Gardin Democracy – Barbados Police Adopt New Motto


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15 responses to “Gardin Democracy – Barbados Police Adopt New Motto

  1. DFX


    LOVE IT!

    Please keep up the great work! (See a little church is good for the creative soul);)


  2. Wishing in Vain

    Excellent caption great work.
    Where is Dale Smiley Marshall in all of this furore ?
    Here again not a word to be heard from him, has he loss his voice or does he have to wait to hear from Owing to hear what he can say, if this is the case we have a useless minister with no voice or say.
    Well done Owing keep them like lapdogs.
    Same as he has done to Atherley he cannot say boo unless Owing oks him saying anything.
    Lets cast our minds back to the issue with the Chinese not one ounce of action was taken in Owings abscence, but on his return the idiot Atherley is expounding his nonsense,
    What the general public needs to know is what Owing offered to the Chinese in exchange for their funding rumor has it that he offered an easy passage to their workers and with it he approved Pemberton’s request for hiring 600 Chinese workers for a one off settlement to their bank account ie Nicholls / Arthur’s account.
    What Owing failed to come to grips with is that in allowing this nonsense to happen it put a tremendous strain on the rest of the local work force and by extenstion gave Pemberton an unfair advantage in his constuction project just consider for a moment Pemberton employing this group of workers and not have to pay half the normal expenses to them like NIS, Health or any other of the charges, all other contractors would have to pay locally hired workers,
    Can the PM be right in his mind to permit this level of inept management ? is he loosing it ? Has he gone soft in the head ?
    Based on the above and other actions of late I am convinced he has strayed away from good common sense and caring about anything or anyone.
    Or maybe he has missed his appointments recently and needs some shock treatment quickly.

  3. Red Lake Lassie

    “Assault Pummel and Abuse”

    Sounds about right!

  4. Pogo

    with ignorant stunts like this they don’t deserved to use ‘R0yal’ in their name any more until they mend theyre ways

    the Queen must be disgusted

  5. Inkwell

    Wishing in Vain

    I give this advice with all sincerity and humility. I accept your right to be a supporter of the political party of your choice and I accept that the BLP government has become arrogant, pointedly refuses to address serious concerns and questions of the people, has much to answer for to the charge of corruption and has much to answer for to the charges of wastage and mismanagement of publicly funded projects. I also accept your right as a citizen to express your opinion.

    You however are guilty of overkill to the extent of monotony and you should consider that your turning the subject of most posts on this blog into a diatribe against the government has started to do your cause more harm than good in the eyes of some (many?) I for one have had to take the course to skipping your prolific posts as I have found that you say the same thing over and over and over in only slightly different language.

    Keeping the flame of opposition alive is commendable and necessary, but using all your fuel too soon will result in no fire at all.

  6. John

    All of our institutions are in a mess.

    RBPF is just one more.

    They are all a reflection of who and what we have become.

  7. Wishing in Vain

    Inkwell go suck salt your ramblings will not stop me or others who post here.
    If you cannot take the heat then stay out of the kitchen.

  8. Wishing in Vain

    Do you not believe that there was a plan between Pemberton and Owing and Owing and the Chinese to allow free access to Chinese workers if you doubt it your are living in a fantasy land !!!

  9. Wishing in Vain

    Jokers a bunch of incompetent jokers they all are.

  10. Roger Rabbitt

    Wishing in Vain
    August 5th, 2007 at 1:02 pm
    Inkwell go suck salt your ramblings will not stop me or others who post here.
    If you cannot take the heat then stay out of the kitchen.
    There is no need to get ruffled. Inkwell is free to express his opion and he has done just that.
    When you reacted that way it reminds me of the way the BLP yardies do their thing.
    You are mature enough to accept Inkwell’s words and move on.
    BTW, this is a long weekend and you won’t find Smiley Marshall in town. He is out sailing on his yacht. I am sure that if you go down by the local marina you won’t find his vessel there.

  11. DFX


    I beg to differ on your use of the word “ignorant”.
    Ignorance is described as a lack of knowledge. PFB Broomes knew damn well what he was doing.


  12. Pogo

    Response to Inkwell:

    All sorts of abuses, coverups, and incompetence have been going on here in the country we love and for a long time. No one was allowed to talk about that. The blogs, while not perfect, have changed that and say what a lot of us have been thinking. They tell us things we need to know.

    We have the newspaper rags who get paid to feed us the pablum every day that the government BLP and DLP produce. Maybe you swallow that and think all is well in Barbados but we don’t.

    Bloggers balance things out. They perform the valuable service of letting a little light in where before it was dark. And they do it for free and for the love of their country. If they are a little offside sometimes it is probably as a counterbalance to the traditional media that have let us down too often.

    Then again you could start your own blog and we would benefit from your opinion on things.

  13. Anonymous

    wunnuh want-to upset the carefully-tuned apple cart?
    That is sedition!

  14. No - Name

    Where is justice in this country?

    …….how could a magistrate fine the manager of the West Coast Construction for employing one Guyanese who did not have a work permit and at the same time another manager working with the four seasons project and employing nuff Chinese without work permits is not even charged?

  15. John


    They didn’t just deport a Australian for employing Chinamen at Four Seasons. For one moment I was wondering how they confused an Australian and a Chinaman!!

    Maybe he looked like Shane Warne or Brad Hogg.

    ‘gards to this guy in your post who got charged, I note he lives at Bromefield!!