Election Fraud In Barbados – How Do We Stop It?


How Many Times Should A Dead Person Be Allowed To Vote?

My friends, the election is coming – perhaps October, perhaps November. How do we keep the voting process honest? No matter which way you vote, if you love Barbados and democracy over individual interests, you must acknowledge that our voting process is in trouble.

It is a given that both the DLP and the BLP have engaged in “creative voting” campaigns in the past.

Now, now… don’t be bothering to comment that it isn’t so, ok? We know it. You know it. THEY know it.

Dead people voting. Folks voting twice or more. Ballots “lost” or declared “unclear” or “spoiled” when any five year old could make them out. Drunks being held up as they stagger in with recently met “friends”. Straight trades of money for votes. Old ladies who aren’t really sure what day it is, what their name is or why their neighbour has taken them “for a walk”.

We’ve seen or heard it all and so have you.

How do we stop those who would do anything for power?

It seems to me that the first thing we have to do is to talk about it. With neighbours, friends and family.

Let’s start talking.

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36 responses to “Election Fraud In Barbados – How Do We Stop It?

  1. Baje

    Frist let me say that they do know who you vote for,if you would have notice these pole persons put your national id number on your voting paper.
    These people(politrickers)thing is get into power with no regard for honest and most important moral decency.
    I’ve seen these suckers bring de old, de handicap de deaf de blind to the polling stations.
    They(suckers)pay ah full tank of gas and a pityful 2hundred dollars fah de day.
    Can we stop that, yes if we ourself can say no to this dishonesty and tell these politrickers NO!!!!

  2. sick and fed up sylvan

    bajans must watch the blp closely because they are desperate. they want to hold on to power at any cost because they want to cover their backsides. a change of government frightens them because the corruption will be exposed. errol barrow had said tom adams rigged the elections in 1981 for the blp. bajans must not let down their guard because the blp will be up its tricks. i think the opposition should call for foreign observers to come and observe our elections. the blp does not care about barbados. it cares about power alone

  3. Straight talk

    “Those who vote decide nothing.
    Those who count the vote decide everything ”
    – Joseph Stalin.

  4. Paradox

    Hey, come on, Remember DE man in Zimbabwe, he is still there, by ‘hook or by crook’. This government will not let go easily; by ‘hook or by crook’.
    “If we fall all of us will fall”, is going to be the message. The same atitude of the man from Zimbwbwe. Many people believe what he tells them. He is not Mr.Magabe, he is Mr. Zimbabwe.
    Yes he is going but intends to take the country with him.
    The BLP is aware we are not the ‘Rum and corn beef culture’,so it will use every trick in the book to hold on to power. It will be backed by the those who gained most under its term in office.They all have deep pockets, so they will spend a little to gain more. Many will be asked if you want a street light there, or your drive-way tarred, a load of sand ,a bed , a refrigerator, the like! The sad point is that some will accept. Immediate gratification.
    “He gim me a new drive-way! he gim me a new fridge, so he get my vote”. What happened over their term in office will all be a ‘thing of the past’.
    Fellow Bajes,please do not sell your soles to the highest bidder. Think which party is the best for you tomorrow, for your children, for your children’s children. Please do not accept short term gains; think before you….
    We can stop election fraud by being honest to ourselves and fellow being. If you are entitled to vote in ST. Thomas south,do not be persuaded to register in ST.James too and vote in both (an example).

  5. God Bless David (Not Thompson or Commissiong!)

    I think that your attempt to draw a parallel between Barbados and Zimbabwe on this point is pure hyperbole, Paradox. I certainly have never heard or seen of the level of voter intimidation, organised pre-election violence, dis-organised or chaotic voting procedures (which give the vote riggers a chance to do their thing) and the general climate of fear which has surrounded elections in Zimbabwe in recent elections, in even a much diluted form in Barbados. I’m not saying our process is neither perfect, nor that the ethical outlook of those who run our elections entirely pure, but neither is it as corrupt or corruptible as your comments suggest. On the whole, I would have to say that our election process is largely transparent, credible, free and fair, certainly by comparison with most “democratic” standards. Even though I am generally cynical about the intent and mores of those in political life (and not just in Barbados), I don’t share your, in my view, unwarranted pessimism about the political process itself.

  6. laughign barbadian

    thats why i dont vote and God Bless David u must be living on a different planet from the rest of us …wat paradox has said is very true

  7. Thistle

    Most people may not know this, because the incident was – as usual! – hushed up. I don’t even remember the details, but I think it was during the St. Peter by-election back in the 1980’s (following Burton Hinds’s death), that Tom Adams’s bodyguard/henchman/dope supplier, a Dutchman (yes, Tom Adams had a DUTCHMAN as his bodyguard) pulled out a pistol and brandished it at a prominent, upstanding Dem while votes were being counted at the Alexandra School. Impossible, you think? No. A fact. So, yes, we have had a Zimbabwe-style election fraud incident right here in Barbados. Why that Dutchman (who had a very shady past) was allowed to stay in Barbados (and as far as I know still lives here), is anyone’s guess. Bajans have short memories.

