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Barbados Purchased US$4 Million Air Traffic Control Simulator – Now Broken And Unused


The Government Of Barbados paid US$4 million for a sophisticated Raytheon FIRSTplus Air Traffic Control Simulator to provide realistic training capabilities for Barbados air traffic controllers.

The equipment has been sitting broken and unused for over a year.


Well, folks… this is Barbados!

Barbados Free Press attempted to contact the Barbados Civil Aviation Department, the Director of Civil Aviation and the Barbados School of Air Traffic Services for an answer, but so far no reply.

We’ve also contacted Raytheon Canada Media Relations Director Val MacDonald but again, no answer so far…

Barbados Free Press
Grape Hall

Val MacDonald
Raytheon Canada Limited
919-72nd Avenue Northeast
Calgary, Alberta
T2E 8N9
Office: 403.295.6668

RE: Status of Raytheon Air Traffic Control Training Simulator, Barbados

Dear Val MacDonald

Barbados Free Press has been informed that the Raytheon FIRSTplus Air Traffic Control Simulator purchased for US$4 million dollars has been sitting broken and unused for over a year.

Would you kindly confirm the status of this equipment, when it was declared operational, and when it became unserviceable.

We would also be interested in knowing the number of training hours that was logged upon the simulator when it was operational.

Finally, would you please let us know the reason that the Barbados Raytheon FIRSTplus Air Traffic Control Simulator is unserviceable and when the country might have this equipment operational again.

Yours truly,

Marcus Davidoff
Senior Editor
Barbados Free Press

Please note: Our email is The address shown at the top of this email is a one-time-use temporary address and cannot be re-used.

FIRSTplus(TM) Air Traffic Control Simulator to Provide Realistic Training Capabilities for Barbados

RICHMOND, B.C., May 10, 2003 /PRNewswire/ — Raytheon Canada Limited has been selected to supply a FIRSTplus Air Traffic Control (ATC) Training Simulator to the Barbados Ministry of Tourism and International Transport, Air Traffic Services.

The FIRSTplus ATC Simulator will allow the Ministry to conduct all aspects of ATC training such as ground, tower, terminal, radar/en-route and procedural
control as well as ATC radiotelephony and phraseology training. The system will be commissioned at the Grantley Adams International Airport, Christ
Church, by October 2004.

Raytheon will provide a turnkey FIRSTplus ATC Simulator that allows air traffic controllers to experience a new level of realism in procedural and
operational training. The Barbados system will include fully integrated communication and voice recognition capabilities, as well as a realistic
simulated control tower view. The FIRSTplus system enables any user to simulate any airport or radar airspace. The Barbados 3D Tower Simulator will
be customized to provide a lifelike 180-degree view of the Grantley Adams International Airport and its surroundings, replicating the actual environment
that Barbados air traffic controllers experience on the job.

“It is of primary importance to us that our air traffic controllers receive the best training available, and we are proud to have a system of its
kind in the Caribbean. The FIRSTplus system, in conjunction with our capable trainers, will ensure our students have access to the best tools and
instruction available for air traffic control training,” said Anthony Archer, technical director – Aviation, Barbados.
Raytheon Canada’s Director of ATC Simulation Geoff Murray commented, “We are pleased to welcome the Barbados Ministry of Tourism and International
– Transport as a new FIRSTplus user and member of the growing and global family of Raytheon ATC simulation customers.”

Raytheon Canada Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of Raytheon Company, has more than 1400 employees throughout Canada who serve the aerospace and
defence sectors with a broad range of high technology products and services. Raytheon Company (NYSE: RTN), with 2003 sales of $18.1 billion, is an industry leader in defence and government electronics, space, information technology, technical services, and business and special mission aircraft. With headquarters in Waltham, Mass., Raytheon employs 78,000 people worldwide.


