Ayaan Hirsi Ali Comments On Contemporary Islam


“Almost nobody in the West wants to understand that Islam’s problems are structural. Contemporary Islam hardly exists. Islam stopped thinking in the year 900 and has stood still for more than a thousand years. Western Muslims, however, live in an environment where you can think independently without your head being chopped off by somebody.”Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Somali-Dutch moderate-conservative feminist, former Dutch parliamentarian, and former-Muslim-turned-atheist facing death threats for her views about Islam

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2 responses to “Ayaan Hirsi Ali Comments On Contemporary Islam

  1. Goldenbead

    I read this book recently. Very interesting indeed and pretty shocking for the most part.

    I live in a muslim area and lived in Malaysia for almost two years. I just cannot get my head around the beliefs no matter how hard I try.

    This book only justified the feelings I already had towards this religion. I am always respectful but I still end up shaking my head and wondering why.

  2. Speak to many moderate Muslims and they will tell you that one remarkable feature of Islam is its apparent plasticity. They reckon that each generation has the ability to reinterpret the Koran.

    Hopefuly this can be used positively.