Rihanna A Little Lonely Sometimes


Misses Her Friends

The celebrity papers are reporting that Rihanna is a bit lonely for her old friends and her lost youth.

I’ll bet she is. Some only see the rocket-like career “image” and forget about Robin.

A message for our girl: hang in there just as long as you want to, and when its time – Bim is still your home.

Gossip Girls: Rihanna Misses People Her Own Age


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7 responses to “Rihanna A Little Lonely Sometimes

  1. Bimbro

    On the one hand, you have the brilliant Rihanna but on the other, you have this idiot making a fool of Barbadians, in the UK!

    Rastafarian????? British flag???? Time to call in the psychiatrist!

  2. Peltdown Man

    Bimbro, when you call in the psychiatrist, let us know his/her diagnosis, please. I want to see if their opinion of you matches mine.

  3. J. Payne

    Lawd… What’s wrong dahlin??? You could fly-in yuh friends nuh. Or fly back home….

    Perhaps put some pressure on DefJam to build you a studio in Barbados and all the while they can scout more talent in Barbados to be yuh background singers….. *grin* Doan fret….

  4. Cawmere All The Way

    Girl don’t fret you will always have your “Cawmere Family” with you. We love you. No need to feel loney.

  5. J. Payne

    I just see pun TV for the First time that Rihanna is now a spokesperson for the Cover Girl makeup line…

    She sailing high… Scroll all the way down and there she is.

  6. Starrr

    just letting you know that her friends have lives too and most of them at a tertiary institution which you don’t walk out of with a degree if you get me. She has her career and they now need to find theirs.
    Kudos tho babygirl. I for one am proud of you. Keep keepin’ it real in the USA reppin Bimsha!. Peace HOLLA!