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Election Fraud In Barbados – How Do We Stop It?


How Many Times Should A Dead Person Be Allowed To Vote?

My friends, the election is coming – perhaps October, perhaps November. How do we keep the voting process honest? No matter which way you vote, if you love Barbados and democracy over individual interests, you must acknowledge that our voting process is in trouble.

It is a given that both the DLP and the BLP have engaged in “creative voting” campaigns in the past.

Now, now… don’t be bothering to comment that it isn’t so, ok? We know it. You know it. THEY know it.

Dead people voting. Folks voting twice or more. Ballots “lost” or declared “unclear” or “spoiled” when any five year old could make them out. Drunks being held up as they stagger in with recently met “friends”. Straight trades of money for votes. Old ladies who aren’t really sure what day it is, what their name is or why their neighbour has taken them “for a walk”.

We’ve seen or heard it all and so have you.

How do we stop those who would do anything for power?

It seems to me that the first thing we have to do is to talk about it. With neighbours, friends and family.

Let’s start talking.

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