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Barbados Approach To Immigration And Aging Population “Haphazard”

Our Government’s Strategy For The Future – “Monkeys Playing With Shotguns” 

“Professor Michael Howard has smoked his former student Clyde Mascoll into the open to defend his ridiculous assertion that Barbados’ growing population should not be of concern to Barbadians. He ends his note to the Nation newspaper of 29 August 2007 by writing “I believe that Barbados has not yet reach its optimum population because it has certainly not yet reached its optimum level of economic production.” It seems silly that the country should have to subject itself to Mascoll accusing Howard of defending a hypothesis “Has Barbados reached its optimum population?” when by his own admission he is operating on a belief. Mascoll where are your results from your hypothesis testing to support your claim that we need a larger population?”

“The last time we checked, the servants of the people (Government of Barbados) had not seen it necessary to make public any policy position regarding strategies to grow our ageing population. At this eleventh hour Barbadians are being criticized for our concerns by a politician who has not worked for any major company in Barbados or abroad one single day in his life. When we examine the architects of economic policy in many of the developed countries their bios list significant appointments in the private sector before being lured to the public sector. Forgive us Mr. Mascoll if we don’t have the confidence in your unsupported analysis that we need to grow our population through the adoption of any secret policy. We declare upfront that positive correlations should complement any increase activity and population growth. We disagree with Mascoll on the haphazard approach to our immigration policy which we have no doubt will lead to social dysfunction.”

Read the excellent article by David at Barbados Underground. (link here)


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Barbados Apartment Collapse – Day 6 – All Five Bodies Now Recovered – Attorney General Announces Results Of Not-Yet-Held Inquest… Really

Government Investigations Aim For A Pre-determined Conclusion?

INTERNET RADIO FOR OUR INTERNATIONAL READERS… Voice Of Barbados 92.9fm (Windows Media Player needed)

2:00pm Barbados Time – Friday, August 31, 2007

Voice of Barbados radio just carried the official announcement made by Attorney General Dale Marshall that the last of the five bodies has been recovered from the hole. The site is being guarded and many international experts have flown to Barbados for consultations about the extent of the remaining danger, and whether or not nearby schools can be opened.


Attorney General Announces That Government Is Not To Blame

Despite all the AG’s talk of an ongoing investigation and an inquest into the whys, hows and whats of the five deaths, Barbados Attorney General Dale Marshall announced the results of those investigations just a few minutes ago…

Nobody is to blame. It could have happened to anyone, anywhere in Barbados.

That is a paraphrase of what the AG announced. I’m glad that’s settled! Looks like we can all forget about the inquest now.

(I’ll put the recording and transcript of what the AG said on line if I can find the time later.)

10:00am Barbados Time – Friday, August 31, 2007

Latest Update from Voice Of Barbados Radio 92.9fm

Some Earlier Confusion Over The Identity Of One Body

Four bodies have been recovered to this moment. It was wrongly reported by all media on Wednesday night and Thursday morning that the body of the mother, Cassandra Codrington 27, was recovered on Wednesday evening. It now turns out that neither of the bodies recovered on Wednesday was that of Cassandra.

That alone provides a sad clue as to the state of the bodies and the dangerous conditions under which our rescue and recovery teams have been working.

There was an on-scene 7am meeting of engineers this morning. The engineers then met with recovery and political leadership and that meeting broke up only a few minutes ago. The Minister of Home Affairs is expected to give an update later this morning.

A decision has been made to continue with the recovery although some earlier rain caused concern. Some heavy equipment is working now at the scene, despite periods of no work due to fears of another cave-in.

Nearby residents (within 100 metres) are moving furniture and all belongings from their homes.


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Updated: Coming Soon To An Airport Near You – Strike, System Collapse… Or Both

Updated: St. Vincent Air Traffic Control Also Has Problems

On the heels of our letter from Barbados Air Traffic Controller “Sugargirl” comes a story of safety breaches at the ET Joshua Airport, St. Vincent. Two air traffic controllers have been suspended over the crash of an SVG Air plane on November 19, 2006. SVG Air Reveals Damaging Information 

Many thanks for the tip to BFP reader and contributor Adrian Loveridge. 

BFP Reader “Sugargirl” Is An Air Traffic Controller Who Has Had Just About Enough…

I think it should be of interest to our beloved or not so beloved PM (depends on who you talking to) to take a more personal interest in recent developments at the island’s lone airport.

