Oops! Trinidad and Tobago Knocks Barbados Out Of #2 Spot On “Richest Caribbean Nations” Chart

According to our CIA sources…

Ok, ok… we mean the CIA Factbook Website that anyone can access online. (Hey… got those cookies turned off?)

Barbados used to be listed as the number two richest country in the Caribbean on a Gross Domestic Product GDP-per capita basis after The Bahamas, but the latest stats show us falling to number 3 and Trinidad and Tobago moving into the number 2 spot.

Peddle faster, folks!

Hmmm…. wonder why the Nation News or CBC didn’t do a story on this? 😉

Here’s the chart…

1 Bahamas, The $ 21,300
2 Trinidad and Tobago $ 19,700
3 Barbados $ 18,200
4 Antigua and Barbuda $ 10,900
5 Saint Kitts and Nevis $ 8,200
6 Dominican Republic $ 8,000
7 Saint Lucia $ 4,800
8 Jamaica $ 4,600
9 Cuba $ 3,900
10 Grenada $ 3,900

You can see the chart online here or go to the CIA for the original country by country figures here (if you dare!)



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64 responses to “Oops! Trinidad and Tobago Knocks Barbados Out Of #2 Spot On “Richest Caribbean Nations” Chart

  1. Bizzy Lickum

    Probably more reflective of the prevailing oil prices than anything else but this will all change again when bid-block (Bb-II) “Steel Donkey” kicks in; or so we hope, right?

  2. Anonymous

    We do it by our wits, energy and integrity which is the best long term approach instead of relying on the vagaries of a commodity.
    We achieved the NUMBER ONE ranking in all of the caribbean region for honesty and integrity of our public institution, non and elected officials. This study was carried out by the well known independent berlin based anti-corruption agency called ” Transparency International ” ( google it ). If we include all of South & central america we are # 2 ( Chile # 1 ). If we include all of the above plus all of Asia, Africa & Middle East we are # 4. We are ranked # 24 world wide out of 170 plus countries. Right before us is Spain than the U.S.A. followed by the rest of industrialized countries. Number one position is Finland and last place is Haiti.
    This is a great achievement which we can all be proud.

  3. BFP

    So what happened to that $750,000 “campaign donation” cheque that the PM deposited into his personal bank account?

    And does Minister of Public Works Gline Clarke intend to build any more homes on land that his government expropriated from private owners?

  4. Rich? Barbados?

    How Barbados get to be so rich?
    A nation too damned cheap to even paint the white lines in de road?
    Who are we kidding?

    NOTHING makes Barbados look like a lil poor-ass Turd World nation than our road markings: they look like ****,quite frankly!
    We appear to be so goddam poor that we can’t even afford to paint the lane markings.
    – give me a BREAK!

    One Day when we grow up to be big boys and girls, who understand how to run our country for real, we’ll also understand that there are some basic Basics to ‘keeping house’, see?
    and one of them is ROAD MARKINGS
    and coming to grips with the realization that they require that nasty M-word(Maintainence).

    Yes, Virginia, that means that such road markings have to be re-painted once a year,at least.
    Annoying, huh?

    Last time our road markings looked like anything was when Clinton came to visit.
    And THAT probably happened only because the American security outfit insisted on them
    for the sake of navigational safety and security for Clinton.
    In other words, the routes He was scheduled to travel, got painted.
    All other routes ‘also ran’.

    We are a nation of archaeological drivers.
    We are experts at seeking and finding vestigial smatterings of paint
    that once existed in a past civilization more affluent than ours is today!

    Our Police Force can bring no charges against anyone -not involving white or yellow lines- BECAUSE THERE ARE NONE!
    Christ knows what the TOURISTS think!


    BFP edited out a bad word ***********

    Auntie Moses says wash out your mouth with soap!

  5. Are we all happy to still be using GDP as the chief measure ?
    If anyone wants me to critique GDP and offer alternatives then please let me know.

  6. WotROT!

    Nice to know I’m making USD $ 18,200 a year!

