Why Won’t Our Barbados Newspapers Print The Truth?

Why won’t our newspapers print the truth?

Why don’t their journalists question statements made by leading political and business figures?

The following was submitted as a letter to the editor of the Barbados Advocate, which has so far refused to print the contents.

TO: Letters to the Editor – Barbados Advocate

It was reported in a section of the print media that a recent recipient of The Minister Of Tourism personal awards was behind the formation of the Intimate Hotels group.

This is the excerpt.

‘Resultantly, Intimate Hotels of Barbados was born. Frustrated with the overall negligence of the small hotels by various sectors of the tourism industry, Dennis Tull decided that it was time that someone would step up and stand up for their rights’

In the interests of factual coverage and to recognise the substantive work undertaken by a number of people, I would like to seek to clarify these various erroneous comments.

Intimate Hotels was the brainchild of veteran tourism professional, May Hinds. She conceptualised the idea of small hotels working together in terms of marketing and collective purchasing, and in fact launched an Intimate Hotels brochure way back in 1988.

While chairing a private/public sector Small Hotels Committee, two of the board members, including myself decided to re-launch a grouping called Barbados Treasures in 1999.

The Barbados Tourism Authority together with a number of private sector partners sponsored the design and printing of Barbados Treasures first brochure and the entity developed a number of unique packages which were enormously successful.

Barbados Treasures dissolved after two of the hotels involved were sold.

In 2002, the Small Hotels of Barbados Inc, (trading as Intimate Hotels), was launched, adopting many of the innovations introduced by May Hinds and to a lesser extent, Barbados Treasures.

Adrian Loveridge
17 July 2007


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29 responses to “Why Won’t Our Barbados Newspapers Print The Truth?

  1. ?/?/?

    Shortly after Tull dubbed Cricket world Cup a disaster as a result of Intimate Hotels losing half million dollars he became recepient of Lynch personal award, hmmmm. Nothing has been heard from the talkative know it all Tull since then. Now the police want their CWC money from our finest hour. Expect Lynch to announce start up of a condo or some mickey mouse tourist business this week.

  2. Zulu

    Wasn’t Intimate Hotels in existence BEFORE 2002?
    Somehow I read about this some years ago and that was even before 2000, but I could be wrong.

  3. Littleboy

    Wunnuh really expect that May Hinds (A Democratic Labour Party member) would receive any recognition from MM Lynch?
    By the way, Lynch also claims that the awards are his brainchild. Remember last year he said that it was the “…inaugural tourism awards ceremony..”.
    Do not expect wonders from a wonderless clown!!!

  4. carrot and stick

    “Why don’t their journalists question statements made by leading political and business figures?”

    simply because the owners get most of their revenue from the government advertising and any journalists who demonstrate integrity and ask hard hitting questions will be silenced or fired.

    Its political consolidation at the dictatorship level with a party that has been in power far too long. They have honed their power games to a high degree of skill albeit blatant, incompetent, corrupt and anti-democratic.

    Another 4 years and you will be able to describe it as a “reign of terror”. These characters act like a goon squad when they don’t get their way. It can only get worse.

  5. Maybe I’ve been dozing, but how are a private group of businessmen being allowed to build private condos on what used to be Dover Convention Centre?

    Surely that property is owned by Government i.e. the people of Barbados?

    There was a press conference on TV celebrating the event, but I cannot recall hearing an explanation of this highly profitable venture. Is it another piece of sleight of hand by BTI whereby the politicians hive off assets for private businessmen to make a few million? Please explain.

  6. John

    …. and if you look in the newspaper today you will see on page 19 of the Sun Classifieds that a restrictive covenant on the land (think it is the same land) is being advertised to be changed.

    Maybe it is no longer relevant.

    A company called HEJ Ltd. is making the application in the supreme court of judicature, no. 1161 of 2007.

    They can’t even spell the name of the widow who put the covenant there in the first place.

    Back on the 22nd May 1953, Anna Culpeper Herbert (not Aman Culpepper Herbert) sold some land in Dover to Cable and Wireless (West Indies) Ltd.

    She restricted C&W to putting up no more than 4 dwelling houses each worth more than 1000 pounds, exclusive of the outhouse.

    She also restricted Cable and Wireless to erect such buildings as are necessary or proper for the carrying on managing or conducting the business of Telecommunications.