The Civil Aviation managers have run the institution almost to the ground, ignoring constant calls from controllers through their body for new communication
equipment over the last five years. This system is literall one more outtage from total and ever lasting collapse. A fate that will not bear well for the safety of
air traffic.

Calls for staffing have also been ignored to the point where there can now be no quick recovery as they also don’t have the equipment to train… It takes years to train a controller to the point where they can work independently. Also remember the new million dollar training equipment still mash up cause the same adminstrators forgot to place a UPS order with the equipment order.

The controllers have been trying to bear with all the defects in the name of keeping this island open to business but now in a masterful move the current acting DCA (the same one who thinks an aircraft transponder will get responses from squatters house wherever they may be) and Bessy Boy the Permanent Idiot Assigned as head of the department have taken to terrorising staff members. In their latest act of idiocy they have suspended a controller (already short staff) mind for an infraction that can also be easily lodged at their doorstep as they have failed over the years to provide adequate training.

In this case the punishment definitely does not fit the crime.They continue to single out the more vocal members of staff, the ones who have been saying the ignorance will stop to lodge all manner of petty grievances against them.

For all these sins against the traveling public and the untold stress added to what is among the top five in a list of the world’s most stressful jobs I believe those dedicated controllers have finally reached the end of the long long rope that Mr. Beckles, Archer and Manning have been using to tie pretty bows in the unsightly mess they have made of local civil aviation. So Mr. Lynch and Mr. PM some bonified strike action just might be coming your way soon… All this said I know nothing will be done until the controllers actually walk, or the equipment collapse which ever happens first.



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Kite Rocks! Track From New Album ‘Thirteen Degrees North’ Catches Shona’s Attention


Ian Bourne calls the music of Bajan music duo Kite “Barbadian Alternative Music” and indeed their music breaks from what we usually hear on island radio – but Shona calls it “Bajan fusion”. Both are correct and as always when we try to describe music with words we face an impossible challenge – not to mention that just when we think we have Kite figured out, labeled and pigeon-holed – their next song comes along and blows away any label.

Whatever you call Kite’s music, head on over to their MySpace site for some samples and you’ll see what we mean. In the end I can’t categorize Kite at all, except to say I love their music.

Some good reading and listening for my mood today. (Your mileage may vary…)

Bajan Reporter – Barbadian Alternative Music Grows Despite Detractors

Kite – Kite Sounds MySpace Website

Kite – Official Website

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Welcome To The Barbados Government’s Newest Friend And Benefactor: Wife Kidnapped By Government, Held Down While 8-Month-Along Daughter Ripped From Womb

China forced abortions article Updated: June 1, 2010

United States court accepts evidence of ongoing forced abortions and forced sterilizations in China. It’s still happening – with Christians often being targeted for “special attention.”

Welcome to human rights in China. You know, China? Barbados’ newest best friend and benefactor!

NAI YUAN JIANG, Petitioner,
ERIC H. HOLDER, JR., Attorney General, Respondent.

No. 08-73186. United States Court of Appeals, Ninth Circuit. Argued and Submitted October 8, 2009—Pasadena, California.  Filed May 24, 2010.

Here’s a few links to the current story and then our previously published story…


Welcome To Communist China

Auntie Moses always says “You can’t choose your relatives, but you can choose your friends.”

We Bajans and our government would do well to heed our old Auntie’s admonition.

Does our Prime Minister believe that the high government people from China he deals with are somehow apart from the government agents who kidnapped eight and a half months pregnant Jin Yani from her bed, and held her down in an abortion clinic?

Our new diplomatic buddies are the same people who order government thugs into the night to do their evil. Continue reading


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Codrington Clan In The U.K. Remember “A Wonderful, Welcoming Family”

Dear Barbados Free Press,

My name is Jo and I live in the UK. I would like to thank you for your informative and true daily reports on the tragic incident of the collapse of the Codrington Family apartment.

Donavere Codrington’s Uncle Atlee and his family live here in the UK now, and for many years I lived with them and had a daughter, Calise, to Donavere’s cousin, Richard. Nearly every year we would come and visit Donavere and his family, and stay for a few weeks at his Grandmother Sheila’s house.

