Gardin Democracy Says “Let’s Hire More Chinese Slaves And Political Prisoners. They Work Cheap!”


Also see an excellent article in today’s Barbados Underground

Here’s a sample…

“Given the overtures which the Arthur administration has been making to China; any policy change directed at the Chinese will be cosmetic in nature as we have seen from Minister Atherley’s press conference last night. Our willingness to fold in the face of the economic agenda by sacrificing basic principles which have served us well in the past is truly regrettable. It is a time like now that we remember the famous quote by the late Right Excellent Errol Barrow and its appropriateness: Barbados will be friends of all and satellites of none.”

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18 responses to “Gardin Democracy Says “Let’s Hire More Chinese Slaves And Political Prisoners. They Work Cheap!”

  1. Straight talk

    So, it is now official government policy.

    As long as the price is right, all laws in Barbados may be ignored.

    Yet another first world initiative by this morally bankrupt administration?

  2. Wishing in Vain

    As thee caption says give them another 100 slaves and we will put more Bajans out of work ! anyone really thinks that this would matter to Owing and company we just need to learn the money that he collected from China and Pemberton to make this a reality.
    This lot have no morals anything goes for them so long as it improves the bottom line on the bank account.

  3. Wishing in Vain

    Break the laws get the politics of inclusion working and all is fine and dandy.
    You break the laws but no one gets charged corruption at its finest, then you change the rules to legalise the breaking of the laws.
    Wow only with the BLP and Mottley, Lynch, Atherley, Arthur in vogue.

  4. John

    The 53 work permits to be issued will be for 53 Chinese who were in the Caribbean already working on existing projects in other islands.

    I hope the powers that be do not expect we idiots to think that since these Chinese were here already that they really have not brought any new ones in, … just transferred in some from other “member states” of CSME.

    Wonder how the other “member states” of CSME will replace this drop in their labour force?

  5. Curious

    Are any of the indians that were working on the oval getting permits too, or does the public have a problem with the chinese in particular?

    I am as against slavery as much as the next coloured fellow but between the national insurance scam, the violently added tax and salary cuts to anyone not with a union and sometimes even then, I’m feeling a little slavish myself, is there some politician to come to my rescue?

    *holds breath*

  6. Yardbroom

    I lay no claim to being an oracle but my sunbmission of yesterday in BFP and the subsequent announcement of Minister of State Reverend Joseph Atherley in today’s Advocate Sunday 29th July is simply what I expected. I said yesterday the “softening process” has started.

    I seek not to wrongfoot the Minister but he said:

    …” Cinnamon 88 Limited, had originally submitted applications for a total of 169 workers of which 54 had been given, temporary accommodation as visitors”…

    In view of the Minister’s statement could he give a date as to when this aplication by Cinnamon 88 Limited was first made, was he aware of this information when a press release was given by him and The Chief Immigration Officer Mr. Wilbert Greaves that the Chinese workers had no permission to be in Barbados. If he did know, he should not have made the statement he did because he is on the record, misleading the citizens of Barbados , if he did not know, from where has this information suddenly appeared, since the Chief Immigration Officer was not aware of it.

    I am afraid this information is after the event, and the people of Barbados are not fools, we have seen before our eyes based on “facts” how this Government operates, if this can be done in the clear light of day. I invite you to ponder on what occurs in our name, in murky darkness.

  7. Straight talk


    Slow down and get logical, my friend.

    These are the definitive actions of a corrupt government appearing in plain sight with no attempt at apology or obfuscation.

    All Atherley’s quotes are logged in the Nation’s archives, as are Pemberton’s gratuities to the Chief Immigration Officer for facilitating the illegal importation of Chinese slaves, weeks before their pathetic denials and subsequent climbdowns.

    Check them out, quickly before they disappear, these clowns because of their previous lies have not a leg to stand on, and along comes the champion of Bajan labour, not to deliver the coup de grace to these charlatans but attempting to excuse the inexcusable.
    A traitor to your class.
    You are a Sell Out Trotman.

    You are a disgrace to worker’s solidarity.

    Bajan labour is not good enough, and too expensive to compete in a globalised market, please explain your new logic to your members at the next meeting.

    You disgust me.

    How much have you been paid to adandon your principles?

  8. Thistle

    You think Trottie don’t want a plantation house filled with antique furniture too? Cho’ man, yuh mekkin sport.

