Barbados Chief Justice David Simmons Wanted To Be…


Barbados Deserves A Chief Justice Who Can Be SEEN To Be Pure

Today’s news that Grenada’s Prime Minister Keith Mitchell is being sued in the United States for allegedly corruptly accepting a one million dollar bribe (in Switzerland no less) made us once again consider that politics can be a rough and dirty game. Maybe Mitchell is guilty, maybe not. Maybe it is a setup for political purposes – or maybe Mitchell really did it. (See BFP’s Grenada PM Being Sued In New York For Corrupt Activities)

It almost doesn’t matter whether the allegation is true or not – the OFFICE of the Prime Minister of Grenada has been placed under a cloud. That’s just a part of the reality of politics and politicians. It can be a dirty game and sometimes that mud sticks.

Allegations, Lawsuits and Dirt Shouldn’t Have To Be Part Of Our Judicial System

Barbados Chief Justice David Simmons is being sued in Canada along with Prime Minister Arthur and other Bajan notables. The Statement of Claim in the case is a public document and the allegations are very disturbing. (See BFP’s Nelson Barbados Group Ltd Against Prime Minister Arthur, Chief Justice Simmons, David Shorey And Many Others)

We would love to come to the defense of Barbados’ Chief Justice and say “Nonsense, the Chief Justice has never been involved in politics or land development or land transactions for the government”, but we can’t say that because our current Chief Justice had 25 years of government and backroom-boys’ politics before he put on a Judge’s robes.

Only weeks before being appointed as Chief Justice, David Simmons was a Cabinet Minister under the current Prime Minister. For that reason alone we were disappointed that Mr. Simmons accepted the position of Chief Justice as we believed that his appointment lacked the important appearance of independence right from the start. Once again, this is not to say that David Simmons does not or did not have the knowledge or integrity necessary for the position – we objected because his background in the rough and tumble world of Barbados politics made him an unwise choice for the position of Chief Justice.

Now we have allegations surfacing from before David Simmons became our Chief Justice – and that is unfortunate to say the least. Whether the allegations are true or not, and even if they occurred long ago during his political backroom days, it still throws a bit of a cloud over the OFFICE of the Chief Justice. That’s a sad truth.

Every Bride Is A Virgin – Or So They Say!

They say that every bride instantly becomes a virgin again on her wedding day (at least Auntie Moses says so!) and I guess we all hoped that a similar process would happen when David Simmons became Chief Justice.

But just like a newly “re-virginated” bride can sometimes have old lovers walk embarrassingly back into her life, David Simmons has found that his new judicial robes can’t free him of decades of backroom deals, favours asked and favours granted – and the political, legal and economic strategies that he and his BLP Government Cabinet dreamed up and implemented.

Let’s hope that the allegations against David Simmons are eventually disproven, but Barbados should remember this lesson when it comes time to appoint a new Chief Justice.


Chief Justice David Simmons Wanted To Be…

Attorney General David Simmons wanted to leave his first love: Politics, for a new love: the Office Of The Chief Justice Of Barbados.

But David knew that his relationship with Politics had forever tainted his reputation. How could his new love ever accept a man who had gone out with Politics?

If David was to win his new love, the Office Of The Chief Justice Of Barbados, he would have to become pure again – like he was before he met Politics.

His new love needed purity, so the rest of the family of Barbados could look upon the new Office Of The Chief Justice and say “We have a pure and uncorrupted Chief Justice. No one will ever challenge the integrity of the Office of our Chief Justice!”

So David thought and thought – and decided…

“I know!” said David. “I’ll walk away from Politics – to cleanse myself from my old love. After I have been away from Politics for even a few months, everyone will forget about my old love. Then, I shall put on new Judicial Robes and not be involved with Politics any longer. I shall become like new – cleansed and pure – as is fitting for my new love, Office Of The Chief Justice.


David thought and thought and said, “YES! That’s it! I want to be pure. I want to be. I WILL be…


Click on Justice Simmons’ new album cover to watch his favourite music video!


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28 responses to “Barbados Chief Justice David Simmons Wanted To Be…

  1. akabozik

    I smell it coming…

    There is mischief afoot!

  2. Anonymous

    I can’t smell it coming but I can hear it!

    Oh this is going to be good.

  3. Jason

    OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I hope you guys have your life insurance paid up!



    That Madonna’s Like A Virgin will be the most requested most played song on BIM for the next week. Let’s dance. 🙂

  5. Jerome Hinds

    BFP……is the latter photo on this page that of Madame Justice Marie McCormack ?

    If it isn’t, then it has a very striking resemblance to that of the father of one Gavin Simmons…..!

    Apparent lifestyle included as well !

    Wuhloss !

  6. Madonna

    What a great cover of my song. When can I expect some royalties?

    Justice Simmons looks stunning in my wedding gown but he is as much a virgin as I am.

    yours truly,

  7. Wishing in Vain

    Is this Gavin that was sent away to study to become an airline pilot and it came back as an airline stewardess ?
    One of uncertain gender so much like the make of our House of Assembly ie Jerome Walcott, Rommel Marshall, Kerrie small locks Simmons, Mia Mottley, Billie Millar, Liz Thompson et al.

  8. Anonymous

    David is not going to like you dressing him up in public like this……Mia and Owen will also object

    You have made David really angry….and I know there will be a renewed effort to get you guys

    How did you know his dress size??