If you could post this, I hope all Bajans who read this will come to know that Donavere, his sisters Crystal and Nicole, his mother Margaret, Grandma Sheila and the rest of his family are a wonderful, welcoming family. They have true faith which I really believe will serve everyone involved in this well, and I am honoured to be affiliated with this family, especially for my baby girl to share their surname. Don is (I use present tense in hope) as strong as an ox, and he’ll protect those he loves – if not in body then most definitely in spirit. He always took care of me when I came over and never treated me any different (despite the fact that local residents to Westbury Road called me ‘flamingo’ as I go pink in the sun!).

Idon’t speak of Cassandra as I didn’t know her – although I pray for her, her children and her mother. I pray for Donica and Don’s son from a previous relationship – Donico. I hope Barbados does too.

Many thanks for taking the time to read and hopefully publish this.

With best wishes
Jo Holt


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A Barbados Free Press Reader Makes A Request Of Our Moderator

From Citizen First To The BFP Moderators,

“The post above by Deep Thinker is so offensive and ignorant that it has sent me into profound depression. I humbly and tearfully submit a not-so-far fetched thought… that this is a post from one of your enemies. It is there to provide “proof” of your “malevolence”. I beg you, before anymore readers see this evil, delete it from your blog (as well as my two posts which refer to it).

The BFP can continue to call for analysis and accountability but let us focus on healing for the Codrington family and those other displaced families of Arch Cot.”


BFP Replies…

Hello Citizen First,

You are extremely perceptive. We have been flooded with vile comments from persons working in concert – sending the same post from three different IPs at the same time. These same persons have also established a blog for the exclusive purpose of attacking Barbados Free Press. The vile comments are posted 24 hours a day, so it appears that people are working in shifts in a large and coordinated attack on our blog.

Numerous people working in shifts…

Who might be doing that? Perhaps you can figure it out. 😉

As to any of the comments posted here providing “proof” of our “malevolence”, it is interesting to note that the blog set up to attack us posted some of the offending comments themselves and then highlighted them in an effort to show how horrible BFP is because of comments they posted.

We will now remove the offending comment. As usual we are saving them all – along with the IP numbers. Soon we shall publish the results so that all Barbados can see who is behind the malicious comments. Folks will also see that the blog that was set up to attack us is part of a large coordinated effort to extinguish free speech in Barbados – and to stop calls for accountability of our elected and appointed government officials.


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Barbados Apartment Collapse – Day 5 – Two Bodies Recovered, Mother and Son


Bodies Of Mother And Son Recovered

Two of the five bodies were removed from the rubble last night (Wednesday) – one at 10pm and the second shortly thereafter.

Further recovery has stopped for a time because of instability at the site.

After the recoveries, Attorney General Dale Marshall explained that the mother and child probably died instantly during the initial collapse. It has been reported by numerous witnesses that the husband Donavere Codrington 30 was alive for hours after the initial collapse – until a second major collapse sent large boulders into the hole.

The above information was current as of 7:30am this morning, Thursday, August 30, 2007

Our blogging friends at Barbados Underground and Cheese On Bread! have written extensive posts overnight and both are worth reading.

Cheese-on-Bread! has posted a detailed and moving account of her visit to the scene The Sad Story Of Arch Cot, while David at Barbados Underground stayed up into the wee hours of this morning following the developments.

CBC has a day old article that is worth reading for insight into the continuing dangers facing the recovery team – Day Four At Britton’s Cross Road Tragedy

Here is the story from this morning’s Nation News…

Body Find

AFTER THE REMOVAL of tonnes of rubble and 90 hours of digging and searching, a recovery team last night found two of the five bodies of a family who perished in an apartment block collapse last Sunday. Reliable sources told the DAILY NATION that the bodies were those of a female adult and a male child. Those who died were Donavere, 30, and Cassandra Codrington, 27 and their children Shaquanda,7, Shaquille, 3, and Yashiro, 1.

