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Anguillians March Against Government Corruption And Constitutional Change Without Citizen Approval



Dear God,

Why don’t we Bajans have what it takes to do the same?


On Friday, July 20, 2007, hundreds of Anguillian citizens marched against government corruption, and against Constitutional Change without citizen approval.

Here in Barbados, Minister of Government Gline Clarke builds his house on expropriated land, the Prime Minister and his peers receive millions of dollars of “campaign donations” into personal bank accounts and the Barbados media is too frightened to say anything.

Here in Barbados, the government changed our constitution with a couple of days’ notice (on a weekend no less) and zero public debate. (See BFP’s Barbados Dictatorship To Change Constitution With Zero Notice, No Public Debate, No Public Release Of Proposed Changes)

We Bajans don’t march or shout “I accuse” at the faces of the nouveau riche as they drive their Lexus and BMW autos to Parliament – but the concerned citizens of Anguilla have had enough.

Read about their march at Corruption Free Anguilla blog (also link by clicking any photo)




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Rihanna A Little Lonely Sometimes


Misses Her Friends

The celebrity papers are reporting that Rihanna is a bit lonely for her old friends and her lost youth.

I’ll bet she is. Some only see the rocket-like career “image” and forget about Robin.

A message for our girl: hang in there just as long as you want to, and when its time – Bim is still your home.

Gossip Girls: Rihanna Misses People Her Own Age


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Gardin Democracy: Condo Court In Barbados!


Only A Fool Would Buy A Condo In Barbados – Canadian In 17th Year Of Barbados Condo Hell


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Why Won’t Our Barbados Newspapers Print The Truth?

Why won’t our newspapers print the truth?

Why don’t their journalists question statements made by leading political and business figures?

The following was submitted as a letter to the editor of the Barbados Advocate, which has so far refused to print the contents.

TO: Letters to the Editor – Barbados Advocate

It was reported in a section of the print media that a recent recipient of The Minister Of Tourism personal awards was behind the formation of the Intimate Hotels group.

This is the excerpt.

‘Resultantly, Intimate Hotels of Barbados was born. Frustrated with the overall negligence of the small hotels by various sectors of the tourism industry, Dennis Tull decided that it was time that someone would step up and stand up for their rights’

In the interests of factual coverage and to recognise the substantive work undertaken by a number of people, I would like to seek to clarify these various erroneous comments.

Intimate Hotels was the brainchild of veteran tourism professional, May Hinds. She conceptualised the idea of small hotels working together in terms of marketing and collective purchasing, and in fact launched an Intimate Hotels brochure way back in 1988.

While chairing a private/public sector Small Hotels Committee, two of the board members, including myself decided to re-launch a grouping called Barbados Treasures in 1999.

The Barbados Tourism Authority together with a number of private sector partners sponsored the design and printing of Barbados Treasures first brochure and the entity developed a number of unique packages which were enormously successful.

Barbados Treasures dissolved after two of the hotels involved were sold.

In 2002, the Small Hotels of Barbados Inc, (trading as Intimate Hotels), was launched, adopting many of the innovations introduced by May Hinds and to a lesser extent, Barbados Treasures.

Adrian Loveridge
17 July 2007


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Quote Of The Day – On Popular Music


“The music our children listen to says you are not worth anything unless you have lots of money: your worth is directly related to the money you have in your pocket. All this reinforces the need, especially for these children, to get stuff, to expect stuff and to have stuff. It sets the standard. They do not understand the notion of self-investment, of studying for their future.” — Shaun Bailey, member of the Conservative Party (United Kingdom) and parliamentary candidate

… from Booker Rising (link here)


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Bajan Backlash Against China – BLP Election Strategy Backfires


Nothing Is Free: Especially Money From Communist China

In the wake of a disastrously failed Cricket World Cup, one of the key election strategies settled upon by the BLP “backroom boys” is to push the concept that skilled diplomacy by Barbados Prime Minister Owen Arthur and his government has resulted in, and will continue to provide, many long term benefits flowing from China to Barbados. Indeed, according to one of our sources, the government has to this day withheld details of many of the side-agreements reached with China during the recent visit by the PM so these deals can be announced closer to the election.

