Barbados Crop-Over Used To Be About This…


Crop-Over Used To Be A Time For Thanks And Celebration

Wuking-Up was unheard of. Weeks would pass without seeing a motor car drive by Grape Hall. And at this time of the year folks would celebrate Crop-Over – but not before they thanked the Lord for what had been given.

That wasn’t so long ago. I’m not that old!

I enjoy Crop-Over still, but like others I think that we have gone too far in a certain direction.

Don’t get all excited… I don’t want to spoil the party. I merely think that we should say “thank you” before we get drunk.

Photo “Cane Blades” by Barbados In Focus (link here)


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11 responses to “Barbados Crop-Over Used To Be About This…

  1. Anonymous

    Crop Over is sooooo contrived!

    Where was Crop Over in the national psyche, back in the 1960s?
    It was nowhere, not even in living memory.
    No talk of it having happened back in the old days.

    Now suddenly, someone “discovered” it down at Barbados Archives, where it may have been some passing mention back in 17sumting.
    What a farce.

  2. Brown Sugar

    The first ever Crop Over meeting, which was a breakaway from the individual plantation celebration, was held at Friendship Playing Field in 1955 (I think the month was August). It was organized by Mr. George Hunte, who was then Editor of the Bajan magazine and Vice President of the Barbados Tourist (Development) Association. Then, in the 1970’s, Julian Marryshow organised Crop Over events which were held at the Garrison Savannah. I’ve no doubt these facts can be substantiated through records in the Archives Department and perhaps the Barbados Museum and Historical Society. So when I hear that Crop Over festivities only started in the 1980’s I can only laugh at such ignorance.

  3. Wishing in Vain

    Brown Sugar you are absolutely correct Mr Marryshaw was a big player in the running the early crop over events so much so the early events and the delivery of the last canes were held at spencers plantation.
    How the years have flown by, burn Mr Harding burn.
    Or Calypso semi finals being held the Hilton Hotel ??

  4. Farmer

    Latest news is that Foreday Morning band leaders are up in arms at the change of route without any discussion . Most are saying that the new route cannot work and are threatening to boycott the event. Guess if this happens the Police will be HAPPY , HAPPY , HAPPY ,for days.
    The next event which is already targeted is the Grand Kadooment. Power is a wonderful determinent of people’s character

  5. J. Payne

    Just like in Trinidad, Carnival stopped throughout much of the British West Indies during W.W. II It didn’t start-back in many cases until after the war.

  6. J. Payne

    The ole time mas. As it is sometimes called isn’t being taught to the young so that’s why Crop Over is looking more like T&T carnival. There’s nothing being passed on about old Bajan folklore. The whole Tuk thing only came back strong a few years ago (at least from what I noticed) right around the time T.C. started interweaving it in her tunes.

    But in terms of Steel Donkey and Burn Mr. Harding and all that I have no idea what all that was about. I THINK— it was something about the slaves and thing taking some of the dried peels from the sugar cane and shaping it like a man and burning it in celebration but I can’t say with any certainty.

  7. J. Payne

    Tuk and Spooge/spouge or ringbang for that matter….

  8. crossroads

    I wonder what we will call it when the sugarcane finally gone? Crop Over Dun. We don’t need crop over to wuk up an get drunk anyways.

  9. littleboy

    J Payne
    Tuk was fused with calypso in recent times by “POONKA” & “PJ” long before TC started singing kaiso.
    The burning of “Mr Harding” symbolized the end of “hard times”.
    Lawlessness put paid to that aspect of the Crop Over celebrations.

  10. gnn

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