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Barbados Bus Deaths – When Will It Be Appropriate To Ask “What Went Wrong?”

Dear Friends,

Few of our neighbours in large countries or even large cities can truly understand the impact of the tragedy that is visiting Barbados at this moment. We have six people dead and, if the talk is true, more than a few others who are barely holding on. Dozens more were injured to various degrees but will recover.

Everybody we have spoken with knows at least a few of the dead and the injured. Everybody. That’s the way it is on this tiny island.

At times of mass injuries or deaths, there is a tendency for some folks to say “This is not an appropriate time to discuss the hows and whys of the situation. Leave that until after.”

Others say that at the time of the tragedy is exactly the moment to discuss what happened because – whatever the causes were – nobody cared enough about them the day before the accident, and in a few weeks the discussion will fade from the front pages and our daily conversation because life goes on.

We can see both sides. Even families in the midst of tragedy are torn between their need of privacy and comfort with loved ones – and their realisation that if they don’t demand accountability, there may be none.

Injected into all this is a reality that many – perhaps even a majority of citizens – have doubts about the integrity of some in the police and the government. They believe rightly or wrongly that some officials will fail to make full enquiries – that they will attempt to protect those special folks who can do no wrong on Bim. This lack of trust in our public officials makes things more difficult for everyone, even the police and public officials who are earnestly and honestly attempting to bring order and provide answers so that this never happens again.

Some of our readers are already discussing possible causes, and some are being very quick – way too quick – to assign various levels of blame to named persons or the government.

Our Thoughts…

As Barbados mourns, let’s take a few days and concentrate on the victims and their families and friends.

Barbados Free Press, and I’m sure the other blogs on this island, will not let this issue fade from memory. Barbados deserves answers and the truth, but for now let’s mourn and pray – and trust that the good men and women who have dedicated their lives to helping others will do what is necessary to first look after the victims and their relatives, and secondly – to start the process of accountability and understanding in a professional and honest manner.

Marcus, Shona, Robert, George, Cliverton and Auntie Moses


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You Want Irony? A Country With No Environmental Protection Laws Sends The Chief Justice To Environmental Law Conference


Hey, Does The Chief Justice Have Any Offshore Bank Accounts In Caymans From When He Was A Cabinet Minister?

Barbados Chief Justice Sir David Simmons attended the Ritz-Carlton in the Cayman Islands last Thursday for the eighth annual Caribbean Heads of Judiciary Conference. Ironically, the theme of this year’s conference is “The Role of the Judiciary in Environmental Protection and Sustainable Developmentā€.

You see, Barbados has no effective environmental protection laws – and as far as the “sustainable development” part of it goes, the Government of Barbados has proven time and time again that it totally ignores it’s own published land use plans when there is money to be made.

“To Hell With The Future – Show Me The Money NOW!” has long been the rallying cry for the current government, of which Chief Justice Simmons was a member of the inner Cabinet for the majority of the government’s current run.

Even if Barbados had effective environmental laws, how can a former member of the current government adjudicate environmental disputes with the government in an unbiased manner – when he was part of the government that created the mess?

Oh well, they only worry about such things in real democracies where accountability and transparency exist.

So unlike Barbados.

Story Link

Cayman Net News: Regional Heads of Judiciary Meet


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Rumour – Government Inner Circle Considers Allowing The Barbados Dollar To Float

We have had a few emails from different sources in the last few days – indicating that inner circles in the Barbados Government are discussing allowing the Bajan Dollar to float on the world markets. Our dollar is currently tied to the US Dollar at 2 for 1.

This rumour surfaces in Barbados about every 6 or 9 months or so. What’s different this time? The number of previously-proven good sources who are telling us about the discussions.

Does anyone know anything?


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Tragedy At Joes River – Six Dead In Barbados Tour Bus Crash


UPDATED: July 31, 2007 – Sixth Victim IdentifiedĀ 

Our Condolences To Families And Friends

The Barbados Advocate has a story online. Nothing on the Nation News yet that we can see…

From the Barbados Advocate…

A FULL investigation will be launched into the crash that claimed the lives of six Barbadians yesterday along Joe’s River, St. Joseph, as they made their way to the Party Monarch Finals at the East Coast Road.

Just after 11 o’clock yesterday (Sunday) morning, the lives of three men and three women were cut short when the 40-seater vehicle carrying patrons who purchased an all-inclusive package from Mount Gay Distilleries, for the much anticipated and high-paced Party Monarch Finals was involved in an accident which saw an additional 37 persons seeking medical attention at the Accident and Emergency Department of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH).

Five of the deceased include Adrian Franklin of Lot No.2 Oughterson Park, St. Philip; Lorie Marshall of Parks Road, St. Joseph; Nancy Griffith of Gooding Alley, Church Street, St. Peter; Kenrick Harewood of Stadium Road, Bush Hall, St. Michael, and Morton Brathwaite of Sayers Court, Christ Church. The identity of sixth fatality is Deborah Murray. (Article here: Sixth Crash Victim Identified)

… continue reading this article at the Barbados Advocate (link here)


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