Eight BFP Readers Send Open Letter To Barbados Chief Justice Simmons


An open letter to Chief Justice Simmons

Dear BFP

We beg to differ regarding your piece about David Simmons and the Environmental Conference he is attending. We agree wholeheartedly with your message that Barbados has fallen down badly in providing the legal tools to keep environmental degradation in check with the result that no one is doing much about it. But it cannot be a bad thing for a former senior minister in the BLP government to learn and listen and then spread the message when he returns home.

That we are hell bound to wreck our environment is certain. That there are developers everywhere seeking to pave paradise and put up a (you name it); that there are bureaucrats and politicians willing to look the other way for personal gain while they or their insider and corporate friends run environmentally amok; that people on this island have and will suffer health and economic consequences from the pollution, that our grandchildren will be deprived of the beauty of parks, growing fields, playgrounds, animals and plants which are being sacrificed to the almighty buck, these are all sure things if we don’t change our ways.

Our hope is that our Chief Justice, as a forward thinking man, will return home hell bent on making it his legacy that the environmental issues in Barbados must be given high priority before it is too late. The new British Prime Minister, Mr. Brown, yesterday told the United Nations that the developed countries have lost their way in solving environmental and humanitarian issues that will directly impact on millions of millions of people over the next ten years. His speech should be studied as a metaphor for what is happening here in Barbados. Either we embark on the solution or suffocate by ignoring it.

David Simmons, citizen of Barbados, you have two options…

You can arrive back from the Caymans and pat yourself and your mates in cabinet on the back for a ‘job well done’ , or speak out and speak the truth and stay on this important topic until it is fixed.

Your old buddies’ banks accounts may suffer but our grandchildren will thank you.

Signed by,

A group of concerned Bajans who will support a strong willed spokesman who wants to save Barbados from itself.

BFP note (the eight names have been removed at their request because of concern re consequences if Chief Justice Simmons decides they are ‘out of line’)


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7 responses to “Eight BFP Readers Send Open Letter To Barbados Chief Justice Simmons

  1. akabozik

    Get Real!

    We will never hear from SIR David about what went on at the conference because it was a junket to a 5 star hotel and nothing more. Under his government the environment was raped like never before and you think he will be the one to say “we all done it wrong” ?

    Too much political baggage for him to start caring. Too much political baggage for him to have accepted the position of Chief Justice in the first place. He NEVER should have accepted the position because it causes doubts about the independence of the judiciary.

    He cared more about being a big-up than about the independence of our courts. Same with Owen $ Arthur.

    Get Real.

  2. Anonymous

    theonly cj in the west indies that got lock up in england and errol barrow save him

  3. La De Da

    Do not blame only this present administration for the problems– I consider the “classic” in this area to be the SOUTH COAST SEWAGE SYSTEM, (planned and started under the last DLP administration) which dumps daily, millions of gallons of completely UNTREATED raw sewage into the sea off Needhams Point every single day.

  4. Jason

    what was he lock up 4? when?

  5. John

    Maybe two different David Simmonses are being confused.


    The Chief Justice has Greenland on his record from when he was a politician.

  6. can't you get a more dignified photo?

    The Chief Justice looks like a deer caught in the headlights or is that someone with his hands in the till?


    BFP’s Auntie Moses comments…

    Can’t we get a more dignified Chief Justice?


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