World Is Watching Barbados Political Scandals – Really! TWO Bajan Blogs Make WordPress “Top 100” List Out Of 1.2 Million Blogs


Barbados Citizens Are Using The Internet To Embrace The New Push For Democracy, Integrity & Accountability

There are over 1.2 million WordPress blogs published online from all over the world – displaying hundreds of millions of articles on any given day.

During the last few days, TWO Barbados-based blogs appeared simultaneously on the WordPress “Top 100” Lists.

On July 26th, Barbados Free Press achieved #39 most popular WordPress Blog out of 1,244,243 WordPress blogs worldwide..

On July 27, 2007, the Barbados Underground article The Demise of Roy Morris: Veteran Journalist At The Nation Newspaper was the #62 most popular WordPress Post in the world out of those hundreds of millions of posts online at WordPress. That same day, Barbados Free Press was ranked the #60 most popular WordPress Blog.

On July 28, 2007, the Barbados Free Press post Roy Morris – Nation News Train Wreck Continues was the #63 most popular WordPress Post, and BFP was the #50 most popular WordPress Blog in the world. That same day, the Barbados Underground Post The Demise of Roy Morris was the #93 most popular WordPress Post.

So far today, July 29th, the Barbados Free Press post Election Fraud In Barbados – How Do We Stop It? is the #71 most popular WordPress Post in the world and BFP is the #76 most popular blog.

This Must Be A World Record

Barbados is a tiny country with fewer than 300,000 souls on this island. That’s barely a city in most of the world – yet TWO of our Bajan blogs are on the WordPress “Top 100” lists.

Friends, Something Is Happening…

Tens of thousands of Bajans are flocking to political blogs every week in what has to be the strongest display of non-confidence in the nation’s news media and government seen in decades. Although BFP and Barbados Underground have made the “Top 100” WordPress lists, they are only two of a dozen or more blogs on this island that are on the forefront of a new democracy in Barbados.

Never doubt these two truths for even a moment:

1/ The political and media elites in Barbados have lost their their ability to control information in our country.

2/ The appearance of TWO Barbados blogs on the WordPress “Top 100” Lists means that people all over the world are interested in our stories about political corruption in Barbados.

Tell your friends and family…

There is still much work to be done, but the world is changing, and ordinary Bajans cannot be silenced any longer.


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22 responses to “World Is Watching Barbados Political Scandals – Really! TWO Bajan Blogs Make WordPress “Top 100” List Out Of 1.2 Million Blogs

  1. Cookie Monster

    That is fantastic! The world is changing and the government is about to discover how quickly things can change.


  2. John

    It is time the Prime Minister gave out an award for what has become a world class activity in which Barbadians are involved!!

  3. Red Lake Lassie

    Two Barbados blogs on the top 100 out of over a million?

    How is that possible?

  4. Anonymous

    “The political and media elites in Barbados have lost their their ability to control information in our country.”

    So true!

    Question for Prime Minister Owen $ ARTHUR… Why did you put that $750,000 campaign donation into your personal bank account?

  5. Oscar

    Yeaahh Cookie Monster,
    yuh cool or whuh?

    Tummuch garbage in my can(barbados?)
    an da’s why I giving it a good sorting OUT.
    People appreciate straight talk, and that’s half the reason that BFP and the other blogsite are enjoying the success now apparent.

  6. Pogo

    Good on ya both, bloggers. BFP for leading the way and BU for stepping up.

    Hope that soon all the readers get the word out that things are changing and the voiceless now have a place to be heard.

    The demise of sleight of hand politicians and do nothing civil servants has to come to an end.

    We need more whistle blowers inside the government to tell us what is happening so we can find a way to to improve things and see our money spent where it will do the most good.

  7. Caribbean Comment

    Congratulations to BFP and BU for putting issues out there to be discussed and getting bigger audiences. It would also help those who follow regularly to have an idea of how many “visitors” you are getting to make the high rankings, and it would help your credibility more if this shows that the audience is really large and show again your willingness to be transparent.

  8. Wishing in Vain

    Find a post as seen on the BLP website that has not yet been deleted it is amusing but also it is asking some serious questions about Democracy in this island enjoy it .

    hartley george // Jul 29th 2007 at 12:31 am

    every time the barbados labour party is in power poor bajans see hell the fu fu econmist that is the pm dont know what he is doing only try to get his pocket full of money and calling people wild boys who is mascoll hammie la,rudy grant,kerrie symmonds them in wild boys too but they belong to your cabinet all you doing is spit up in the air and it coming down in your face owen why you dont give the doctor his benz out of the court?why you dont tell the governor general to release the findings from the commision of enquiry on Branford Taitt YOU cant do it because it would make you look bad OWEN You are no good all you can do is cuss people when you dont get your way wild boy why you dont call elections now the only way you you win is if you rig it and i wont put that pass you eric GAIRY

  9. sick and fed up sylvan

    it means the sickos of the blp can’t control what bajans get to read anymore. before they could call and curse journalists, threaten their livelihoods and force them to be silent. they cant do it now. citizens now have their own media which is dealing with issues that matter to them, not what the media is giving them. the media in barbados have not matured. the media does report only what happens. it does not say why it happens i mean the real importance of it happening so that barbadians can better understand. the blogs are the answer. real democracy for the ordinary citizen.

  10. BFPnewspaper?

    the big prob. is that our truths and manifestations via BFP on the internet is available to a small minority of the more forward-thinking progressive ppl on the island.
    By no means is it seriously “out there” to de man in de street (who STILL believes every word the Advocate and Nation arms of the BLP commit to paper!)