    Never mind, between VAT, BigB and other misc. Govern-mental taxations,
    I’m left with $200 at year end to buy Xmas presents with..
    and there goes the rest!

    This is LAUGHABLE!

  7. It is unrealistic and totally misleading to assess the wealth of a nation’s people by dividing the GDP by the population to arrive at a per capita figure.

    We all know that a country may have a big industry which contributes a lot to the GDP but it does not follow that such revenue always trickles down to the people. Trinidad’s wealth comes from marine oil most of which never touches land but goes to refineries in North America. Nevertheless business generally is prospering.

    A truer indicator would be the percentage of the population which lives below the Poverty Level.

    What is most surprising about the Caribbean list to me is that The Bahamas who have no industry other than tourism and its ancillaries of gambling and cruises, should rank No. 1. Does Offshore Banking count as an industry in the GDP?

    Visiting the out-islands of the Bahamas like San Salvador is impressed with the poverty of the people, not their prosperity.

    As we do not yet have oil revenue, except in Liz Thompson’s dreams, we enjoy a remarkably high level of living. I wonder whether Trinidad has a higher number of cars per capita than we do?

  8. anon

    isn’t our GDP understated???

  9. Panger

    The debt.

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  12. Wingsfree

    Yeah well my US$8,000 salary still can’t buy me a reliable water supply over here in TnT if that’s any indication of riches.

  13. J. Payne

    Well, that’s the final brick-to-the head I think I’m ready to try DLP…..

  14. isnt barbados lil trinidad these days though?

  15. james

    Hey, no problem though because Barbados aiming at a serious rise in the crime rankings. Two more armed robberies today following the raid on First Caribbean in Fontabelle and the series of incidents (that’s men with guns and masks to you and me) over the last few weeks. Not meltdown or Jamaica, not even close, but I concerned. Read about it in the Nation. Oh, hang on, they wouldn’t want to publish something like that…

  16. Randel

    Listen, this Trinidad is not even a safe country so #2 is only for a short time.Barbados is and will always be #1 in The Caribbean.Look we have the best and the brightest people here,we have the best business people, we don’t live in trees like they do and we all drive cars and have the most modern convenience. The best roads, that Airport they have is a mess so this #2 thing is some trini must eh write that.

  17. Rumplestilskin

    Give it a couple years or so after Castro is gone and acknowledged to be gone and Cuba will shoot ahead of us all except T&T.

    We have squandered our Tourism legacy.

  18. DQ

    Entertaining comments I must say. At least we are still close to the top ranking and corrections are quite possible.

    I agree with the comment on the road markings. Humerously presented, but very serious. To take that a bit further how about proper road signs. When I’m in Bdos I’m am as lost as ever. Never really knew my way around before I left 20 yrs ago, so you can imagine how I am when I return for a visit.

    Since we are at still close to the top we need to reflect this to our visitors. We can truly benifit from proper sign language….road signs. After all we are sporting nuf pretty cars, we might as well sport pretty road signs too. Aren’t we aiming to be world class? Come on Mr. PM and Minister of Transportation! Help us out here! It’s one thing when you say “go down de road and turn left and mek a right when yah get to de junction.” Cute directions, but visual impressions are just as important. I’m sure that we can be a more user friendly island in this regard.

  19. caz

    i was born in the US but my parents are from both trini and bajan, i’ve bin to both places and i must say barbados is a beautiful island but trinidad is outstanding im sorry bajans but i claim trini i dont think trini could be class as a third world country anymore but barbados has a lil way to go to compare to trinidad,me being to both places could be the judge trinidad has almost every thing that the U.S has skyscrapers the top brand hotels and restaurants etc and the women are very beautiful i sometimes think that i’m in a next state of america but oil rich trini deserves the position.

  20. dougla

    the other feature trinidad has like america and its inner cities is crime. trinidad crime worse than america or jamaica given size of population. you omitted the out of control abductions , murders, corruption and break down in order in trnindad caz.

