Corrupt Barbados Prison Builder VECO Implicated In Yet Another Money-To-Politician Scandal


How Much Money Did VECO Pay Barbados Politicians?

VECO, the company that built our oil terminal, and is now building Barbados’ new prison with it’s out-of-control hundred million dollars or more cost overrun – is implicated in yet another scandal involving money to a politician.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the United States FBI has started a criminal investigation of Alaska Congressman Don Young and his relationship with VECO – a company with a corporate culture of corruption and bribery of politicians. Earlier this year the founder of VECO, Bill Allen, and company executive Rick Smith pleaded guilty to bribery and corruption offenses. Both are co-operating in an ever-widening FBI investigation that has already made mention of Barbados’ new prison.


Attorney General Dale Marshall Has A Duty To Properly Investigate – OR RESIGN

After Barbados Free Press became the first Bajan media to break the VECO corruption story, Dale Marshall held a press conference and announced that everything was OK in Barbados because the VECO executives had told him it was during a morning meeting.

Really. (BFP story here)

What Mr. Marshall didn’t say, and none of the so-called Barbados journalists had the courage to ask him was…

How much money has VECO given to Barbados politicians? To whom? Where was the money given and received? Under what circumstances?”

How Much Money Did VECO Provide To Barbados Politicians, Mr. Marshall?

Barbados has no laws governing the integrity of politicians or government officials or monies given as “campaign donations” or as payment for that favourite Barbados secondary employment: “consultant”. Recently Prime Minister Owen Arthur himself was accused on television of receiving a payment of $750,000 into his personal bank account – and nothing was done by anyone.

The legacy of this Barbados Government is nothing more or less than over a decade of corruption and theft from the public purse.

Mr. Marshall: Tell us which Barbados politicians and government officials received how much money from VECO… or resign because you too are a corrupt traitor to your country and to your fellow citizens.

ADN: Wall Street Journal: Young Under Criminal Investigation


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21 responses to “Corrupt Barbados Prison Builder VECO Implicated In Yet Another Money-To-Politician Scandal

  1. Wishing in Vain

    BFP your story is straight and to the point and good to see that someone has the guts to ask the necessary questions and try to get the gov’t to reply.
    What does it take to get the FBI to research the activities of this same corrupt VECO and corrupt local politicians ?
    Unless the FBI extend their investigation into the prison project with its links to the VECO corruption failing this this will be allowed to meander and not further action will come of it, very much like the issue of the Chinese workers at Paradise are they legel or illegal workers ? this issue will die a slow death as well as the prison issue and many other issues that have come and gone.

  2. passin thru

    I second BFP’s call for the Attorney General to investigate or declare himself a traitor.

  3. Wishing in Vain

    passin thru You have as much chance of seeing this happen as a snocone has in hell.
    Dale Marshall is just as much corrupt and corrupt of ideas as Mottley, Lynch or Arthur he is towing the party line after all if he falls they all fall and the extent of their stealing will be exposed.

  4. passin thru

    I know that WIV. But we must continue to demand accountability.

  5. Crusty

    To Wishing in Vain: The US Federal Bureau of Investigation is an American domestic law enforcement agency and is not authorised to look at foreign activities.

    So, one would need to seek action by the Barbados Attorney General or the Royal Barbados Police Force if it is believed illegal actions have taken place in Barbados.

  6. Wishing in Vain

    Yes Crusty their reach isfar and beyond the american shores why do you think that they have offices here and all around the world but more to the point they can look into the matter as it relates to an american company that is proven to be corrupt and dishonest and their connection to payments made to those for favours be it an american or a bajan;

  7. Crusty

    After a telephone query to the US Embassy, I must correct my previous statement. There is a representative of the FBI on staff at the US Embassy in Barbados.

  8. PiedPiper

    If VECO had no hesitation in using bribery in Alaska to achieve it’s goals, why could we not conclude that they used the same methods in Barbados? This is how the conduct business and I think it would be safe to assume that money has passed to the hands of the highest ranking officials in the government of Barbados.

  9. Straight talk

    VECO, despite all its pay-offs to the top Alaskan politicians, failed to pull off its very first attempt at a prison contract in Whittier, Alaska.

    Luckily it had an easy fall back position.

    The Barbados Oil Terminal went well, no questions asked, sweet.

    Burn down the prison and we’re in real business.

    Hey it’s just a theory!

  10. Baje

    It’s real amazing that so much corruption happens in this small country of ours.
    We trust these politicians to have simple common morals to ensure this country can stand tall with good leadership.
    $100 million dollars in de red and still counting that in it self merits an investigation,our government is very soft on these issues but hey, we are dealing with alot of soft politicans.

  11. Payup

    The FBI investigates when US law is apparently broken. Bribery payments including those overseas by US companies is a violation of US law.

  12. Wishing in Vain

    Thank you Crusty Trust me what I publish on this site is a 100 % factual and real, hence my blog as below to you -:
    Yes Crusty their reach is far and beyond the American shores why do you think that they have offices here and all around the world but more to the point they can look into the matter as it relates to an American company that is proven to be corrupt and dishonest and their connection to payments made to those for favours be it an American or a Bajan.
    And thank you to Payup for your confirmation of my statement.
    Now if the FBI chooses to investigate the connection is another matter but honestly the whole deal stinks to high heavens with corruption of the highest order.

  13. J. Payne

    VECO is going to leave such a blight on Barbados by the time they’re done we just might have to rename the Island…
    Just like when ValueJet had to run and change their name to AirTran.

  14. reality check

    it will be very interesting to see the legal work on the financing of the prison. It will be like no normal lending practice in the western world.

    Thats because they don’t want anyone to follow the money trail. These should be public documents on line.

  15. John


    A US corporation or citizen making corrupt payments to a foreign politician is a big deal for US law enforcement.

  16. paul sealy

    oh well..just another cover up i guess

  17. Scotland Yardie

    You wanna see real corruption ?

    If the Dems win.. Clico will be the real Minister of Finance.. oops.. did i mention that it happened in 1991 ? DEMS.. same old same old.. poor Estwick getting use.. they even paying to make him loose his own seat.. Thompson.. a real sniper.. ur own party man..

  18. Hants

    Think on this.

    Canada. Ontario’s minister of citizenship and immigration had to resign after an auditor general’s report found $32 million was handed out to ethnic groups without an “open, transparent or accountable” process.

    The Ontario Cricket Association requested $150,000 but got $1 million – half of which is now sitting in a GIC account.

  19. Wishing in Vain –
    “Oil Company in Scandal Gave Outside of Alaska: VECO executives and employees have contributed $1 million to federal politicians and parties since 1989, Center for Responsive Politics finds.
    I wonder if their investigation will take it to Barbados to see who and how much was paid to Bajans !!!

  20. Wishing in Vain
    And we wonder if we have a corrupt gov’t I can tell you we do.

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