Shell Oil’s Profits Rise To US$3 Million Dollars PER HOUR – Barbados Farmers Still Get Nothing For A Decade Of Pollution And A Deadly Future


Should We Trust Shell Oil To Explore Off Our Coast?

A good portion of Shell’s profit was made possible by the fact that Shell has been polluting Barbados and other countries for decades, but does not clean up the mess or compensate its victims. It prefers to ignore or buy off governments – which it finds is much cheaper than preventing pollution or cleaning it up.

This latest quarter, Shell’s profits are US$3 million dollars per hour – up from US$2.9 million dollars per hour in February.

Barbados is selling offshore drilling rights, but has no pollution laws or transparency & accountability rules, so Shell can make a few campaign donations to keep the politicians quiet.

And, oh yes… there’s nothing like a bunch of regular, top-dollar full page advertisements in the local papers to ensure Shell gets favourable coverage.

Did Shell Oil Make Any “Campaign Donations” To Prime Minister Owen Arthur Or The BLP?

Barbados has no laws governing the integrity of politicians and other government officials, so we can’t tell you how much Shell Oil paid in “campaign donations” to keep our government quiet about the jet fuel spill in the airport pipeline. After 12 years, it is time that the Government of Barbados held Shell Oil accountable.

Oh… maybe not. There’s another election coming up and Owen $ Arthur and company need the “campaign donations”.

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11 responses to “Shell Oil’s Profits Rise To US$3 Million Dollars PER HOUR – Barbados Farmers Still Get Nothing For A Decade Of Pollution And A Deadly Future

  1. Can't Believe

    All this talk about PM getting money from this & that. Foolishness. Nothing but slander and inuendo. NO ONE mentions anything about Thompson receiving MILLIONS of $$$$$ from Clico. NO ONE.

    NO ONE talks about how Hartley Henry’s involved aswell. Isn’t he the DLP’s chief strategist ? He was very quiet this week in his coulmn. No surpirse thoguh, for after last week he was bowled by those yorkers in the press about this financial deeds….. THE IRONY.. Talk about that and the Dems’ corruption. Perhaps Thompson should get the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) to investigate how the DLP branches ( with sitting MPs) spend the money the treasurery gives them to function. Why havn’t their staff been paid. Surely the money was received by the Dems.

  2. West Side Davie


    What about the $750,000 campaign donation that accidentally by mistake found its way to Owen Arthur’s personal bank account?

    Like BFP says all the time, without laws everything is legal so that is why Thompson and Arthur don’t want any campaign finance laws.

    I agree with Can’t Believe. BOTH are crooks

  3. Baje

    I just love Can’t Believe,

    I can’t believe that someone who seems to have a higher level of Education could be so dumb.
    BLP really got can’t believe beyond his\her imagination

  4. Pogo

    Kyffin Simpson put himself in charge of getting money for the farmers from Shell (he has a deal with them). Where did that end?

    I suppose Shell told him the same as everyone else that Bim has no laws that would force a clean up so why should they. After all the farmers will get over it, if they don’t die from the pollution first.

  5. Paradox

    BFP you got it right.
    Shell and others always do their homework before going in to business in other countries. They arm themselves with the laws of that country. If things go wrong they know a way out and no one can force them to cough up.
    Yes, LAWS first ,to protect all.

  6. laughign barbadian

    well said paradox

  7. Anonymous

    Paradox and Pogo are both right.
    And so is the BLP.
    Neither of them has done anything to break the laws. ‘bend’ maybe, but not break.

    Things USED TO be done on the Honour System,
    but dat gone thru de eddoes,now (welcome to the 21st. Century) dem days done.

    Wunnuh did want Massa day to done?
    well it DONE.see?
    And we back in AhFree-kah now.
    Business as usual.

    It’s all in the fine print,boys, all in the fine print.
    Read carefully!

  8. J. Payne

    Speaking of
    “Did Shell Oil Make Any “Campaign Donations” To Prime Minister Owen Arthur Or The BLP?”

    I was just thinking this morning…
    (Monday, 6th of Aug, 2007)

    Isn’t it a shame how Barbados used to be on the forefront of everything Caribbean. Barbados always did everything first and how it was arguably the envy of the Caribbean. Well today, according to the the Cayman Islands have pulled ahead to table drafted Freedom of Information legislation.

    I wonder how long until Barbados follows- suit. Will Owen ever promote democracy and openness in government too, or is that all just a skylark???


  9. J. Payne

    opps. The link…

    Draft Freedom of Information Bill sent to Cayman Islands legislature

    Monday, August 6, 2007–30-30–.html

    Ofcourse for Freedom of Information to work in Barbados the Judiciary needs some empowerment legislation to give it some power… I don’t think you’d ever see the current judiciary system in Barbados order— the BLP or DLP to do something or turn over certain information to the public when they were the incumbent.

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