  21. Anonymous

    Boy, more Bajan/Trini rivalry. When will it end. Being in a similar position as one of the commentators on this subject being that I know both fairly well, I have to say look at both individually, comparison is not very effective in this case. For one, the size and topography of the two differ greatly as do the demographics. And very importantly, Trinidad is an industrialized nation, Barbados is not. And one key feature is that, to put it quite simply, Trinis like bachannal whereas Bajans sometimes just rather pretend it’s not happening. While the crime rate in Trinidad is higher than that in Barbados, it doesn’t help matters that every newspaper in Tn’T publishes every murder story, kidnapping, car crash, political scandal bright and bold on the front page for all to see.

    So whenever I say, “yeah, my mother’s Trini, I’ve lived in Trinidad and love it”, Bajans always say “and what happened to you?” The answer is nothing. Trinidad isn’t exactly the place to be flashy with your money and drive your big car around the place unless you’ve got some serious back up. You just have to use common sense when moving around Trinidad, and while that’s not a sure guarantee, I don’t think it is in Barbados these days either. Barbados lacks the elements for organized crime, mainly in my opinion the size and topography that Trinidad has to offer for such organizations, but there are still issues nonetheless. Oh, and just as a side note, Trinidad has both an oil and petrochemical manufacturing industry.

    And just to say, I really don’t see money happily trickling down from tourism either, especially with the villa and sales market Barbados seems to be serving nowadays, pretty much only offers employment for our people as maids, butlers and gardeners, none of whom will ever be able to buy a piece of the rock because it’s being sold at ridiculous prices to foreigners so I guess that’s all our people amount to, fantastic.

  22. caz

    trinidad crime is ridiculous for its size but no match for my country and jamaica,america is a big country so you dont heare of all the crimes and jamaica has the worst crime rate in the caribbean up to today, most of trinidads crimes are copys of central and north america when you go there just dont get involve as i say i go there almost every year my last time was summer of this year and the reason people talk about trinidads crime is because it was never like that most of it started in the years of 99 and 01 up until now and yes the governments are sometimes corrupt but you name one contry that is not. I’ve done my research dougla and this is not a bajan/ trini rivalry as my parents say you have to give jack his jacket, trinidad dosent have alot of money trickling down from tourism but alot of you forget trinidad does not stand alone what about tobago the sister ile of trinidad.I am from and live in the U.S. and over here the most recognised islands are jamaica,trinidad and barbados alot of people will agree with me but when it comes to the corporate world and being business friendly trinidad has taken the lead i dont talk without doing my research.

  23. J. Payne

    Anyone not doing anything feel free to listen to the UNC party campaigning in Trinidad this evening…..

    Its playing on the Soca 919 station….


  24. Anonymous

    trini crime is in large part newspaper crime.

    t&t is no more or less perfect than bds except in the eyes i.e. perception of those who enjoy being scared!

    i go to t&t and feel no way. t&t is not tourism oriented so their newsrags can and do publish what they want – hey it sells papers and im not talkin about a measly 40,000 copies hellooooo.
    so there’s biiig money to be made in t&t by sensationalising the ‘simply dreadful’ crime they suffer, as longtime trinis so fondly remember boohoo ‘the way it was’ back in the 1940s-60s when it was,even then,sob sob a wild west town to hear pkroach on his deathbed as we spoke about it.

    so t&t is no longer perfect. was it ever?

    so barbados is no longer perfect. was it ever?

    get real people..barbados loves to hate trinidad. they are our whipping boy when we need someone ‘lesser’ to compare our simply wonderful island to. they’re also our fuellers and our financiers, i think maybe they feed and water us too…but doan mind..bajan gyne still bite de hand and doan dig nein. is so we stand.

    best country in the entire world, says i patting my own back in self-congratulatory manner. wheeee. get real guys trini is like a zillion times more bigup dan lil buhbayduss.
    i can drop the whole of bridgetown in the caroni bird sanctuary wid lickle room leff over for a piece of st.philop.who wunnuh fooling? yuh never been there, have you?admit it.

