We Live On A Very Small Island…


Out of respect, we will see you in a day or so.

Feel free to use the comments to relay information as it develops.

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3 responses to “We Live On A Very Small Island…

  1. akabozik

    I think this last one hit close to home for Marcus and his friends. Our prayers are with you all.

  2. Wishing in Vain

    Well done to the BU, BFP and the DLP for having the wisdom and forward thinking to set up a section on their blogs for us to express sympathy to those who loss loved ones in those tragic accidents over the weekend.
    It is very timely as the blp is taking a pounding on the call in shows today for their lack of compassion both in their article in the newspaper today or on their website.
    Keep the good work up you are doing a wonderful job of allowing people to express their concerns.

  3. Shrek

    Dear Barbados

    We are going to have an extensive 2 lane highway, which will allow extensive speed and overtaking to occur. It is a distinct probability that there will be a significant increase in fatal road accidents in future years.

    Is it possible that we may start to reflect about things like speed limits? Can we ask the Barbados police force to start to pay attention to road rednecks who race and rally on the public road system? What about their emulators?

    Naturally the 2 tragic losses are not the result of the above, but we are presently creating the circumstances where these things can and therefore will occur. It would be wise for us to internalise and to meditate at ths time.

    The loss of these wonderful personalities, their contributions to the island, will never now be known or benefited from.

    What a sad loss to all of us.

    Marc, my words. This is only the beginning.