Bajan-Brit Banned From Wearing George Cross Bandana At Work – “Might Offend”, “Racist”


Yup, Matthew Carter Sure Looks Like A Unrepentant Racist To Me!

When Matthew Carter moved from Barbados to Britain in 1999, he was apparently unaware that the display of the British Flag and St. George’s Cross in the flag makes him an offensive racist.

The fact that he was wearing it for seven months while working as a binman for Pendle Council must have lulled him into a false sense of security that the Brit flag or parts of it could reasonably be expected to be displayed while in Britain. Told that his George Cross headgear was racist and offensive, Carter is now wearing a Pirate Skull and Crossbones bandana instead – with no problem from the morons at Pendle Council.

While I abhor physical violence, reading about Mr. Carter makes me want to grab each member of the Pendle Council (including Ian McInery – the Council’s operational services manager) and take them fishing for a few hours on the good vessel Tolrica out of Oistins before she had her bottom redone in February of 2006. Just take them out to the east shark deeps and leave them there in that leaking sieve.

Yup. That would be my solution.

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27 responses to “Bajan-Brit Banned From Wearing George Cross Bandana At Work – “Might Offend”, “Racist”

  1. passin thru

    TOLRICA had it bottom done in February 2006?

    Marcus is teasing the govmnt wid a clue to who he is!

  2. Green Monkey

    Carter is now wearing a Pirate Skull and Crossbones bandana instead – with no problem from the morons at Pendle Council.

    Yeah, but now here’s another problem. I’ve researched my family tree and
    determined I am a direct descendant of Bajan pirate Stede Bonnet and I take offense at this upstart binman wearing the flag of my famous ……ok, semi-famous ancestor (as pirates go, I admit Stede Bonnet was no Captain Morgan or Blackbeard), on his dreadlocked head. Anyone got the phone number for Pendle Council? I want to lodge a complaint.

  3. Anonymous

    looks like a kitchen towel to me

  4. St.George(and his dragon)

    oh this is a HUGE problem!

  5. Anonymous

    Tell me this isn’t real. Please!

  6. Rumplestilskin

    Two things: The situation is indeed ridiculous and pandering to anti-British sentiment.

    If you do not like the country, get the sod out.

    Pity he did not have some ‘money-backers’ guaranteeing (actual money) support right up the the House of Lords.

    People want this ‘foreign’ religion or sect and that religion to have ‘rights’ of observance in terms of ‘religious’ knives, headwear and facial wear but when it comes to the British (yes, he is British) wearing their own, it is now banned.

    Cow-towing to nonsense.

    The only limitation was IF in England, as in Barbados, it is a crime to display the flag other than specific ways. But, that is another story and nothing to do with racism etc.

    ‘We’ in the these western nations need to get some backbone and lay down the rules.

    To quote a former PM re another circumstance:

    who do not like it can lump it…

    or get the sod out.

  7. Rumplestilskin

    Oh, the second thing, are you all divulging your identities, or merely laying a false trail???

  8. Jason

    Who owns Tolrica? Does anyone know? Is there such a boat at Oistins? What kind of boat is it? Was the bottom “redone” in February of 2006? How would “Marcus” know?

    Lots of fun for the BLP. 😉

  9. mangoose

    Green Monkey,

    The pirate Bonnet tek off and pirate because he couldnt tek he wife, one Mary ALLAMBY nuh mo’. She musse one Dave Allamby great great great granmudda. No wonder he flee, wid uh Allamy bendin he ear wid garbage all de time!!!

    (ps. Bonnet’s flag was a heart and dagger with the skull and bones…appropriate nuh?)

  10. Queerious

    Was the story helped by the documents found in the dump that were to be sources for the expose(s) we have been promised?


    Except for one vital fact, Green Monkey, and that is that “Dave Allamby” or “D.T. Allamby” as he calls himself on the DLP blog is NOT the real name of the person who writes. On these blogs (on BFP) he used two other names (one of which was Plover). Nothing wrong with that, except that he berates everyone else for using pseudonyms and not using their real names, when he himself is using a pseudonym! Trust me, I KNOW who this person really is.

  12. Rumplestilskin

    So, mangoose you allege that Mary was after the big bamboo that Bonnet could not provide, maybe too much rum and not enough seamoss?

    Rum is more suitable for marauding and plunder rather than amorous overtures.

    I take it then that white rum must be the exception?

  13. Rumplestilskin

    I also note Mount Gay’s recent disclosure of overseas sales of $65 million.

    Is this a calculated effort to reduce the amorous abilities of males in Western Nations, leaving the females for the benefit of the seamoss enhanced West Indians?

    Oh, treachery abounds!

  14. Rumplestilskin

    By they way, yes we ARE ‘off-topic’ before someone points it out.

    Who cares?

  15. mangoose

    kyaaa kyaaa kyaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! muh belly!

  16. Bimbro

    Rastafarian wearing a British flag? Could only be a Bajan! Lord!!!!

  17. Rumplestilskin

    Actually Bimbro, it his choice. Nevertheless, maybe it is ‘appropriate’ (if you want to critique the wearing perse, rather than just accept as his choice), as Rastafarians and British rule have something in common.

    Just as the Rastafarian movement believes in the utilisation and preservation of natural goods (ital foods etc), so does Prince Charles who I believe (respectfully stand corrected) supports nature and the World Wildlife Fund to a great extent.

    So the lads wearing of the British George Cross ‘could’ represent the common ground, no?

    There, happy?

  18. Peltdown Man

    Stories of political correctness in the UK abound, especially among borough councils. In one council office, bananas were banned as they might offend any blacks working there. Another council changed its giveaway dustbin liners from black to red for the same reason. The stories go on and on. They used to be called “The Looney Left”, but I fear it has become the norm. Anyhow, Bimbro will be happy.

  19. Bimbro

    Rumple, why are you listening to that fashionable rastafarian hogwash! How long has ras. been around? When did you first hear of ras? Listen, if it had n’t been for the success of one very, talented reggae musician and people’s increasing wealth and thus travelling to Jamaica none of us would probably, still know about ras! Are you going to respect every junk that comes along?

    Christianity has been around for 2k years! It was good enough for my parents and their parents and it’s good enough for me! What has ras. ever done for you except to give you gunga! Don’t tell me about rasta. I lived half of my youth in Bim without ever hearing about ras. or seeing one. Dump the junk. Christianity is the one! Bajans are confused and lap-up anything which Jamaicans throw at them!

  20. Bimbro

    We need to learn to be more perspicacious! (don’t laugh!)

  21. Bimbro

    The guy even LOOKS like a nutter!

  22. got2bekiddingme

    Hell, it is not the confederate flag or the KKK, but a black man wearing the cross of st george is an idiot anyhow. Those British colonialists are the people who enslaved his grandmother’s mother. So he has an indentity issue, Maybe Hilary Beckles can get reparations for us and him in particular, but he sold out to Cow and the white possee he hated when he was trying to get a token seat on the Board at the Mutual. Now he is a man who needs to check himself….and his son. The sins of the father.
    Truth is stranger than fiction, fuh real.

  23. ninemikemike

    Thank the idiot Blair (who is known in Britain as BLIAR) for perpetrating this PC crap on Britain. He has been an unmitigated disaster, and now it seems he’s planning to spend more time in Bim. Pity, we have enough home-grown crooks here.

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  25. 325

    Tolrica been sold.

  26. Jane Eyre

    This guy claims racism for everything and is guilty of sexually assaulting women and getting away with it – he think he’s invincible I wish he’d get his just deserts……people like him ruin this country…..