    Cable and Wireless was also restricted from carrying on any business which included a dairy or cow keeping or pig keeping.

    The restrictions applied to C&W’s successors or assigns.

  7. John

    … HEJ Ltd. wants these restrictions moved. They want to replace them as follows as I understand the legalese.

    They want to be allowed to erect dwelling houses and multistorey units no one of which shall be less than $100,000.

    They want to restrict the use of these dwelling houses and multi storey units solely for habitation. No business or trade to be operated from them.

    They even make it plain that you cant keep cows, pigs or run a diary from inside either one. This is inkeeping with the original restrictive covenant.

  8. John

    After all that legalese I think what they are asking is:

    Does anybody have a problem with a multi storey condo building being built where the old Cable office was?

    If you don’t speak now, we are going to change the covenant which prevented us from building the building, … and go ahead and build it!!!

  9. John

    Two storeys is multi storey, so is 42 storeys multi storey.

    I guess the ad in the paper would be better put if they actually specified the number of storeys they were building, and spelt the old lady’s name correctly.

    At the moment, although they have had all the fancy opening and the minister himself has appeared and spoken, the covenant put on the land by Widow Herbert has put the rest of us Bajans in a position to say whether we want the Condo or not.

    If anybody lives down that side and are offended by multi story buildings, speak now or forever hereafter hold your peace.

    You all got till the 13th Day of August 2007 to make noise because the court is going to hear the matter on the 5th day of October at 9:30 o’clock in the forenoon.

    After that, Widow Herbert’s protection wll be gone if no one asks that it remain.

    Hope I interpreted the ad in the paper correctly. If I have not I am sure someone will correct me!!

  10. John

    …. wonder if any other pieces of land down that side have a similar restrictive covenant placed on them!!!!!!

    Wonder if the Town and Country Planning knows.

  11. hawkeye

    Anyone remember the original Heywoods concept where first time hotel operators were giving opportunity to run small properties in a cluster?
    Why didnt gob do similarly at Dover in order that wealth, ownership and expertise be garnered by persons outside traditional owner elite like Bjorkman, Bayley, Harris, Cow and rest. There is negligible representation of blacks in ownership in hotels particularly beach front. Dover could have been a model to spread tourist industry participation wider.

  12. BK

    Interesting stuff! I wonder if any locals will own any of the condos and if so will Barbadians have a right to know. I suspect that the local owners of the condos may tell a tale.

  13. Adrian Loveridge

    The Advocate and Minister Lynch is at it again.

    ‘Outlining his view that the Ministry has been highly successful with gaining more airlift from that market (United States), he pointed to the addition of Barbados to the schedules of Delta Airlines, US Airways and Continental Airlines within various US cities in the last several years’.

    Will someone please remind the Minister after launching the Continental Airlines service from Newark four times a week in 2003, it was reduced to once a week, and then cancelled altogether, even after spending a quoted US$2 million in marketing support.

    It was difficult to comprehend how ‘we’ could not fill a maximum of 120 seats, just once a week, from the fifth richest state, in the US even in the peak winter months.

  14. John

    I notice in the ad in the newspaper that George Payne’s chambers are dealing with the removal of Widow Herbert’s restrictive covenant.

    ….. sure sign the land is politically connected.

  15. Wishing in Vain

    We really need to form a group that will attend this meeting and protest the change if we fail to do anything we can only blame ourselves and not the gov’t of the day for their wrecklessness,.
    This may halt or change the course of actions if a large enough group were to protest this change.
    Do we have any support for this plan ??

  16. Am I understanding this correctly?

    All the Covenants that exist on property- and there are covenants on most pieces of residential land these days- can be set aside by putting an ad in the newspaper that an appeal is being made to the Court? And if there is no objection the Covenant is set aside?!

    Town & Country has nothing to do with Covenants.

    Covenants are supposed to remain on the property in perpetuity to protect neighbours against substandard development etc. e.g. building two houses where one was intended, or a block of apartments where a single family house was stipulated. Or pig farms, for that matter.

    It now appears that one has to defend covenants to ensure they are not overridden!

    If a neighbouring property-owner was out of the country or ailing they might well be unaware of a court action to set aside a Covenant. Their rights ar supposed to be automatically protected. They have no obligation to read the newspaper to see what unscrupulous developers are trying to pull.