The discoveries were made within an hour-and-half of each other – the first around 10:05 p.m. and the second at 11:30 p.m. Word of a possible discovery spread quickly when around 10 p.m. a forensic team, headed by Cheryl Corbin journeyed to a platform ledge where Barbados Defence Force and fire officers had been labouring all day, by hands to clear the debris.

Soon after, a metal tray was hurriedly taken to the scene and lowered into the cavity and raised for examination by the forensic team. Soon Minister of Home Affairs Dale Marshall sent word that he would be holding his final media briefing for the evening shortly.

He told reporters at 10.55 p.m.: “. . . We have discovered the remains of one individual. Those remains have not as yet been removed from the cavern. Of course there are forensic procedures that have to be followed.”

Forty-five minutes later another body was dicovered close to the first find.

The remains were found about 60 feet below the surface where the Arch Cot, Brittons X Road residence stood up to 4:30 a.m. last Sunday.

“As you would anticipate, after four days underground, it [the body] was in an advanced state of decomposition,” said emergency coordinator Dr Brian Charles, adding that the remains would not be removed until after the forensic work.

The families had met with counsellors and forensic experts at Sherbourne Conference Centre in the evening.

“We spoke to them in detail and answered their questions so they would be well conditioned to deal with the circumstances,” Minister of Social Transformation Trevor Prescod said.

In a telephone interview earlier in the evening, Donavere’s grandmother Sheila Codrington, remained hopeful.

The bodies were however discovered exactly where the sniffer dogs, brought in from Miami-Dade Fire Rescue team had indicated. With the two discoveries, authorities were last night stepping up their efforts to find the three remaining bodies buried under the rubble.

… Read the above story and others at The Nation News. (link here)


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SSA Cleans Up St. George North – 40 Truckloads Removed! (How About Grape Hall Next Guys?)


Ian Bourne of Bajan Reporter sent us a Sanitation Service Authority media release along with a few photos of the guys at work. We’re happy to publicly acknowledge the fine job the SSA does with the resources it has, and we really wish they had double the personnel and equipment. After all, we have a tourist-based economy and every dollar we put into cleaning will return many times.

Don’t agree?

Try shutting down the SSA for a few months and see how many recently-divorced 40-something lady tourists return to stay at the Hilton. Half the young beach lads would be starving within a week!


The SSA guys take on the jobs that no one else wants to do, so hats off to them. Hey – remember the stinker of a beached whale last March? Now you’ve got the idea of why we need to keep the guys happy. (See Forty Feet and 15 Tons Of Dead Stinking Whale On Our Beautiful Barbados Beach – Who Ya Gonna Call?)

But Ian, do you have enough pull to have the guys sent up to Grape Hall for a day? It is about time, and for sure everybody would be grateful if you’d tow a certain wrecked auto that has been sitting on the street for months while the owner tells everybody “I be fixin’ it NEXT week!”

Here’s the SSA media release…

The Sanitation Service Authority successfully removed 115 tonnes of bulky waste from St George North.

Forty truckloads were processed; both ten-wheeler trucks and small open-backed lorries were used to complete the work.

Teams under the direction of Plant Superintendent Derek Brereton covered Bourne’s Village; Locust Hall; Applewhaite’s; St Helen’s; Bel-Air; Roach Village; Jericho and Paradise removed wood, pieces of galvanise, old fridges in addition to ovens as well as other bulky items.

The bulky waste removal is part of the SSA’s ongoing programme for all Barbados for the remainder of the year.


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Starcom Network Helps Out Brittons Hill Homeless – Please Drop Off New Supplies For The Families

Starcom Network will be putting barrels in their River Road offices from tomorrow August 30, 2007 to collect new toiletries, linens, school supplies, non-perishable food items etc for those persons displaced by the Brittons Hill Tragedy.

This is an opportunity for us to focus on those who were fortunate enough to survive, but were left homeless.

Any assistance would be appreciated.