  25. J. Payne

    Re: Anonymous
    October 24th, 2007 at 11:56 pm

    so t&t is no longer perfect. was it ever?

    so barbados is no longer perfect. was it ever?

    get real people..barbados loves to hate trinidad. they are our whipping boy when we need someone ‘lesser’ to compare our simply wonderful island to. they’re also our fuellers and our financiers, i think maybe they feed and water us too…but doan mind..bajan gyne still bite de hand and doan dig nein. is so we stand.

    best country in the entire world, says i patting my own back in self-congratulatory manner. wheeee. get real guys trini is like a zillion times more bigup dan lil buhbayduss.
    i can drop the whole of bridgetown in the caroni bird sanctuary wid lickle room leff over for a piece of st.philop.who wunnuh fooling? yuh never been there, have you?admit it.
    (end quote)

    Yes Annon. but have you ever asked why???
    Why? is it that the whole of Barbados get sold off to T&T overnight and everything soon to be outsourced from there???

    Why– hasn’t the BLP put in place policies to make Barbados more competitive??? Why is it a Barbados group of companies can negotiate with a foreign company from the USA to operate a franchise in Barbados and they get turned down flat… And yet— any time a similar group of Trinidad companies comes asking to open a similar franchise in Barbados they get almost rubber stamped immediately… Is that fair???

    Who is the BLP looking out for? Are they looking out for Barbados???? Why is it that BLP seems to always look the other way when nationals from other nations are working in Barbados illegally until a scandal hits???? Yet they were slow– slow– slow– to protect Bajan fishermen from fishing in the Caribbean sea??? The fact is the BLP doesn’t allow Barbadians to have the tools to compete when others are breaking the rules. Or even when they’re not breaking the rules. The BLP keeps Barbadians with one hand tied behind their back…

    The BLP has protected Cable and Wireless’ healthy profits to the detriment of Barbados being able to compete in the global economy… Now they want to do the same with the VoIP technology… Why— sooo many levies and fees??? Why- would they want to make Barbados less competitive then India for call centres??? That’s what their high fee regime over VoIP does. T&T rates or rates to call Jamaica are pennies from most carriers in the USA. Why- are the rates to Barbados sky high still??? As I’ve been told when technology has been out for years— the cost of it is generally supposed to fall. There’s no reason why international calls to/from Barbados should be soo high… The BLP systematically seems to protect the high prices in Barbados that makes living in Barbados tough…..

    All the British colonies of Britain are moving towards zero income tax. Does the BLP have such an ambitious plan to keep Barbados competitive with those nation states? How will our hotels compete if living costs soo much? Trinidad didn’t get to where it is overnight why hasn’t the Government in Barbados made any moves to make Barbados more competitive before they surpassed Barbados???? Even now… What is the BLP doing to make the youth of Barbados more entrepreneurial in the future???? Without those skills we will have more youths dropping thru the cracks and more ‘boys liming on the block.’ not able to find work.

    Now Barbados has one spare wireless telecom license (left over from when AT&T left.) Why have they not offered a Barbadian– company some tax cuts to take up that license and spur the Barbadian telecom industry??? Lemme guess??? They will wait til’ a Trinidad company will want to come buy it???

    Barbados didn’t get to where it was on its own. The BLP is who helped to give us a push off the cliff….

  26. Crusty

    On October 25th, 2007 at 12:24 am, J. Payne said:

    Now Barbados has one spare wireless telecom license (left over from when AT&T left.) Why have they not offered a Barbadian– company some tax cuts to take up that license and spur the Barbadian telecom industry??? Lemme guess??? They will wait til’ a Trinidad company will want to come buy it???


    You forget that Sunbeach has had a telecom license since the get go and has not found the financing to make use of it. Maybe the situation is not so clear cut and anti-Trinidad as you think.

