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Corrupt Barbados Prison Builder VECO Implicated In Yet Another Money-To-Politician Scandal


How Much Money Did VECO Pay Barbados Politicians?

VECO, the company that built our oil terminal, and is now building Barbados’ new prison with it’s out-of-control hundred million dollars or more cost overrun – is implicated in yet another scandal involving money to a politician.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the United States FBI has started a criminal investigation of Alaska Congressman Don Young and his relationship with VECO – a company with a corporate culture of corruption and bribery of politicians. Earlier this year the founder of VECO, Bill Allen, and company executive Rick Smith pleaded guilty to bribery and corruption offenses. Both are co-operating in an ever-widening FBI investigation that has already made mention of Barbados’ new prison.


Attorney General Dale Marshall Has A Duty To Properly Investigate – OR RESIGN

After Barbados Free Press became the first Bajan media to break the VECO corruption story, Dale Marshall held a press conference and announced that everything was OK in Barbados because the VECO executives had told him it was during a morning meeting.

Really. (BFP story here)

What Mr. Marshall didn’t say, and none of the so-called Barbados journalists had the courage to ask him was…

How much money has VECO given to Barbados politicians? To whom? Where was the money given and received? Under what circumstances?”

How Much Money Did VECO Provide To Barbados Politicians, Mr. Marshall?

Barbados has no laws governing the integrity of politicians or government officials or monies given as “campaign donations” or as payment for that favourite Barbados secondary employment: “consultant”. Recently Prime Minister Owen Arthur himself was accused on television of receiving a payment of $750,000 into his personal bank account – and nothing was done by anyone.

The legacy of this Barbados Government is nothing more or less than over a decade of corruption and theft from the public purse.

Mr. Marshall: Tell us which Barbados politicians and government officials received how much money from VECO… or resign because you too are a corrupt traitor to your country and to your fellow citizens.

ADN: Wall Street Journal: Young Under Criminal Investigation


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Rihanna Has Umbrella Line – Where In Barbados Can Shona Buy One?


Our Girl Is Doing Very Well, Thank You!

With Rihanna’s “Under My Umbrella – ella – ella – ella” breaking records, you just know what had to come next. Yup… Totes has the Rihanna line of umbrellas and Shona fancies the signature pink one.

Ok darlin’ … Anything for the love of my life.

Does anyone know where I can get one on BIM?



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Egads! Nation News Prints The Truth About Intimate Hotels…

Last Sunday we told you how Adrian Loveridge had sent a letter to the Editor of the Barbados Advocate about the truth behind the origin of the Intimate Hotels group – and the Barbados Advocate refused to publish his letter. (See Why Won’t Our Barbados Newspapers Print The Truth?)

Today The Nation News printed Adrian’s letter and it looks like it was unedited. (See The Nation News: The Truth Behind Intimate Hotels)

Good Doggy, Nation News!

If we could only rely upon The Nation News to print the truth in more substantive matters…


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About That Chinese Labour – “Highly Placed Barbados Government Official” Charges “Xenophobia Among Our People”


It seems to us that the “highly placed Government official” quoted by the Barbados Advocate has been detached from the reality on the street for some time. Bajan citizens’ concern over Chinese labourers – both legal and illegal – is not a new event created by the Four Seasons project. What the government is hearing from Bajan citizens is “We Have Had Enough”.

For the citizens’ view, see our recent post Bajan Backlash Against China – BLP Election Strategy Backfires

Here is the article from the Barbados Advocate. We’ll reprint the whole thing because the newspaper destroys its own archives regularly, and we want this to survive online…

It’s A Case Of Double Standards

THE furore over Chinese labour in Barbados is showing up a ludicrous double standard. That is according to a highly placed government official.

Speaking to the Barbados Advocate yesterday on condition of anonymity, a senior public officer explained that workers from the People’s Republic of China have been engaged in various projects here a considerable time before it was announced that some were wanted to build the Four Seasons Hotel at Clearwater, Black Rock.

He noted that Chinese built the Gymnasium at a time when as much as 24 per cent of the labour force was unemployed and presumably available. They also helped to build Sherbourne Conference Centre in the early 1990s when the economy was in danger of collapse.

In addition, he reminded that they helped to build Queen’s College; rebuilt the Cheapside Market; and under the former Barbados Cricket Association administration, of which outgoing president Tony Marshall was a member, when Kensington was first refurbished with the Mitchie Hewitt Stand and the media centre, etc., Chinese did the work. Like the proposed Four Seasons Hotel, that was a private sector project.

They also did the upgraded National Union of Public Workers headquarters building at Dalkeith and worked on the Speightstown Esplanade along with the Fish Market; rebuilt a vastly improved Independence Square, the Caves of Barbados (Harrison’s Cave) and are currently working at Coleridge & Parry, as well as building a new multi-storey carpark on Princess Alice Highway.

According to the public officer, “It is illogical to ignore Chinese involvement in all of these projects and just pick on the Four Seasons’ hotel development. The question must therefore be asked: What lies behind this sudden agitation? The real issue cannot be Chinese involvement in local construction”.

Reports in the building sector indicate that the Chinese were also in line for contracts to build accommodation at Mangrove, St. Philip.

“In the context of today’s reality in Barbados,” said the official, “Some of the adverse comments border on xenophobia among our people. It cannot be successfully argued that Chinese have not been doing private sector work in our country”.

“In this particular matter advertisements have now been in the public domain almost six weeks. Signs have also been posted inviting applications from artisans so it is evident that efforts have been made to recruit workers from Barbados in the first instance. Everything reasonable has been done to source workers from Barbados and the Caribbean”.

“When you take all of these factors into consideration,” the official said; “it betrays a definite and ridiculous double standard to be depicting the Chinese as conduits for inferior materials and also as ‘invaders’ whose presence and services are not wanted in Barbados”.

… read the original article at The Barbados Advocate until it is erased. (link here)


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Ayaan Hirsi Ali Comments On Contemporary Islam


“Almost nobody in the West wants to understand that Islam’s problems are structural. Contemporary Islam hardly exists. Islam stopped thinking in the year 900 and has stood still for more than a thousand years. Western Muslims, however, live in an environment where you can think independently without your head being chopped off by somebody.”Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Somali-Dutch moderate-conservative feminist, former Dutch parliamentarian, and former-Muslim-turned-atheist facing death threats for her views about Islam

From Booker Rising


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“Waiting For Keith” All-Caribbean Film To Be Shot In Barbados – Casting Call!


Looking For Actors & Crew

Future Image, the producer of the latest Caribbean feature film to be shot entirely in Barbados, is calling for auditions for the cast of the film Waiting For Keith.

Ian Bourne has the details at Bajan Reporter blog.


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