    Until 50% of Bajan households have internet-capable computers THAT READ BFP regularly,
    these forward revelations of ours are not getting out to the masses that can and will change things.

    If BFP could somehow make a newspaper out of all this,
    THAT would be the way,
    but of course, the BLP would soon squeeeze the supply of machinery,ink and newsprint
    and quickly choke it to death(standard modus operandi!) – and it dead!

    We need to find additional ways to spread the word, to increase readership,
    to ‘big-up’ BFP to any and everyone out there.

  11. Straight talk

    BFP News:
    Just yourself recruit one new reader every week, and within the year we will have full island coverage.

    I have asked BFP before for hit numbers, and in the absence have had to rely on your own circle’s response (in my own case 100%).

    It is imperative that everyone should be at least able to read a dissenting view, if only to dismiss it.

    Spread the word, it is our only completely free outlet.

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  13. samizdat

    Excuse my ignorance, but someone please spell it out for me:

    do these figures mean that BFP and BU have more readers than literally a million other blogs on the internet?

  14. Congrats. Every time I have to do a presentation on social media, I always mention BFP and the stats you have, because I think it says a lot about the reach blogs can have. People think that in the Caribbean we hardly use the Internet. However, I strongly believe that if you create compelling content that people can relate to, they will come. We mightn’t have high user rates, but we definitely have people on, and they spread the news.

    Your blog, Barbados Underground and others like you are testament to how – in the Caribbean – we can raise awareness locally and internationally about our issues. Personally, I get a kick out of frequently visiting WordPress’ top blogs list of the day, and finding you’ll there.

  15. samizdat

    This from the site:

    “Top Blogs
    The most popular blogs are
    ranked here according to a special formula.”

    What does this mean? Someone please explain to me how these rankings are calculated.

  16. Scotland Yardie

    It’s good they’re getting so much milage.. They’l get to see what a real criminals David Thompson & Hartley Henry are. They’ll also realise Thompson’s plan for legalising Casion gambling and Marijuana Use in Barbados. VERY SAD. I pray the opposition NEVER assumes office in this country.

    Hartley Henry of the DLP talks about corruption, but owes $$$$$ to the same party he works for. He’s aslo the campaign strategist for the ALP in Antigua which lost (MR> BIRD) and ( SLP in St Lucia : Kenny Anthony who also lost.. now he’s the DLP’s strategist..hmmmmm.. is that why Estwick & Kellman are planning to resign ?

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  18. jamaicangirl2007

    Hey…congrats…how about publishing your stats so that people will understand just how many hits it takes to get to the top 100.

  19. BFP Cliverton Not Logged In

    Hi Jamaican Girl

    When we started BFP we agreed that stats would not be published on a day to day basis. We have always published milestones, but not our day to day ups and downs.

    Our rationale was that the message mattered most, and if we spent our time chasing the charts – we would soon be writing with one eye on the stats.

    Just like a “real” newspaper, we would then start adjusting content to grow the stats, but at a cost to our core message.

    As it turns out, our core message of disgust with government corruption, lack of transparency and the absence of rule of law on Barbados is what Bajans at home and around the world are interested in.

    If you Google or MSN search “Barbados” and just about any other subject, a BFP article is usually on the first page or two of returns… often within the top 3 hits. We have little explanation for our search engine ranking except that we are a popular blog in a smaller country.

    We have no idea if our blog could have been as successful in a larger country.

    As to the WordPress “Top 100” List, we don’t know what Matt’s “special formula” is, but we can guess that it is a combination of number of visitors, number of page views, the number of comments and discussion generated, the number of other blogs linked to BFP and the number of other blogs and websites we link to.

    There might also be something in there about the quality of the links. ie: If a small blog with 30 readers per day links to us that is one thing, if a huge blog like Global Village links to us – that is a different matter.

    Perhaps there is also some consideration of where the visitors come from. Ours come from all over the world for some reason and this might rank us higher than say, a blog in Nebraska that only had hits from Nebraska. We don’t know. also maintains rankings and their formula is very dependent upon other blogs linking to the blog being ranked.

    The folks at BFP will be talking about publishing stats on a daily basis, but for now we’ll leave things as they are.

    We can tell you that we just had our one millionth visitor (as opposed to page view) and that there is a big difference in the number of visitors per day between the WordPress number 100 spot and the number 1 spot.

    BFP has been as high as #19 (I think) in the Top 100 Blogs list, but at that time there were “only” 600,000 WordPress blogs. Now there are 1.3 million WP blogs and I think the highest we’ve been lately is #36 or so… can’t remember.

    Mostly we sit around #50 to #60, but we are usually on the Top 100 blog list every day with about 5,000 daily readers or so. On a slow day (usually Friday or when some big party weekend is approaching) and maybe we haven’t put anything up for that day, we can drop as low as 2,500 readers or so.

    I hope that answers your question, but again – we are trying to write without an eye on the stats to ensure we remain true to our core message.


  20. jamaicangirl2007

    Ok….I hope to get my blog up to your ratings. It’s a tough job thinking of new stuff every day. Right now we all have our eyes on the upcoming elections and now I am finally seeing some serious hits and coments. I congratulate you for your millionth visitor and hope to reach there some day. I enjoy your blog’s honesty and bravery because some of the things I see published here are so blunt.

  21. Congratulations! I saw the notice in my “Google Alerts”.

    I remember when you first started, and you have certainly led the way in the Caribbean. Blogs have become a part of the American media landscape, and BFP is a model for the rest of the Caribbean island bloggers.

    Love Barbados and BFP!

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