  27. Anonymous

    please don’t blame t&t because barbados has probs. financing its own independence. we obviously cant afford to live away from home,can we! thats not trinidad’s fault.
    barbados is for sale. simple.
    who buys it? who cares as long as the check clears. if bajans cared, they’d buy up every bit of their best island, if only to save it from fornerz.duh.
    t&t doesn’t care why we sell, they just write a check. if we/blp have mismanaged our bajan affairs then we bajans need to clean house,no?
    and if in the meantime bajan family silver -bnb- comes on the market, whoever bids best gets it. that’s the rules of the business game.
    money respects no one not even excess bajan national pride, that cant really afford to be independent.not under this lot at least. tell the truth – we aren’t making ends meet, are we

  28. J. Payne

    Hello Annon.

    In truth I’m not blaming T&T at all. 🙂

    I say kudos to them on having the vision and drive to propel themselves forward. What I am admonishing is the BLP, they strike me as being somewhat Anti-Barbadian. Which is entirely a horse of a different colour.

    I only brought up a few of those points which came to mind but, there are many other anti-barbadian public– at large, things that it seems the BLP has engaged in the past.

    Like it still baffles me why the BLP would refuse a clinic which the citizenry of Barbados could possibly have used…

    See– BFP article
    BFP Reader Asks A Question Of Doctor Duguid – What Happened To Peter Allard’s AIDS and Cancer Hospice? – Friday, July 27th, 2007…2:42 pm

    Why no case study on PetroCaribe???? I mean wasn’t it said before that Barbados was paying more- for fuel from T&T then even the United States was for the same fuel amount??

    Also- I would hope the BLP had the vision put in place a re-negotiation clause in the undersea pipeline agreement for the future.

    Needless to say there is all of the BLP’s frantic selling of the so called “family silverware” (like BNB, or the seeming attempts on Graeme Hall, or the seeming protection of the Barbadian conglomerate monopolies or oligopolies at the expense of the working class public.)

    I agree Annon. that we the citizenry need to take some responsibility in not voting the bonafide jokers out of office…. I pray and hope- that eventually their day will come. Hopefully, sooner rather then later… At the moment, all we can do is keep watching and talking about the things that the two dominant newspapers refuse to ask and question of our leaders and arm ourselves with the knowledge of what is truely going on until enough people are enlightened on what is really going on in Barbados to get them out…

    As far as I’m concerned the BLP currently doesn’t represent we…

    P.S. Sunbeach was a good example, you’re right! 🙂 But I would hope the current administration would not let that one case be their only determining factor on policy towards other Barbadians companies.

  29. Caz

    all hail T&T!lol,if my pops saw me writing this he will be so mad, he’s bajan but they need to give trinidad a break,as we say in the U.S stop hatin.Bdos is beautiful and successful no one says no but trinis do not talk about you all, they have no time,for example the guy who spoke about trinidads airport, the government stole money from it and still its beautiful except for the runway but no other airport in the lesser antilies could top it and saying trinidadians live in trees is so childish,im not here to really discuss politics but Bdos and the caribbean has alot to thank Tdad for, culture music etc after all it is the raimbow island some might say i should have no say because im not from the caribbean but my roots are from the both countries in topic and Port of Sain Trinidad shows it’s great wealth,power and success in the region i just hope you all could get along,love and learn from each other.

  30. jols

    I have read with much interest the many comments that followed the posting of that so-called news item.

    It seems like in our quest for local / national success, we have gotten so competitive with each other that we have forgotten that there are wider regional issues to consider:

    – we in the Caribbean are mere drops in the ocean when compared to other countries in terms of geographic, population and economic size

    – our true value lies in the diversity that we offer (people, places, flora, fauna, language, cuisine, art, music, products and services) and moreover in the ability to acknowledge that another Caribbean island’s strength, may be our weakness and vice versa

    – we need to work together through shared policies and learn from one another through skills exchanges to strengthen ourselves and each other, while bolstering the region

    It does not help us to tear each other down, when outsiders do that often enough.

    BTW: Life in Trinidad is better than it was in the past in certain regards and way worse in others, like any other place. It is nothing to compare with the lives of others living in some more troubled parts of the world- Middle East, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Sudan, Zimbabwe, Myanmar…. How can we Trinis learn from the Bajan experience and vice versa?