Starcom Corporate Headquarters: 430-7300

Information from BFP Reader Lady Anon


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Barbados Apartment Collapse – Day 4 – Large Boulders Removed, No Bodies Yet 5:30am

INTERNET RADIO FOR OUR INTERNATIONAL READERS… Voice Of Barbados 92.9fm (Windows Media Player needed)

5:30am Barbados Time – Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Overnight Starcom news just provided an update. The two large boulders have been removed and workers continue to remove rubble.

No bodies found as yet.

** We forgot to mention that the Miami-Dade rescue team left Barbados on Tuesday morning. See CBC article here


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When The Police And Government Fail To Stop Local Drug Dealers…


Dealing Drugs To Belfast School Children Is Risky Business!

No, I don’t recommend this in Barbados, and yes I’m aware that Irish politics might have come into play…

… but for a moment I thought of some of those evil young men who sit on a stone wall in a certain St. Peter location.

UK Telegraph: Tar and Feathers For Belfast Drug Dealer


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Barbados Apartment Collapse – Will The Government Pay The Rescue Workers, Equipment And Support Companies This Time?

Government Of Barbados Has A Poor Record When It Comes To Paying Emergency Workers And Suppliers

When the Barbados Glendiary Prison burned down in 2005 it was the type of a national emergency that saw folks from all over the island helping out in whatever ways they could. Police, fire and and other emergency workers also called upon citizens and businesses to assist in ways that were only acceptable because of the immediate danger to life. Vehicles and special equipment – and even workers – were “requisitioned” by authorities with not a thought at the time as to rates of payment or when the equipment would be returned.

All that is expected – only reality as emergency personnel try to save lives in dangerous circumstances.

After the crisis has passed, the government should compensate people and companies fairly and quickly.

More Workers Unpaid By Government – But The Prime Minister’s Lexus 4×4 Has A Full Tank Of Gas!

We all know that this island has money problems, but it seems to us that those folks who were hired by the government to provide meals to prisoners at the temporary prison in St. Lucy in the aftermath of the 2005 riot should be paid for their services.

Apparently the government has a different opinion.

The most damning statement comes from the workers’ union – that in effect warned the prison workers at the time “You are suckers and the government intends to not pay you no matter what they say”

As I read the following story in the Nation Newspaper, I have to wonder about all the emergency workers and companies supplying to the Apartment Collapse rescue and recovery efforts. Will they be paid? When? And how much will they have to beg?

Still No Pay For School Meals Staff

SCHOOL MEALS WORKERS who provided meals for the inmates at the temporary prison in St Lucy still have not been paid.

Despite encountering this problem they have not spoken to their representative, the National Union of Public Workers (NUPW) on the issue.
“We have not said anything because we would have warned them from up front early o’clock [about the arrangement],” said General Secretary Dennis Clarke recently.

“My understanding is, and I’m fully satisfied, the Ministry (of Education) did give them correct advice as to what they should have done before they got into the entire exercise.

… read the entire article at The Nation News (link here)

Wrong Priorities And Corrupt Practices Have Left Our Treasury Empty

This government’s borrow and spend policies have virtually bankrupted our nation and we are to the point where various government employees and outside suppliers are not being paid regularly as the government struggles to keep up with the bills. (See BFP’s Is Barbados Going Bankrupt? Part 76 Of A Continuing Series… Attorney General Dale Marshall Comments From His Yacht)

We hope that the government pays folks and companies involved in the current rescue and recovery quickly and fairly.

But unfortunately, the best predictor of future performance is the past.


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Barbados Apartment Collapse – Day 3 – Damaged Building Knocked Down, Work Continues


Recovery Teams Working In Extremely Dangerous Conditions

INTERNET RADIO FOR OUR INTERNATIONAL READERS… Voice Of Barbados 92.9fm (Windows Media Player needed)

9:00am Barbados Time – Tuesday, August 28, 2007

We notice that the radio and television reports are becoming fewer – a result of an expectation that the Codrington family are all dead. The rescue/recovery teams are working as hard as ever. Last evening the remains of the damaged building were knocked down in an attempt to make the worksite safer.

The most important news article of the day is an assessment by structural engineer Ralph Adams that appears in The Nation News. If such an article appeared in The New York Times about the collapse of a building in the United States, the police would now be using search warrants at the Town Planner’s Office and be in the middle of a homicide investigation. More on this later. (See The Nation News – Just A Matter Of Time!)

