Canadian Prime Minister Releases Statement About Barbados Meeting – WOW!

Thanks to Caribbean Press for sending us a copy of Canadian Prime Minister Harper’s statement about his visit to Barbados.

Let us sum up Prime Minister Harper’s statement for you…

“Prime Minister Arthur and I had a wonderful chat. I have promised that our two countries will chat again in the future. I am facing an election soon and so is the Bajan PM, so part of the deal is that we have to stand here and look statesmanlike.

I’m really pissed that he slapped me in the face over the Cuba comment.

Now… get me outta here and off to Haiti where I can show concern and reap some real votes from Haitian-Canadian immigrants in the coming byelections. Where’s my limo?”

Statement By Canada’s PM Harper On His Visit To Barbados

July 23, 2007 — Prime Minister Arthur and I had a very cordial and constructive meeting during which I stressed that Canada’s New Government is committed to strengthening the Canada-Barbados relationship.

We view Barbados as a key partner in the region. We enjoy long-standing commercial relations and cultural ties. This year marks the 100th anniversary of the Canadian Trade Commission here.

Today our shared objectives include economic growth, security cooperation, and regional cooperation in the Caribbean.

Prime Minister Arthur and I had a good discussion on regional economic integration and the main challenges facing small Caribbean states.

I assured him that Canada intends to develop a new partnership with CARICOM members to provide support for economic renewal, security challenges and democratic governance.

Canada will have a sustained high-level presence in the region; will engage more actively with its key regional partners; and we will display leadership within regional organizations and institutions.

As I mentioned, this year marks the centennial of the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service in Barbados.

I would like to thank the Government of Barbados for agreeing to partner in the conference that the Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters association will be holding next January to mark this centennial.

Prime Minister Arthur, on behalf of our government, I would like to thank you and the people of Barbados for your warm welcome and hospitality.



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13 responses to “Canadian Prime Minister Releases Statement About Barbados Meeting – WOW!

  1. Jason

    Thankyou BFP for emphasizing the banal nature of these “photo op” politicians. Owen $ Arthur was talking it up as if something real was happening. It was all just a play for the television.

  2. God Bless David (Not Thompson or Commissiong!)

    hmmm…we can all read, BFP,…why attempt to put words in the politician’s mouths???

  3. BFP

    Hello GBD

    You might be media-literate, but many folks simply read a newspaper article or press release without thinking about the context or the message behind the message.

    That’s why we at BFP read all kinds of articles from all over. Many times we read someone else’s “interpretation” of what some politician said and say “yup… gotta point”.

    GBD, what is your analysis of the press release and the meeting between Owen and Stephen?

  4. advertising in Canada

    I hear that positive TV ads are now appearing in Canada. $357. for seven nights in Barbados with air fare included ( Best of Barbados ).

    I can’t imagine paying for the jet fuel let alone one of the GEMS rundown hotels or even the Crane at $759,00 .

    I wonder if Canada or one of its government agencies is having to pay the promotion bill for Barbados what with the upcoming election politics in both countries?

  5. God Bless David (Not Thompson or Commissiong!)

    BFP – thanks for conceding that I “might” be media-literate! Seriously though, I agree that the press release was couched in typically bland, anodyne language, even classic diplo-speak…but surely that was to be expected? You have to remember that a political press release on a high-level diplomatic meeting is even a further level of abstraction removed from the substantive issues than even, say, I don’t know, a Roy Morris article on ZR vans in the Back Ivy…or something…lower your expectations!

  6. P.R.dude.

    Still believing everything you hear and read, huh?

    Darned kids!

  7. J. Payne

    He’s got that and more too on his website…

  8. J. Payne

    I hope some of Canada’s accountability rubs off on O$A…

  9. I really eh bothered with all the comments bout we prime minister with all the developments and work bout here you would have to be really backward thinking or afraid of the demands living in the 21st century brings we as a nation must continue to grow and as unlikely as it may seem to some we have a lot of catching up to do,lots and lots. but i am sure we will get there in the end ,we are bajans been bout here long long time lets continue to build our country. IT IS OUR DUTY TODAY FOR TOMORROW…

  10. paul sealy


    Comment removed by Auntie Moses for being too coarse.

    Mind your manners Mr. Sealy. We’ve had problems with you before.

    Auntie Moses – BFP

  11. Ackie

    If he is the one I thinking ’bout, yes, he would kiss Owen backside. In fact he might kiss anyone backside when he head knot up with drugs. He done time in jail for rape, ain’t he?

  12. Man Harper could care too wukkups about Barbados or the rest of the caribbean. Do your research on the Conservative party or the Reform party that Harper came out of and you will see where I’m coming from.

  13. crossroads

    Did Mr Harper have a Banks? I hope he did since it soon gone to the trinis.