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“The music our children listen to says you are not worth anything unless you have lots of money: your worth is directly related to the money you have in your pocket. All this reinforces the need, especially for these children, to get stuff, to expect stuff and to have stuff. It sets the standard. They do not understand the notion of self-investment, of studying for their future.” — Shaun Bailey, member of the Conservative Party (United Kingdom) and parliamentary candidate

… from Booker Rising (link here)


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  1. This is why many diverse sources – myself, Mia Mottley, Boondocks’ creator Aaron McGruder and a growing number of individuals see Black Entertainment Television as part of the weapons of The Enemy (for my money, I think you can add Tempo with its materialistic dancehall/dub videos).

    When BET began, you had Tavis Smiley advising young blacks how to successfully advance in a mental and financial sense; there were News features examining issues related to black interests…

    But now after Robert Johnson sold it to Viacom – it is allowing Malt Liquor ads; there are more booty videos than Luke of 2 Live Crew can ever look at; Benzes/Benjamins and Uzis are a regular staple of many “stories” for the music videos…

    Apart from Music Award Shows on that channel, when is the last time you see or hear Vanessa Williams or Luther Vandross?

    So to return to the original UK comment from Mr Bailey of the Tories – I do agree one hundred per cent – we must stop the crap – have songs to promote self-worth instead! The dangerous thing is, if it comes to it – must it be legislated? Then we have become the enemy, huh?

  2. BFP

    See Ian’s excellent article on the excesses of Hip Hop and Calypsonian entertainers…

    Bajan Reporter

  3. God Bless David (Not Thompson or Commissiong!)

    Here’s another “gem” from BET on the horizon… http://www.bet.com/BETShows/sobabouttheshow.htm

    Just when you thought it could not get any more worthless…

  4. Linda

    Hundreds of Black bloggers across the U.S. have joined ranks and protesting BET and Viacom. A new show Hot Ghetto Mess is set to air on July 25th. Due to the efforts of Black bloggers, two corporate sponsors have pulled out, and the link on BET’s site for the show was disabled today.

    Hopefully the show SOB, mentioned above will be next. Maybe Caribbean bloggers can start a campaign. BET needs to clean up its act, or just go away.