Stories From Day 3 – Print & Online Media…

Barbados Underground (main blog here)

One of David’s readers sent him a photo of the area near the collapsed apartment building where construction equipment had been working all week before the cave-in. See the photo and today’s story here.

Pull! Push! (main blog here)

Amit has put together an excellent photo history of the disaster and area using photos taken from the media and other blogs. (link here)

Nation News (Largest Island Newspaper – main link here)

Lead Story – No Sign Of Life

Engineer’s Analysis – Just A Matter Of Time!

How Events Unfolded

Cavern Still Remains “Dangerously Unstable”

Geologist: Water Cause Of The Collapse


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New Danger At Barbados Cave-In Site – Additional Collapse – Update

Listening to Voice of Barbados radio… approaching 11pm Monday, August 27, 2007

Attorney General Dale Marshall provided briefing which is posted at…

Barbados Apartment Collapse – Day 2 Under The Rubble – RESCUE NOW BODY RECOVERY – New Collapse At Site

Comments Off on New Danger At Barbados Cave-In Site – Additional Collapse – Update

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Barbados Apartment Collapse – Thank You To The United States Of America



Miami Dade Fire Rescue Team – In Harm’s Way For Strangers

The Miami Dade Fire Rescue Urban Search and Rescue Team didn’t have to come to Barbados. They didn’t have to lower themselves into that unknown pit. They didn’t have to crawl around precariously balanced concrete slabs and under tons of rock and marl.

But they did it for the Codrington family – the living and the dead – and they did it for all of us.

They same is true, of course, for our own Barbados emergency personnel – and there will be time enough for the rest of our lives to thank them on the street, in church or at the beach.

For now though, I’d like to thank the United States of America and the Miami Dade Fire Rescue team.

Many folks like to kick around the Americans, and that goes for some in our own government as well. But the Americans seldom say no when asked for assistance – and never say no when lives are in the balance.

There’s not a whole lot we can do except to say “thanks”, but I can assure you that any American sitting beside me for the next long while will never have to stand themselves a drink.

Thanks, America.

See Barbados Underground for a YouTube movie of how bad it is in that hole.

Also see WPTV Florida Television for a profile of the Miami Dade Fire Rescue team (link here)


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Barbados Apartment Collapse – Day 2 Under The Rubble – RESCUE NOW BODY RECOVERY – New Collapse At Site


Barbados Prays For The Family & Rescue Team

Codrington Family Trapped: Donavere 30, Cassandra 27, Shaquanda 7, Shaquille 3, Yashiro 1 (Donica 3 months not trapped) (photo from Nation News)

Reports from witnesses confirm Donavere was alive and talking immediately after the collapse – had an injured leg.

10:49pm Barbados Time – Monday 27, 2007 – Voice of Barbados Radio

New Collapse At Rescue Site

Voice of Barbados Radio live reporting now. Not sure how bad.

Attorney General Dale Marshall is being briefed and he will then speak to the media.

Barbados Defense Force team members about to go back down into the hole!

Rain is starting to impact the recovery efforts.

Attorney General Now Speaking – 11:18PM

– There was some debris coming from the roof of the cavern so the media site was evacuated.

– Plan is to tear down the entire apartment building. The new collapse was small and is not in the part of the cavern where the bodies are thought to be.

– The weather was expected and plans were made to direct surface water away from the site. The Defense Force entered the remaining apartment building today and removed some personal items for the residents. Now talking about cadaver dogs earlier indicating an area of interest. This area is away from where the latest fall of material happened.

– It is thought that the latest fall of material did not further cover the bodies.

– Miami Dade & Barbados Emergency teams not on scene right now. Police, Min of Housing and Barbados Defense Force will work through the night. (Others had been working for two days straight)

– 11:26pm Interview over.

Maps Of Cave System Existed Prior To Disaster!

From CBC…

Rescue efforts called off
Monday, 27 August 2007

Disaster officials called off efforts to rescue five members of a family trapped in collapsed apartment building after they concluded that there was no sign of life beneath the rubble.