    That Chief Justice Mad-On-A BFP!


  10. Red Lake Lassie


    I searched “Chief Justice David Simmons” (exact phrase) on Google and Barbados Free Press articles about the CJ are the top 5 search returns!!!!

    Sir David will not be pleased.

  11. fashion statement

    at least the CJ cuts a dashing figure regardless of dress

    please BFP, do not put the PM in a similar cartoon.

    Barbados has enough pollution and even though there are no environmental laws in Barbados the CJ after his special environmental course at the publics expense will need to think very carefully carefully about charging you with visual pollution. Our stomachs will not be able to take it.

  12. Condo Man

    What ever will this Blog , which is an obvious DLP affair, do
    when The BLP wins the next election??

    So unfortnate that you turn a site tht has such useful potential
    into a gutter.

  13. Red Lake Lassie

    Condo Man, you must be new to BFP. They regularly call David Thompson and the DLP Piggies, thieves-in-waiting, ineffective opposition and lots of other endearing terms.

    Owen and his bunch take most of the punishment because they have been the government for so long.

    None of us doubt that if the DLP came into power they would become the prime target for BFP.

    This article makes a good point about Sir David Simmons. He NEVER should have accepted the position of Chief Justice after being the Attorney General for the same Prime Minister.

    And now look what has happened with this court case. Looks bad.

  14. more

    I thought someone said the court case got thrown out.
    What is going on?

  15. Condo Man


    Yes but the court case is pure trash, It won’t see the light of day.
    Don’t you know you can instruct a lawyer to sue for anything.
    I agree with BFP’s right to critisise Sir David but there is really no reason to discuss his son or show him in the picture as shown.It only takes away from the validity of the point being made.

  16. Condo Man-

    I agree it is in rather poor taste to poke fun at such a pompous and self-important pillar of
    The Establishment, but you have to bear in mind that BFP is primarily concerned with humoring its clientele, that it has very limited resources to do so, and when they come up with a mustachioed
    Madonna, we appreciate it.

    The walls of Jericho will not come tumbling down at the heresy, and we can enjoy our snigger, and move on to more mundane matters.

  17. Rumplestilskin

    I have previously made the point that to criticise without due ‘support’ makes arguing the ‘real’ issues more difficult and sullies the perception of the messenger, such that it detracts from important issues.

    In this case, the method chosen has gone past even that, as represented by an unnecessary presentation, which can only undermine the perceived validity of the blog and be one point for the ‘rag’ allegations.

    Albeit a blog is opinions and the blogger’s whim and fancy is presented, but a blog also is open to interpretation by readers, as it should be.

    Thus, unless one either does not care or is being deliberate for a reason, bear in mind the impact of presentations and writing, if one intends to be persuasive.

    I personally believe that the Law Courts are one of our ‘citizens’ recourses in today’s environment and will respect as such, that is my opinion and my right to ‘verbalise’. There is good and bad, in every system, but it does not mean that the system cannot or does not work. One must look at the balance and the facts.

    That is all I will say on the issue.

  18. BFP

    Hey Rumplestilskin

    We’re glad that you’re offended.

    We’re offended too!

    Offended that SIR David Simmons and the Prime Minister thought it was more important for David Simmons to be Chief Justice of Barbados than for the OFFICE of the Chief Justice to be perceived as independent and not another arm of the government.

    Yes. We are very offended too.

  19. BFP

    Did Chief Justice Simmons declare his assets and conflicts of interest before he was appointed?

    Did he truly sell off any conflicts of interest or did he just transfer assets to family members so he would be able to say “I’m clean”, but in reality still have control of assets that would be impacted by his judicial decisions?

    Huh? What about it?

  20. Young Bajan


    Signs of desperation indeed as election day approaches.

    Oh well, you won’t be the first people to get…



  21. Young Bajan

    Red Lake Lassie,

    YOU SAID: “I searched “Chief Justice David Simmons” (exact phrase) on Google and Barbados Free Press articles about the CJ are the top 5 search returns!!!!”


    Some of you people are really baboons, but keep it up, because collectively you are all doing an excellent job of discrediting Barbados Free Press as a joke page, and that is a VERY GOOD THING.

  22. Wishing in Vain

    Not nearly as your BLP blog has been or continues to be.
    That is the most vile site that I have been on outside of X rated websites.

  23. Red Lake Lassie

    Top 5 hits on Google and Young Bajan thinks that is nothing. Companies pay tens of thousands of dollars to be posted as the number 1 return in a Google search and Barbados Free Press has the TOP FIVE hits bang, bang, bang, bang, bang.

    That is incredible! It is even more incredible when you realise that anywhere in the world when someone researches “Chief Justice David Simmons” on the internet, they will see him in Madonna’s dress and titties!

    THAT is a powerful visual image that will be with the Chief Justice forever on the internet no matter what rage Young Bajan exhibits.

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  25. Anonymous

    i fully agree with condo man disgusting pic

  26. Wishing in Vain

    Once you commit yourself to public service and a public life it is open season for you.
    Get with it, after all he looks nice in his frock, wonder if he borrowed it from his son of uncertain gender ?
    Did Jerome or Rommel have a part to play in his sons conversion or was it Mia, Billie and Liz that he liked what he saw.

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