  31. trinidad and tobago is the richiest island in the carribean and 2nd in the world…..we love trinidad and tobago

  32. Thistle

    Hope you don’t get kidnapped and murdered.

  33. Think

    trinidad and tobago is 2nd highest in murders. bahamas is richest caribbean state

  34. Trini

    More Trini vs B’dos talk

    Trini, B’dos, J’ca are the most popular west indian countries. We are forever competing to see who is the greatest nation. The fact is each nation is great in its own right. Instead of trying to fight down each other it, we should try to learn from each other to make our country and by extension the region more powerful. I am a trini and admit that Barbados is a more beautiful country than trinidad. Ask any trini and they will agree. However trinidad was never a country very focused on tourism. Trinidad is by far a much more industrial country than Barbados. I love all West Indian islands. Each contribute in its own way to make this one of the most desired regions in the world to visit.
    On the topic crime, we have a saying in Trinidad,”When your neighbour house is on fire don’t forget to wet yours”.
    I hope that you Bajans learn a lesson from trinidad and don’t allow you country to slip into a crime culture as Trinidad have.

  35. Triniboi

    Trini you said it great there. I am actually at work this morning trying to tie up a few loose ends i stumbled acrossed these threads, This Trini , Bdos thing really won’t stop, i read every convo above, and the bdos comments are so defensive woi, people we all should be happy for each other and supporting each other, not fighting down and being jealous. if there is some event in any one of our island the first folks to responds are our brothers and sisters from the other islands.

    I was doing some reading on the top caribbean nation and yes trinidad is indeed the richest and most morden island, even tho we have a high crime rate it don’t stop us, we all have faith in our god that he will keep us safe, our crime is not like:walking down the road and pow” you get shoot and die, no it’s gang related and is concentrated in certain areas, while there is crime throughtout my country it’s wrong to think we are totally unsafe,

    Earlier this year i visted Jca and i was like life os so different here, i remember walking out of my hotel (jma pegus) and i could only hear horn from cars, i was like wow… back home on our busy streets it’s not that noisey and unruly, jma reminded me of magarita.

    Bdos i visisted your beauitful country in june of this year it was wow speachless, i plan to always visit your island for vacation, but i can never live there, it feels like i’m in a hole, trinis love the hype and “baccanal” music and parties etc Bdos can’t measure up with night life and entertainment, while 1 week hoilday was nice can’t stay longer.

    remember we trinis party sunday – sat weekly and always at work, we are the most productive caribbean country.

    the company i work for has branches in several countries in the caribbean and when we compute our productivity data, trini is always by far the most profitable and productive.

    to close frens stop the hating, ya know alya ppl love trini for our money, we only have frens because of our money… but say what we love to share, god says give freely and he will continue to bless us and provide for us….

  36. Hants

    @ Triniboi who says ,
    “yes trinidad is indeed the richest and most morden island,

    Please explain what makes Trinidad more modern than Barbados?

  37. triniboi

    Hants, first all our level of thinking…

    answer this in what ways are Bdos excellin and trini not? i agree trini had more crime than Bdos , other than crime. you tell me and prove me wrong, it just how i see it i may be wrong, if you prove me wrong and it’s justified i’m cool. i await a response or your response.

    by the way we got free education from pre school to post grads.

  38. caz

    you know what no matter what trinis do or say bdos will always fight them down but trinidad will always be ahead of the game ask the bajans who owns some of there prime real estate who runs some of there banking where does there top insurance companys come from what is neal n massy doing in bdos face it trinidad is more advance and modern do you think trinidad has time for tourist we are strickly business and you can have pleasure at the same time and if you want to go lay on a nice beach you can go to tobago bajans stop trying to compete its not a race trinis have no time to talk about you i am american and i can tell you any foreign brand of any thing comes to the caribbean hits trinidad first because trinidad is well established end of story

  39. caz

    one more thing i read on a web site that the bajans said there is a conspiracy goin on and that trinidad is trying to dominate the caribbean lol… tell your government stop selling out to trinidad be a leader alot of people might disagree but deep down in your heart and mind ask your self some of these questions, you know its true, when there is a crisis in any part of the region who is the first to the rescue trinidad why do people from other islands and south america especially guyana run to trinidad for a better life better education better jobs etc if you dont believe me do some research and see how many people were deported from trinidad in the past few years…despite all that my farther is a bajan and i wish barbados and the other islands the best but step aside and let oil rich trinidad do its thing they might lead the caribbean in a bright and prosperous direction

  40. Hot

    A coup is due in Trinidad any day now.