Minister of Home Affairs Dale Marshall said the “hard decision” to go into recovery mode was taken after a specially imported cadaver dog from the Miami Dade Police Department picked up signs of two bodies in the rubble, while two dogs trained to discover life form could not detect any survivors in the building which collapsed early Sunday morning.

“We have had to take the serious decisions to move into recovery mode … recovery mode as you know is when you move into the mode of removing the bodies, even though we are still having the an eye to the possibility of some survivors,” Marshall said.

He said close members of the couple – aged 30 and 29 – and the three children – aged one to seven – were informed of the decision to shift the operation and giving professional counselling.

Marshall said the 12 members of the search and rescue team flown in from Miami late Sunday night, along with the large team of local rescuers, would press ahead to complete the recovery process before expected showers made the difficult terrain more treacherous for the rescuers.

Meanwhile, the minister said initial seismic tests conducted at the site concluded that there was no need to widen the evacuation area beyond the 500 feet radius which was established hours after the collapse.

“We were able to procure up-to-date maps of the extensive cave network and the seismic team saw no evidence on which we could expect any further movement,” the Minister said, noting that the five families evacuated on Sunday would remain in government shelters until alternative accommodation could be arranged.

… from CBC (link here)

11:39am Barbados Time – Monday 27, 2007 – Voice of Barbados Radio

PRIME MINISTER ARTHUR – Live interview on Voice of Barbados


– Fear of approaching tropical waves.

– All the best efforts and the best equipment and rescue teams from Barbados and USA have not found evidence of life.

– While they are in a recovery mode, they are still hoping (but they are now “expediting” the removal of rubble.)

– Other Ministers and experts speaking… I’ll detail it when I listen to the recording again.

– Barbados does NOT have modern sounding equipment to map the extent of any caves from the surface! Equipment must be flown in and is not here yet.

– 11:51am – Media Conference ends with Prime Minister speaking again.

8:30am Barbados Time – Monday 27, 2007 – Voice of Barbados Radio

– Recorded Interview from earlier this morning, 6am or so, with Barbados Rescue Coordinator Dr. Brian Charles

“Still a rescue, not a recovery” but doesn’t sound at all hopeful.

– “Will take another 12 to 24 hours”

– Building was stabilized at 3:50am Monday morning and two US special dogs were sent in, but found no indications of life. At the time of the recorded interview the third dog had yet to go in – but I think I saw a report on Barbados Underground blog that third dog went in and found nothing.

– 500 foot evacuation radius still in force. No mention of expanding this radius.

8:00am Barbados Time – Monday 27, 2007 – Voice of Barbados Radio

Announcer just stated that the USA Dade-Miami Rescue Team have worked all night and report “No signs of life found by specially trained dog team”

INTERNET RADIO FOR OUR INTERNATIONAL READERS… Voice Of Barbados 92.9fm (Windows Media Player needed)

Stories On Barbados Free Press From Yesterday – Day 1…

Brittons Hill Barbados – Apartment Building Collapse Into Known Cave – Family Of 5 Trapped – US Miami Dade Rescue Team Goes To Work

Stories From Day 2 – Print & Online Media…

Barbados Underground (main blog here)

David has some overnight reports in the comments – detailing the rescue efforts with the US special dogs finding no signs of life. (Comment link here – Main Barbados Underground link here)

Pull! Push! (main link here)

Amit from Pull! Push! blog drove by the disaster scene at 2am last night on his way home. He didn’t see a whole lot happening, but his first person report is the stuff that blogging is made of. Although we on the island could hear radio reports and watch the telly, the rest of the world looked to the bloggers as the primary source of coverage for the first 24 hours. Amit was part of that first 24 hours. Read about his 2am observations at Pull! Push!

Nation News…

Witness: I spoke to trapped man


Going Down

Mum Still Holding Out Hope

15 Forced To Pack Up

Note – Many other stories on the Nation News. Check their sidebar listing.

The Advocate…

Rescuers Get Moving At 10:30am

Stress Runs High On Disaster Site


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