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  9. innocence

    God Bless David Thompson does not seem to be aware of the reason why counterfeit machines started appearing
    in stores in Christ Church South last election. The $100 counterfeit notes started showing up for a very good reason.

  10. BK

    I understand the concerns of Barbadians to discuss and do whatever it takes to protect democracy as we have known it for years. But are we not jumping to an extreme position given our long history of stable government? Our election officials as far as I am aware are requested to observe elections all around the world.

    Just putting another view.

  11. Wishing in Vain

    He was known as the flying dutchman.
    We have worries trust me, we have never had a gov’t that has been this corrupt and dishonest and this lot will do any and everything to continue to pull the electoral strings as they will not want to be charged and exposed for their crimes against the state.
    This gang will leave no stone unturned in their quest for a fourth term as Owing said before he will fight the bunch of wild boys till death to secure a win, what does that say to you ?
    With this level of zest and greed would you doubt their willing to steal this election all things are in play with this gang , stuffing of ballots, fustration of voters not finding their polling stations any number will play.

  12. #1

    Prime Minister Arthur did say he plan to fight “to the death.” Chilling words.

  13. Wishing in Vain

    # 1 He can be a slimy rat when it come to politics.
    He thrives on control, power and greed.

  14. Anonymous

    Flying Dutchman still here.
    Lives nr. MAPPS in St.Philop,
    if I’m not mistaken.
    Indian wife.

  15. Anonymous

    BK is such a wusss. Aww isn’t it sweeet that we have “a long and proud history of stability.”

    Jesus, BK sounds sooo BLP, coz that’s exactly what BLP capitalises on…the way things used to be

    -and thus shall be so, forever?? Really?
    Are we capable of change in Barbados, BK?
    have things already changed? for the worse?

    Stability, maybe
    honesty and integrity are now indeed HISTORY.
    Is every man fuh he-self, sight?

    The past is PAST.
    The future looks UGLEEE

  16. james

    Give me a break. I was in Zimbabwe a while ago. It wasn’t pretty and Barbados isn’t Zim by a long shot. Ever talked to someone who’s had their teeth knocked out by internal security for trying to vote for the opposition ? Ever had someone you met thrown into prison for a month for going to a political rally ? It discredits all your other good points when you make the comparison.
    As for election fraud, why not try to get international observers to monitor the election. That should keep the B’s more honest. It happened in the US for the 2004 elections after the 2000 fiasco so there’s a precedent. Not sure how it works but I’m sure a NGO could be persuaded to try for this.

  17. Perceived Corruption

    Surely by now the clear call has gone out, more than once or twice now, for international election observers.
    Surely someone has noticed.
    (This IS the internet?)

    Surely the U.N. has picked up on repeated calls
    made on this station? and presumably on others?
    Or do they need more than just ’nuff personal opinion ?
    Maybe we should get clearance/permission from the Prime Minister’s Office before consulting with Transparency Int’l. or with the United Nations.?

    Anyone got Jimmy Carter’s email?

    Lots of perceived corruption on the island of Barbados.

  18. jamaicangirl2007

    I never knew that Bajans engaged in ELECTION FRAUD? I am living and learning……

  19. anon

    The process we have in place for a voter to vote does not enable fraud to take place.

    Could anyone tell us where they perceive the fraud to occur

  20. Cookie Monster

    “The process we have in place for a voter to vote does not enable fraud to take place.”


    You MUST be joking!

    Start with paying people to vote. Move on to ballots going missing after voting but before the “official” count. It is going to be some nasty in close parishes this time around.

    Don’t forget: if there is a problem the Chief Justice is a big up friend of the Prime Minister and a former Cabinet member.

    It is going to be some nasty this time.

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  22. Pogo

    What about a ballot box found after the election not counted?

    What about the leading election officer being a staunch BLP supporter?

    No one got paid to vote in BIM?

    Ha, ha, ha. Get serious.

    Bring in some neutral people – U.K., U.S., Canada – and let’s have a fair election and let it be seen that it is done.

  23. anon

    cookie monster

    stop making up stories. If ballots went missing before the real count this would have been picked up before the final count. Procedures are in place to prevent this happening. Each candidate in an election is allowed to have a representative present thoorghout the poll. Such a rep has in his possession, a listing of all potential voters for that particular station. He can count them off as they come in. If this does not agree with the numbers that the presiding officer reports as having voted this can be questioned.

  24. akabozik

    Anon, you are living in a different Barbados than everybody else. Everyone know about the election scams. Last time there was a missing ballot box in St. Peter and nothing was done. That is only one story, there are many more.

