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Can Our Sugar Industry Be Saved?

Thanks to a few readers who sent links to an excellent story in last week’s Guardian…

Sun, Sea and … Sugar

Tourists head to Barbados for the beaches and lush landscape, but without sugar cane the island would turn to scorched scrub. Now, with the EU about to slash prices in the name of free trade, local growers are fighting back. Joanna Blythman reports

With a platinum-plated visitor list like this, you might think that everything was hunky dory in Barbados. But there is trouble brewing in paradise. Barbados’s tourist scene, the island’s top source of income, is predicated not only on sea and surf, but also on sugar – its second-biggest source of revenue. Tourists love Barbados for its lushness, a verdant landscape carpeted with rolling green hills of sugar cane – an erect, elegant grass with bamboo-like stems that stands as high as 12ft at maturity, swaying and rustling in the breeze of the trade winds.

… continue reading this story at The Guardian (link here)


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Gardin Democracy Says “Let’s Hire More Chinese Slaves And Political Prisoners. They Work Cheap!”


Also see an excellent article in today’s Barbados Underground

Here’s a sample…

“Given the overtures which the Arthur administration has been making to China; any policy change directed at the Chinese will be cosmetic in nature as we have seen from Minister Atherley’s press conference last night. Our willingness to fold in the face of the economic agenda by sacrificing basic principles which have served us well in the past is truly regrettable. It is a time like now that we remember the famous quote by the late Right Excellent Errol Barrow and its appropriateness: Barbados will be friends of all and satellites of none.”

Check out Barbados Underground’s Sir Roy Trotman Our Knight In Shining Armour


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World Is Watching Barbados Political Scandals – Really! TWO Bajan Blogs Make WordPress “Top 100” List Out Of 1.2 Million Blogs


Barbados Citizens Are Using The Internet To Embrace The New Push For Democracy, Integrity & Accountability

There are over 1.2 million WordPress blogs published online from all over the world – displaying hundreds of millions of articles on any given day.

During the last few days, TWO Barbados-based blogs appeared simultaneously on the WordPress “Top 100” Lists.

On July 26th, Barbados Free Press achieved #39 most popular WordPress Blog out of 1,244,243 WordPress blogs worldwide..

On July 27, 2007, the Barbados Underground article The Demise of Roy Morris: Veteran Journalist At The Nation Newspaper was the #62 most popular WordPress Post in the world out of those hundreds of millions of posts online at WordPress. That same day, Barbados Free Press was ranked the #60 most popular WordPress Blog.

On July 28, 2007, the Barbados Free Press post Roy Morris – Nation News Train Wreck Continues was the #63 most popular WordPress Post, and BFP was the #50 most popular WordPress Blog in the world. That same day, the Barbados Underground Post The Demise of Roy Morris was the #93 most popular WordPress Post.

So far today, July 29th, the Barbados Free Press post Election Fraud In Barbados – How Do We Stop It? is the #71 most popular WordPress Post in the world and BFP is the #76 most popular blog.

This Must Be A World Record

Barbados is a tiny country with fewer than 300,000 souls on this island. That’s barely a city in most of the world – yet TWO of our Bajan blogs are on the WordPress “Top 100” lists.

Friends, Something Is Happening…

Tens of thousands of Bajans are flocking to political blogs every week in what has to be the strongest display of non-confidence in the nation’s news media and government seen in decades. Although BFP and Barbados Underground have made the “Top 100” WordPress lists, they are only two of a dozen or more blogs on this island that are on the forefront of a new democracy in Barbados.

Never doubt these two truths for even a moment:

1/ The political and media elites in Barbados have lost their their ability to control information in our country.

2/ The appearance of TWO Barbados blogs on the WordPress “Top 100” Lists means that people all over the world are interested in our stories about political corruption in Barbados.

Tell your friends and family…

There is still much work to be done, but the world is changing, and ordinary Bajans cannot be silenced any longer.


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