  41. Thomas Gresham

    Barbados has benefited substantially from the problems in Trinidad as it has led to a substantial inflow of Trinidadian capital. This money has raised asset values locally upon which people can borrow and spend. Make Trinis and their money unwelcome and we would be poorer.

    More contentiously, I think Barbados has benefited substantially from the problems in Guyana and some of the smaller islands as it has led to a substantial inflow of highly productive workers. Send away all of the immigrants and our productivity will drop, lowering our income and raising our costs. Many of our success stories have in fact been sons and daughters and grand sons and grand daughters of other countries that we have adopted as our own over the years. (There is clearly a middle way between no immigrants and too many immigrants.)

    This should make us good members of the Caribbean, leading Caricom measures on the flow of capital and labour. This would be in addition to old Barbadian values of courtesy and decency. And yet we are increasingly becoming xenophobic – suspicious, disliking and wary of foreigners. I fear short-sighted politicians are playing up to that by blaming foreigners for our ills when they are in fact a solution to many of them. I am reminded that America (a country whose current government I strongly dislike) is a country of immigrants and it is said its economic success has rested on that. Its current demise relates in some small part to its return to a more inward looking less open stance.

  42. caz

    no one would put allah out there taughts to try another coup especially how america feels about torrorist around the world and especially when they have alot of intrest in trinidad…lol

  43. Beverley

    Hi Folks:

    I’m from the US and have been doing some research. Doesn’t the Cayman Islands have the highest standard of living in the Caribbean?

  44. Poll

    That poll must have been carried out by Martians.
    How can Cuba and Grenada be tied?

    Surveys can be carried out incorrectly. It’s very easy.

  45. Damali

    It does amaze me how much bajans does sit down and watse time talking bout we trini’s eh… iz a damn shame…… we doh take on allyuh like we hah nuthin to do….. Nobody better than nobody done the talk nah….. U feel jamaica business bout which one ah we richer or poorer… no flickin way….. relax nah!

  46. I have visited, trinidad last year for my first year and it was great very beautiful and the people there was very friendly. I’m white English and I think there is alot of problems with kidnapping there. I did a research and noticed that the blacks were kidnapping the indians. It’s just so bad I did not happen to notice one black kid or adult kidnapped. Mr Manning is the Prime Minister and he is black so i’m not sure but it appears like the gov’t is not doing anything about it. Perhaps he is in it aswell. It is a beautiful place to live but the crime needs to be stopped and everyone needs to unite and live as one. Mr Manning please do someting about it.

  47. bob

    what about Aruba?? 20,000+!!!

  48. Rumplestilskin

    Trini owned:

    Barbados ‘National Bank’ – sold by last admin
    BS&T – sold during last admin
    SAGICOR – gradual change last 10 years
    McENearney Alstons
    CLICO (owning much real estate)
    Many Hotels

    The list goes on. Does this enlighten?


  49. Why all the hype on who is the richest? the important thing is to be happy and I SERIOUSLY think that trinis are the happiest people in the world! (by the way) I read about two years ago that Trinidad was 2nd to the U.S. for vechicles on the roads per capita, we also boast an asphalt lake, limestone, natrual gas, oil wells, iron ore and most important; some of the brightest minds in the caribbean which makes us a stand out. And let’s not forget Tobago- paradise…..L et’s all be proud of our islands and focus on the positive,…… peace.