  9. Straight talk

    I think Trottie has some serious backtracking to do.
    I cannot concieve of the reconciliation between his recent acts and his long professed views as they are as always diametrically incompatible.

    This man of the people has sold his people out, and I hope the price he recieved lets him sleep soundly at night.

    For his members will be worried about their positions from here on in.

    Bajan workers will be for evermore subject to the government’s idea of the public good.

    No National Insurance… too expensive
    No Income Tax … we don’t pay wages
    No anything … we have Trotman and Greaves protecting a very shy O$A not saying a word.

    Come out you worm, Arthur, and tell all the Bajan masons, carpenters, plumbers, electricians they have no future in a globalised Barbados, they have priced themselves out of the market, you have already sold their birthright for a mess of potage on the altar of a spurious globalistion scenario.

    This supposed economic guru is leading the country to bankcruptcy in the fast lane, and the hard won benefits of the working class are cast carelessly to the wind, in the name of progress.

  10. negrocrat

    I,m a member of the BWU and I’ve had to vomit at the prostitution and betrayal of the worker’s rights by Trotman and Owen Arthur.
    How can Trotman agree with the Government to cover up their incompetence and their arrogance and their greed in the face of wrong doing.
    Workers and their rights have been sold down the drain by Trotman. Fro what? A Knighthood and friendship with the PM which he has vowed not to damage under any circumstances.By the way, can Trotman tell the public and his members the answers to the following?
    * Did not Pemberton at the ground breaking ceremony and in the presence of Lynch say that about 600 Chinese will work on the project during its life?
    * What wages will be paid to the Chinese artisans and what system has he put in place to verify this?
    * Will the Health ans Safety laws apply to the Chinese?
    * Will they and their employers contribute to NIS?
    *Has he put in place a system to ensure they these workers live under proper conditions (Bdos standards)?
    * As the Chief of the Workers at the ILO is he not committed to the eradication of the exploitation of workers whereever such exploitation occurs?
    * Where has he left the artisans of Barbados and the Caribbean with this latest ‘deal’?
    Trotman has been used and the workers abused by Owen Arthur.
    I hope that workers will open their eyes and ask Trotman to account for his betrayal at the upcoming BWU Conference.

  11. Wishing in Vain

    There can be no excuse whatsoever for these people to be allowed to reside in Barbados while this nonsense was ongoing.
    We should not allow money to be the deciding factor in how we handle matters such as these.
    Simply put they were here illegally and should have be treated in the same manner as the Indians were earlier this year, no questions asked no quarter given, I wonder if these were from Guyana if they would have be treated like the Chinese or the Indians ?
    When we allow private arrangements made between Pemberton and Arthur and Arthur and the Leader of China to dictate the wellbeing of this nation we have a problem.
    If Atherley had an ounce independence in him he would have done what should have been done and that is deport the whole bunch of them but instead he was awaiting Arthur’s blessing to do and say what Arthur told him to say and do.

  12. Yardbroom

    Call me a prognosticator if you like, for I believe the forthcoming general election will be won by the opposition – DLP – with a “good” working majority, although there are few – mostly BLP supporters – who live in a state of denial to that prognosis – that is their right – it can be ignored.

    The tide is not turning, it has “turned” the cumulation of years of mismanagement, lies, deceit, squandering of scarce resources, inefficiency and dare I say the obvious – the perception of corruption on a grand scale – has come to haunt this Government.

    Incidents such as a matter of $750,000 deposited into the personal bank account of the Prime Minister, confirmed by no more reliable a source than the Prime Minister himself. It was intended for the Barbados Labour Party, we were told, a very long route to that account indeed. The audacity of that transaction indicates to me a feeling of being “untouchable” so what if people know. What can they do about it?

    Who can forget The Four Seasons Project and the Chinese workers, the refusal of government ministers to answer direct questions. Then a private citizen can categorically say what will be the ultimate outcome, and so after a contortion of words the Chinese workers stay. Not before a denigration of Barbadian workers, and a Union Official – a representative of Barbados Union Labour – pleads the Chinese case, will no one seriously represent the citizens of Barbados, must they remain the “invisible people.”

    There is the question of the Prison overrun by the tune of a mere $200 million, ministers seemed unsure if the contract was negotiated in US or Barbados dollars. I have a vision of a poverty stricken Barbados housewife, supermarket trolley laden with household goods being told at the checkout, you have made a mistake madam, our prices are in US dollars. The cynic might remark, what is the difference she can’t afford them anyhow.

