association is taken to task for his arrogant attitude and dismissal of band leaders’ concerns over security at Kadooment.

How Much Gas Does Trinidad Have?

A recent audit of Trinidad and Tobago’s gas reserves stunned many. Marginal gives his (or her) take and asks the billion dollar question…

The Cultural Oddity Of The Blue Box Cart Kadooment Band

Is the mostly-white Kadooment Band a sign of racial divide or proof that we’re all friends on this tiny island?

Barbados’ Sandy Lane Hotel Sued – Does Pennsylvania Law Apply?

Interesting issue, especially in light of the recent Canadian lawsuit launched against Prime Minister Arthur, Chief Justice Simmons and many other Bajan notables. (Also see BFP’s Nelson Barbados Group Ltd Against Prime Minister Arthur, Chief Justice Simmons, David Shorey And Many Others)


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10 responses to “Some Excellent Reading At “Notes From The Margin” Blog

  1. notesfromthemargin

    Thanks guys,
    I’ll try to keep it interesting in the future.


  2. Hants

    Imagine a private individual with enough power to say the following,
    “I am going to do what I think is best for Barbados.”

    My question is this? Is what this person thinks is best for Barbados what the majority of Barbadians think is best for Barbados.

  3. John


    If you relate his success to the physical development plan it becomes even more beyond imagining.

    Please criticise this reasoning.

    Everybody buys into the physical development plan and is prepared to abide by it. I say this because it is the law of the land and Bajans are law abiding citizens. Some may not be aware of the law but as is always said, ignorance is no excuse. (Then again, maybe I am the one who is ignorant and it isn’t the law!!)

    From time to time, individuals owning certain lands are given an opportunity to benefit by change of use, supposedly under the auspices of the Physical Development Plan.

    This opportunity is given them by the vast majority of Bajans when they are consulted on a 5 year basis about modifications to the plan.

    However, in granting this opportunity to a tiny minority the vast majority implicitly expects that Barbados will benefit.

    The majority foregoes the opportunity of competing for the benefit.

    The beneficiary is thus just that, a beneficiary, but of the vast majority.

    He/she/it doesn’t magically become an entrepreneur able to see opportunities and grasp them because no one else can.

    He/she/it has no competition from other landholders.

    He/she/it is in a monopoly situation, created by the majority for the benefit of the majority.

    With the benefit comes expectation. If the vast majority perceive itself not to benefit as it has a right to expect trouble is on the horizon.

    The Physical Development Plan is akin to protectionism. It is afforded by the vast majority to a few people to carry the country forward.

    The reason is basic. There is so much to go around and everyone can’t be converting the land asset of the country to cash and jeopardising the water supply willy nilly.

    The law has been broken, by the same Parliament which has the duty to uphold it and by the individual who now not only converts assets of the country for his own use without the approval of the vast majority, but brazenly tells the same vast majority he is doing what he thinks is best for Barbados!!!

    What utter contempt.

    The way I see it, there is but one outcome.

  4. Getting BYE

    I think we need public hearings before any land use change approved with all the residents from the area etc.

  5. Hants

    Well said John.

    I will ask this question again.

    Why is “change of use from Agriculture to housing” granted to 100 and 200 acre plantations
    but not to 2 and 3 Acre small farmers ?

    A Rich plantation owner/purchaser can justify his actions as good business but a small farmer (who wants to sell a couple house spots to keep out of debt and poverty) is told he must sell his entire property or continue to struggle.

    Barbadians have a lot of pride and tolerance and would rather die than publicly expose perceived

  6. Dukes Resident

    If CO Williams is going to do what is best for Barbadians, then why is there an illegal Vaucluse Racetrack on his land next to Dukes?

    If COWilliams wants to put his money where his mouth is, why not shut this down. Then I for one might believe that at least his ears work.

  7. august

    Hants why are you surprised at Cow ‘doing what he thinks best for Barbados’ statement. He and Bizzy speak like that all the time and no one challenges them. There is no power in Barbados that reigns in Cow so he runs wild. In fact there is a power vacuum because Owen Arthur only speaks to curse David Thompson and DLP calling them wild boys and other nonsense. Cow meantime insults Bajans and says he not investing here anymore. Then he changes his mind with no repercussions and instructs Bajans he is buying more massive tracts of little Barbados to do whats right for us. This BLP administration has more than a lot to answer for. Cow in charge of Barbados without getting a single vote.

  8. Bajan Touchstone

    All animals are equal but some are more equal than others…

    The young people of this country crying out for land, not hundreds of acres, or even dozens of acres, just enough to be able to say they own a small piece of the rock, to build a home of their own. This now seems like an impossible goal, when you see how the free for all has over inflated the price of land as we allow foreigners to buy their second, third or fourth home in our country while we struggling to get our first. We have finite resources, and when we sell off our birthright to make a quick profit, what will be left for present and future generations?

    Then I read that COW and Bizzy got dem sights set on yet another chunk of our already scarce land. I believe that the same way that Bill Gates was prohibited from attaining a monopolistic share of the market, so too should there be some limit on the amount of land one family is allowed to acquire and develop in this small island.
    De same Government that allowing the rich to get richer, could halt the sale and instead subdivide some of the same land to create the opportunity to own land for hundreds of Barbadians, instead of leaping into bed with the two of them yet again.

    Every day or so de politicians pun de tv talking alot of rhetoric and hot air and doing NOTHING to address the issues that the average Barbadian who does not have the level of access and influence on the GoB of Bizzy and COW

    But I guess if they din sell it to the Williams it probably woulda gone to TnT….*schupse*

  9. Hants

    I have spent the last 2 days trying to find land for sale in Barbados at $10,000 per acre.

    Does anyone know of any for sale at that price?

  10. Dukes Resident

    If government bought it, subdivided it for small agricultural lots, no more than 3 acres, at say 20,000 per acre this might promote both agriculture and stimulate growth of the middle class.

    Do we pray to the rich and await favour? No, of course not.

    Better leaders, better plans.