  50. mahase

    well wats the problem trini #2 we should be#1 cuz every island people go to trini to live

  51. God Is Our Answer

    people please stop fighting with one another and be like normal civilized people..lol
    seriously…i’m born in trinidad and it is really a wonderful place to be in except for the crime…we are not a perfect country…no country is
    barbados is a beautiful country i loveeeee to the beaches….
    we should stop comparing each other and bringing each other down.if we unite we will be stronger!!
    trinidad deals with industrial activities
    barbados deals with tourism

    we all contribute to it someway or another!
    God is our answer to everything… Pray to him and he will protect you… how else have i been alive still in trinidad? lol i hope babados and trinidad can get along. i may only be 14 but i know what we should be doing: Unite as one!

  52. Ilovemacro

    Having a large GDP doesn’t mean that the standard of living in Trinidad is better, remember that it’s divided by the population and even then we don’t know who have most of the wealth in the country. Barbados has a smaller population and overall the standard of living in Barbados is higher than in Trinidad, the poverty level is lower in Barbados too.

  53. dillo

    uall dread yes…bad talking meh country….and we doh study ulyuh. ive been to bados an ah mean the place nice…good to spend vacation and thing..and lyin around and thing,and relaxing…but when it com to the flow of money from one hand to the next,trini is it…no doupt…and ive been to all caribbean islands

  54. dillo

    news alert trinidad is now considered a developed nation…look it up

  55. 72

    children, children, why don’t you meet in a playground!

  56. why are these other islands hatin on us trinis…we dont have time for u ..we busy tryin 2 make money to move our economy further..yes barbadoes & those other islands is nice, but t&t is a gem in d caribbean, we are bless with both tourism and industrialisation so please haters stop it, lets move on plz…

  57. yankee trini

    For real SWEETANGEL they need to get off our nuts and stop hatin,these people are actually mad at us for being successful and some of them feel like we owe them something,and the song they sing all the time is that T&T only rich because they have OIL.Yes we have oil and the oil money but we have good governance and smart minds to manage our affairs that’s how we have a strong manufacturing sector,banking sector,insurance sector etc…stop watching what we have and worry about your selves and if wasn’t for our oil money we wouldn’t be able to dish billions of dollars to these other ungreatful Caribbean nations,now they like a bunch of spoiled children when they can’t get what they want.Well i have a message for all of them…the MONEY belongs to the citizens of TRINIDAD & TOBAGO and we owe you NOTHING…lol

  58. J. Payne

    @Bizzy Lickum. I don’t think it is just oil. Barbados hasn’t had any new major up and coming companies in years and many of Barbados’ largest companies are not either partly or substantially owned by Trini–bagonian conglomerates. Heck the Nation Newspaper (Barbados’ #1 daily) is even officially based in Trinidad — Remember ONE Caribbean Media?

  59. J. Payne

    All the diplomatic missions in Barbados have started to transfer their regional lead offices to Trinidad. Trinidad just is more business minded and a growth driven economy. Barbados can’t even take the time to pay Al Barrack his money.

  60. trini2dmarrow

    all the other islands just jealous of sweet sweet t&t, barbadoes want to thief we fish, jamaica want to boycott we goods and bully we for we own money..but you know what “GOD IS AH TRINI”….we use to everybody gangin up on us, yet still all them small islands want to come work in we country…..& still they hate our guts…bt we leave all yuh to god…

  61. Kris

    Wait..jca want to boycott your goods too haha….but yuh know…trini women sweet fuh true…wuh loss dem NICE…

  62. I don’t deal up with dis kinda thing but i happen to stumble upon the site and found it amusing ……… Im from Trinidad rite…..trinidad people don’t care shit, wen don’t even study dis nonsense with which country better ..don’t hav time…..i should stop taking because im goin b’dos new years lol

  63. Look why you people just dont shut up, each island is unique its own way and thats what makes us all the caribbean to the world. I am trini and i been to barbados and i love it! The people are very nice , great beaches, nice food , everything is convenient.

    And hell yeah am going back to bim next year!!

  64. 53

    Bahamas is No.1 all others fighting to be No. 2.