You Want Irony? A Country With No Environmental Protection Laws Sends The Chief Justice To Environmental Law Conference


Hey, Does The Chief Justice Have Any Offshore Bank Accounts In Caymans From When He Was A Cabinet Minister?

Barbados Chief Justice Sir David Simmons attended the Ritz-Carlton in the Cayman Islands last Thursday for the eighth annual Caribbean Heads of Judiciary Conference. Ironically, the theme of this year’s conference is “The Role of the Judiciary in Environmental Protection and Sustainable Development”.

You see, Barbados has no effective environmental protection laws – and as far as the “sustainable development” part of it goes, the Government of Barbados has proven time and time again that it totally ignores it’s own published land use plans when there is money to be made.

“To Hell With The Future – Show Me The Money NOW!” has long been the rallying cry for the current government, of which Chief Justice Simmons was a member of the inner Cabinet for the majority of the government’s current run.

Even if Barbados had effective environmental laws, how can a former member of the current government adjudicate environmental disputes with the government in an unbiased manner – when he was part of the government that created the mess?

Oh well, they only worry about such things in real democracies where accountability and transparency exist.

So unlike Barbados.

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Cayman Net News: Regional Heads of Judiciary Meet



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6 responses to “You Want Irony? A Country With No Environmental Protection Laws Sends The Chief Justice To Environmental Law Conference

  1. Anonymous

    Free TRIP, nah!

  2. Pogo

    They gonna figure how to pave over all the parkland?

  3. Let’s look on the Green side.

    Perhaps our CJ will learn something at the conference about all nations needing environmental legislation?

    Perhaps he could also sign the Ramsar Convention on behalf of Barbados while he is there, rather than have our two-faced Government continue to sit on the fence?

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  5. cherry2enpowered

    Some Uganda officals recently paid a visit to Trinidad in relation to their oil industry.Has Barbados reach out to any oil nations for support or guidance on their new discovery or are they taking guidance from the oil giants,lock,stock and barrel.Futhermore are the pollution laws etc, coming before the dotted line.

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