  25. Mags

    I agree anon, After reading the above I can only say that these persons are misinformed. Yes there can always be different rumors put out there but that is all they are.

  26. DFX


    You forgot to mention that you ID number is written on the stub side of your numbered ballot before it’s handed to you. Or at least that is how it has worked at my poling station for the last 3 elections.


  27. notesfromthemargin

    Many of the comments to this post by BFP shows a basic lack of understanding of the electoral system in Barbados. All candidates have representatives at polling stations, and during the count. I would love to hear about a “missing ballot box” in St. Peter as I have never heard this story before, and would find it very difficult to see how this would happen given the system in place.

    If we wanted to talk about democracy under threat in Barbados we could talk about how voter turnout has been consistently declining particularly among younger voters. We could talk about “buying” of votes by both parties.

    Barbados has peacefully changed its government several times since independence, comparing Barbados to Zimbabwe is ridiculous.


  28. LongTimeDreamer.

    It amazes me how the “fabulous Barbados Aura” still continues on from Peter Morgan’s days of Tourism.

    Check this one
    “I never knew that Bajans engaged in ELECTION FRAUD? I am living and learning……”

    Like the Trinis, Jamaicans too (it seems)
    STILL think of Barbados as that fabled perfect land, unsullied by tourism, greed and monetary strife.
    A land where we spend each day foraging for lunch,
    cooked on the beach of course, over a wood fire,
    then we succumb to the inevitable Ethnic Fatigue
    (can’t call it N-itis, these days that’s verra verra un-cool!)
    and the evenings are spent dancing away under the stars, to the ‘bongo’ drums (I think they mean Conga’s).

    Please please dissipate this idyllic notion of Barbados from y’all’s heads. Please!
    Barbados has done that awful thing. It has CHANGED.

    No other entity has done more to transform Barbados than The Business Labour Party (B.L.P.) who have accelerated monetary greed/power
    and the ever-spiralling black-hole economy Just Beyond Your(and our) Imagination!

    get real. get a job that’ll assign you here for 2 years, and let us realistically help you lose the notion of the once-idyllic(1945-early1970’s) lifestyle that once was.
    I grew up in it. I thought it would last forever.
    – was I ever naive!

    We now have Rolls Royce’s, Bentley’s, sliders, rally cars with stainless-steel competition exhaust systems creating Noise Pollution,
    we are right up there with ya, baby!
    Yes, electoral fraud and lots of corruption!

    Barbados is not what it used to be. Not by a long shot.
    If you haven’t been here for a while, maybe you should come back and spend a month or seven.

    It’s not awful, but it’s NOT what it used to be (where IS??)
    Time for you to update your software
    – to Barbados 3.0

  29. east coast uh coming

    Last election the short man accuse Mascoll of buying votes and threatened to call in DPP. Whatever happened to his threat? Wait a minute short man and Traitor Judas Mascoll are now bosom pals. Mascoll how do you sleep at night?

  30. anon


    stop inventing stories about missing ballot boxes. If you cant find a non DLP member to corroorate your story then cease and desist with your rhetoric on a missing box

  31. anon

    the word should be coorborate and not corroorate

  32. Anonymous

    No bruddah
    Dat spelling is not now; it is after de elections if de B’s win.

    “Corrosion to de corporate zero rate, VAT gone up and burn yuh state; inflation hate in dis yah rat rate.”

    Have a good one!

  33. Yardbroom

    Is anyone aware of the resident qualifications for non-national residents to vote in a Barbados election, and if immigrants are illegal, will they be able to prove satisfactorily to the polling station officials that they are legitimate voters?

    Is an attempt to vote by those in the above category, an illegal act, subject to prosecution, and perhaps subsequent deportation?

  34. Adrian Loveridge

    Non-national Commonwealth citizens can vote in General Elections after three years residency.
    When I vote, I take my Barbados ID card, but if you forget, they have a copy in the Polling Staton.

  35. Yardbroom

    Thanks, Adrian.

  36. Verene Lancaster

    I cannot believe that people are using the tactics from the US. Monkey See! Monkey Do! Dead People voting, crooks voting twice, staged broken polls in poor areas is an injustice to the true integrity.

    This type political strategy will have to change otherwise, it will destroy the true bajan spirit. I strongly encourage Barbadians to boycott this type of dishonesty. Prime Minister, Owen Arthur must not get in office again, it is time he retire. His leadershp has turned the country upside down. Barbados banks selling out to Trinidadians, allowing unearned voting rights to foreigners, who have not earned the right to embrace the true bajan culture. Bajans are being put out of work and are forced to leave their country. The crime rates are rising due to the influx of immigrants who are ex-cons from other islands.

    Barbados must UNITE and WAKE up the island to the true disparities. Bajans, don’t sell out, this is your land! protect it for your children, grand-children and others who truly embrace the Barbados culture.

    Ms. Verene Daniel-Lancaster — Residing in the US.