    Even in the expected show-piece of the Cricket World Cup, when money was thrown about with gay abandon, the Gods conspired against us, as the final was concluded in darkness, that was symptomatic of our present predicament.

  13. Wishing in Vain

    Yardbroom your writings are excellent and direct and to the point.
    I think that we have moved on from hoping for a change of gov’t to really wanting and waiting for the elections to be called to vent our anger and fustration on the blp that have mismanaged our money for way too long and mismanaged these funds to the point of redirecting a lot of the taxpayers monies to their accounts and accounts of friends like Nicholls and company.
    My real fear with this election is the extent of the stealing that has taken place in this island that they will attempt to buy their result in this election, I certainly hope tha for the sake of a $ 100.00 the electorate vote with their brain and not their pocket.

  14. Anonymous

    Long before your General Council Sir Roy will put a spin on this chinese fiasco. He is much too intellegent to walk into a situation where the workers at general council will ambush him or put pressure on him in any way. You should know that he has some very loyal delegates who will support him come hell or high water.

    You should also know that Sir Roy has always been a good friend of Arthur..after all it was Trotie to a large extent who marched the DLP out of office..
    But I am sure he received plenty from Arthur in return….

    There is no way he will allow you or anybody to take away that brand new BMW! I WISH YOU LUCK

  15. negrocrat

    You wait. We, the delegates have finally awaken from our slumber! WE ARE BEGINNING TO SEE THROUGH THE GS.
    We are going to ask probing questions about, for example, how much money he gets annually from the Union for overseas travel. It is a real scandal. The era of not accounting to the membership for his actions and his mismanagement of the BWU is over.

  16. Anonymous

    Surely you are aware that Sir Roy’s responsibility at ILO is separate and distinct from that of the BWU. When he travels to ILO all expenses are paid for by the ILO. He does not have to pay for the trips, hotel accomodations, inland travel etc. In fact he even gets a per diem…so he should make a profit on all this if he manages the money effectively. This applies to all the other union officials. So asking about overseas travel will not achieve anything. In relation to the BMW, he most likely got it duty free and maybe it is a gift from someone in the private sector.It was felt that the benz that Sir Frank Walcott was a gift from Simpsons Motors for services rendered.

    Like I said he has very close relationship with the real power brokers at Port Authority, CBC,Transport Board, BWA….etc.

    If you do not get buy in from these delegates you will be embarased….

    I am not sure what the situation is in the Construction industry …..but the delegates in this industry should be concerned.

    I think Sor Roy has done a lot for the labour movement but he is in a bind with the chinese. He knows that the china engages in forced labour and has imprisoned many labour leaders. Two of them come to mind..Yao Fuxin and Xiao Yunliang. Sometime in 2003, a Liaoyang court handed down harsh sentences in criminal proceedings against detained labor activists, Yao Fuxin and Xiao Yunliang. Yao Fuxin was sentenced to seven years imprisonment and Xiao Yunliang to four years following their conviction for subversion. They were charged and detained in 2002 after they had played a key role in organizing peaceful demonstrations by laid off and unemployed workers in the industrial city of Liaoyang, in the northeastern Chinese province of Liaoning. The two labor organizers were originally indicted for “illegal assembly, marches and protests” (with a maximum 5 year prison term), under the PRC Law on Assemblies, Procession and Demonstrations. On January 1, 2003, they were additionally charged with subversion and they were tried before the Liaoyang Intermediate People’s Court.

    The chinese gov’t have no respect for labour and they are using cheap labour instead of weapons to gain control of the world economy.

    This matter will not go away…

    Finally Negrocrat, It will take more that General Asssembly to censor Sir Roy…he is much more powerful than you think!

  17. Grace

    I think the supervisors should be fired, because if you hire people to supervise work and the work is not done to your satifactory, what do you need them for. Eg. I visited the QE last year and the place was so dirty ,the stairs had not been clean in years, I ask a lady if she was in charge of anything , she wanted to know what was the matter, I said to her ,”this place is in a mess”. she said to me , ” no body cares”. That made me wander what the housekeeping staff does, and who is supervising. That is what goes on here , every one does what ever he pleases and is being payed for doing nothing. We should have an employment office where the unemploy can go and be taught how to work , let them know what is expected of them and the supervisors will be there to guide them, and the ladies who work as helpers, tell them not to nickle and dime their employers , we know what we have. It is better to ask than to take, and be dismiss.

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