Gardin Democracy: Condo Court In Barbados!


Only A Fool Would Buy A Condo In Barbados – Canadian In 17th Year Of Barbados Condo Hell


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8 responses to “Gardin Democracy: Condo Court In Barbados!

  1. RRRicky

    When Allard bought the swamp at GH a lot of people were angry becuase they wanted to build condos where the nature sanctuary is now.

    If Graeme Hall is sold to the wrong people we will have another condo built there.

  2. Pogo

    A few weeks ago we saw GEMS (our money again- still no audit) taking a 49% share of a new condo corporation a week after the Supreme Court ruled that the Condo Act was a farce and did not protect buyers.

    The lunatics are running the asylum.

  3. John


    Now I understand why Noel Lynch said that the Condo Act was being looked at to be improved.

    If GoB is putting our money into a Condo development thru Gems things better be above board … not like Kensington.

    But he also said that by November the figures would be available to show the effect of Condo Development on Tourism.

    So it looks like our money is going into a Condo Project when the legal framework is bad, … and it is unclear what effect if any Condos have on Tourism!!!

    I think you are right.

    The lunatics are running the asylum!!

  4. RRRicky-

    I don’t see how anyone who has visited Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary can refer to it as a SWAMP. even though that is what’s on the map.

    The common understanding of a swamp is a boggy, forbidding place, half vegetation, half water smelling of rotting vegetation.

    As all of us know, Graeme Hall “Swamp” is for the most part, a delightful open lake with bird-filled mangrove at its edges. You almost expect to see romantic couples rowing across it.

    It is true that there is a portion, outside the Nature Sanctuary, where drainage trenches were cut which during rainy season becomes hard to walk through. This is more people’s picture of a swamp.

    I suspect that the vast majority of Barbadians have still never visited the Nature Sanctuary, so still have a hazy idea of what an asset it is to the Barbadian people, as well as an enchanting outing for visitors. This could account for the fact that there is not more of an outcry to protect it for posterity.

  5. Yardbroom

    deb thomas
    I agree with your sentiments regarding the Nature Sanctuary, perhaps those of us whose intention sometimes is to have a quiet period of solitude, or reflection in these hectic days of bustle, would do ourselves no harm, to sit in one of the gazebos on the brow of the incline at the Nature Sanctuary and gaze across the water, and appreciate the sight and sounds of nature.

    I have spent many a quiet moment there being at peace with myself and the world. Perhaps late afternoon is best, when the heated rays of the sun have started to melt and have lost their intensity, and shadows have become elongated. A cool drink will not impede your thoughts and as you look out across the water watching nature’s creatures at work and play, one might ponder awhile and think how nice it is to be alive.

    Unfortunately some of us have lost the art of enjoying ourselves unless there is a lot of noise about us – noise has a place in life – consequently we have lost the enjoyment of nature’s beauty by not being able to appreciate that which cost so little, and surrounds our everyday life.

  6. Pogo


    You say “not like Kensington”.

    My friend, you seem to have missed it. Kensington is a done deal. Taxpayers have to pay back the hundreds of millions that were spent there and BCA (friends of Arthur) gets fatter and fatter cause the have a beautiful stadium we paid for plus now the lottery and VLT’s.

    All of Arthur’s huffing and puffing about forcing BCA to make a deal was show, only show. They all knew exactly what the deal would be a year ago.

  7. John


    …. the point is WE don’t!!

    On that I agree.

    WE don’t want that crap with Dover Convention Centre.

  8. more

    Thanks, Yardbroom, I am one of those people who deeply appreciated nature, who got caught up in the struggles and challenges of life to the extent that I find it difficult to stop and ponder. I have to make an effort now even to listen to the “still small voice”.
    We need people like you to remind and encourage us.