    And then there is this. How in the first place did Government get to put the Dover Convention Centre on land intended for four residences, but where Cable & Wireless had their little office?

    As a regular user of Dover Beach I deplore the idea of multistorey (HIGHRISE) condos fronting that section of beach which is much closer to the sea than the western end.

  17. Wishing in Vain

    freespeech My feelings exactly they are many questions to be asked on this issue.
    One how and why is gov’t proceeding along the route of condos at this time when by their own admission they are waiting to see the results of the research into the move to condos versus hotel rooms?
    Secondly and why erect a condo block right in front of prime real estate that would be better suited to a hotel building that a condo block ?
    The investors must be laughing at the idiot Lynch and company for agreeing to the terms of this arrangement private investors owing condos on public lands, if this is the case why not share the value among each of the citizens of this land but instead the get rich scheme continues to flourish.
    I was not aware that this was all that was required to change a Covenant really quite a simple matter once gov’t is involved, also to I am amused as to the law firm that has been given the work the same one Dale Marshall has ties to, I have said on this site before that it is illegal to have ministers running affairs of the state and still running their legal office it is totally immoral and wrong but continues in the case of Dale Marshall.

  18. Today’s Advocate claims that BS&T directors “should be HAVING THEIR SAY on the offers” being made by AnsaMcAl to BS&T shareholders later this week.

    This is rather misleading to the public.

    The shareholders of BS&T are entitled to make up their own minds on which offer they will accept.

    The Advocate statement makes it sound as if BS&T shareholders will do what their directors tell them.

    Nothing is further from the truth. The directors of BS&T are servants of their shareholders, NOT THEIR BOSSES.

  19. covenant, my eye

    freespeach this is Barbados. Anything goes.

    Just last week Judge Kaye Goodridge ruled that an elderly widow (well known to the courts and the PC) had no right to an accounting from the executor to a will in which she is a beneficiary to a proportionate part of her mother’s land at Enterprise.

    The deceased person died 25 years ago and the judge decided that the beneficiary had waited too long to go to court to ask for an accounting. They call it “statute barred”.

    Incidentally the executor’s lawyer Vernon Smith is aware and complicit in the executor’s efforts to title the land to himself.

    They call it a “foreclosure suit”.

  20. Wishing in Vain-

    Your points are well made. But tell me. For what reason does Minister of Tourism Lynch get involved in a condominium development on a piece of private residential land? That is business development or housing, NOT TOURISM.

    Is it because it is right on the beach? Or is it because they know in their hearts that the land should not be privately exploited and is rightly a part of the Tourism Product?

    There are some nice buildings down at Oistins e.g. the empty Licensing Authority office which could be sold off for private condos if Lynch has such authority now.

  21. more

    covenant, my eye,

    We call it the fastest road to anarchy.

  22. hawkeye

    Bob Verdun(Canadian writer) article in Sunday Sun headline Time For New BS&T Blood is a must read. He is repeating what progressive Barbadians been saying for years. Coming from a white foreigner its refreshing.

  23. wow!

    Ask Jerry Nurse about foreclosure suit.

  24. Wishing in Vain

    It would certainly appear to be out of sync with his alleged ministry, but it maybe more a case of gaining him some exposure to improve the idiots public image which has taken major hits with his pronouncements of our finest hour during CWC, his failure to resolve the issue of where his multi millions dollars in wealth suddenly arrived from?
    The question of the accounts of GEMS and JAWS issues and the dissappearence of large sums of money from the sale of Eastry house etc ?
    To his lack of work in his ministry and some say his lack of work in the area that put him in the house in the first place.
    We have many question to ask but sadly none of this present gang are likely to respond to us as they are very busy with planning their next act of corruption and immoral action.

  25. Wishing in Vain

    Really erecting a condo on prime beachfront property is a sad piece of planning and judgement.
    When we stop putting our bank accounts before the needs of the nation we will get a more sensible decision making processes.

  26. Adrian Loveridge

    I bet the Advocate would print my letter if my name was Henderson N. Bovell.

  27. Wishing in Vain

    That you be very correct on.

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  29. Burton

    My friends, get prepared, I asked the date and year a few days ago and I was told. It is the year 1937.
    Can anyone help me, maybe today is a funny night, I am sure it is 2007.