Barbados Bus Tragedy – Bajans From Around The World Look Towards Home


THEY SAY that wherever you travel in the world you will find someone from Barbados, and from what we have seen over the past year and a half at Barbados Free Press that is true. Bajans visit BFP and send us emails and comments from just about any country you can name. A few weeks ago our one millionth visitor (visitor, not page view) logged on from Germany, shortly followed by visitor number one million and one from Thailand – both Bajans living abroad.

The tragedy this week has again reminded us of how many of our brothers and sisters still look towards home no matter how far away they find themselves, or for how long.

As a matter of sad record, today has seen the highest number of visitors that BFP has ever had in one 24-hour period as Bajans around the world search for news of their loved ones and friends. We haven’t spoken with our friends at the other Barbados-based blogs, but we imagine that their traffic is also up significantly.

We notice that Barbados Underground’s post Bus Crashes In St. Joseph Intransit To The Party Monarch Finals Held At The East Coast~A Time For National Mourning is today the #59th most visited post, while BFP’s Tragedy At Joes River – Six Dead In Barbados Tour Bus Crash is the #34 most visited post out of the couple of hundred million articles online today.

Barbados Underground also appeared on the “Top 100 WordPress Blogs” list for the first time, listed at the #72 most popular blog out of one and a quarter million blogs worldwide. Barbados Free Press moved up to #31 on the same Top 100 WordPress Blogs list.

We point these statistics out with no joy or sense of accomplishment because, of course, we wish today had never happened the way it did – but the visitor statistics are an indication of the interest and concern shown by folks everywhere.

All of us at BFP hope that the families and friends who are suffering at this moment can take some small comfort in knowing that the entire Bajan family at home and around the world is praying for them and sharing in their troubles.

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8 responses to “Barbados Bus Tragedy – Bajans From Around The World Look Towards Home

  1. Nicky

    I just wanted to express my sympathy to all those families who are today grieving the loss of their loved ones who died tragically in the recent bus accident. I knew one person who died and whose wife is critically injured at this point. Even though I am several miles away in Singapore where I currently reside, my thoughts and prayers are with my fellow citizens in Barbados. May we find our comfort today and strength in our sovereign God.

  2. Carib

    Well said Nicky.

  3. Goldenbead

    I would also like to express my sympathy. I am in Thailand and check this site daily.

    It seems that the QEH did a sterling job in coping with the victims of the accident. Well done. I sincerely hope that the injured persons recover.

    I can’t say that I know any of the victims that were named but having lost someone to a road fatality years ago, I know the pain the families must be going through.

    I wish them all peace.

  4. NTSB? riiiiight!

    Does Barbados National Standards Institution
    oversee the local construction of coaches and bus bodies?
    Will BNSI be called in on this case, post mortem?

    How well-built are our local busses?

    Who will do the vehicle-forensics on this case?
    Let’s hope it’ll be America’s NTSB, although I very much doubt it, after all our BNSI is at least as thorough as NTSB in Yankee-land, you know?

    One bus hit a wall. All its contents, (both people and the interior fittings like seats) immediately piled into the front of the bus…kinda like schlooooop!

    Compressed bodies, all scrunched-up together.
    Nice scenario, nuh!
    No wonder 6 people died, easy-so.

    “Heads gyne roll” on dis one?
    Only if we’re very lucky.
    Not one head will roll,
    but the compensations are going to be a biggie!
    Look out!

  5. Pogo

    We are a nation in mourning.

    This is as bad as it can get and a nightmare for all of us to see loved ones or people we know suddenly and unfairly struck down. With condolences and sympathy abounding all around us we take pride in our countrymens ability to share together as a nation and thank everyone for their understanding and compassion.

    We will eventually get past this but we will never forget. Hopefully some good will come as we examine ways to make our roads and vehicles, and their occupants, safer.

  6. I hear 3 more ppl died in St Peter 2day under similar circumstances?

  7. anon

    Th death toll from today’s accident in st.peter is now 4.

    We need to push too make it mandatory for all buses to have seat belts. We also need cops on the road to stop and check on cars to see if seat belts are being used. when last have you heard about someone being fined for not using a seat belt in a car

  8. A.K..A

    My deepest condolences goes out to the families, friends and relatives who experienced loss as a result of the two road tragedies. I cannot begin to Imagine your pain.