The “Look what I’ve got for you – biscuits and corned beef” elections strategy has been a long-standing hallmark of politics in Barbados by both parties when in power. Normally, the government in power wields an enormously disproportionate ability to make promises and hand out “corned beef” (gifts) to voters, but this time the treasury is empty. The BLP have raped and mismanaged the country so badly that they forgot to leave some of our tax monies in the kitty to bribe us with.

Bajans know that the treasury is bare, so the government is having to resort to a fallback position – an election strategy of offering hope and promises based not upon how the government will spend our money (we know we have none) to more believable external sources of funding.

The recent oil hype is part of the strategy to make us all feel good during the approach to the election and to provide a “believable” external source of funds for the election promises. With all the hype, one would think that the oil money is a sure thing starting to flow next week – instead of a highly speculative venture that at best would not see a significant revenue stream for a decade or more. (See BFP’s Barbados Escalates Oil Lottery Hype In Election Run-up)

Chinese “Assistance” Is Part Of The BLP Election Strategy

The strategy of highlighting all the goodies to come from China was part of that same strategy of showing external funding for election promises – but it has blown up in the government’s face as Barbados citizens already see portions of our economy being overrun by the Communist Chinese juggernaut.

Even if Barbados citizens are willing to totally ignore the human rights abuses of the Chinese Communists, they have already discovered that there is a price to be paid for China’s “gifts”. Bajans are having serious doubts about whether they are willing to pay that bill.

Barbados Contractors Association: “China Killing Regional Construction Industry”

The latest anti-China effort has just been launched by the Barbados Contractors Association over their well-grounded fear that the influx of Chinese construction workers and companies is killing the regional construction industry. No legitimate company can compete with Chinese slave labour. No legitimate employer can compete with workers who live 24/7 at the construction site with no transportation or living expenses, no health or accident benefits and who are willing to live in shipping crates for six months to send some money back home.

No legitimate contractor can compete with Chinese government-subsidized steel of questionable quality, or shipping crates of new tools and equipment that are allowed into the country without inspection and proper duties being paid.

If the Chinese want to fairly bid on projects on a level playing field – the Barbados Contractors Association has no problem. But when the government looks the other way as hundreds of illegal Chinese take jobs from Bajans, we all have a problem.


Owen Arthur’s government has traded away the Barbados construction industry and all those jobs for the short-term election benefit of being able to say “We Gots Corned Beef An Biscuits aComin From China!”

Here is a pointer to a Nation News article about the concerns of the Barbados Contractors Association…


by Carol Martindale

A CARIBBEAN COUNTER-ATTACK on the Chinese construction invasion across the region is about to be launched.

President of the Barbados Contractors Association, Achal Moorjani, one of the pioneers of the plan, said this united front was necessary as it was perceived that the Chinese were out to “kill the regional construction industry”.

“Our aim is not to say that the Chinese can’t work, but they have to bat on the same level playing field. It has to be level,” he added.

Moorjani said it was becoming increasingly difficult to compete with the Chinese, their pittance payments and cheap imports, especially as they continued to chalk up projects to work on.

Chinese in Barbados are working on the Four Seasons Hotel, the multi-level car park in the City, British American Insurance offices, Harrison’s Cave, Foundation School, and the Speightstown Fish Market, among others.

“There is no way we can compete with the cheap labour or imports they bring. They bring cheap labour and materials from China,” Moorjani said, noting that members of the local association had already met with Government to raise issues relating to the heavy Chinese presence on construction sites across Barbados.

… continue reading this article at The Nation News (link here)

Barbados Professional Association Of Engineers Gearing Up Against Owen Arthur’s Chinese Invasion

We received three independent reports that the Barbados Professional Association Of Engineers is also about to enter the fray to demand that the government cease showing favouritism to Chinese corporations. The Association has been circulating a list of Chinese projects, but is having some trouble ensuring that the list is accurate and complete.

No problem, folks! We’ll publish the list and see if our readers can assist. The knowledge of crowds and all that…

Draft List Of Chinese Construction Projects In Barbados *

Car Park Bridgetown – BTII
Four Seasons Resort – Cinnamon Dev 88
Barbados National Bank – Barbados National Bank
British American Insurance – British American Insurance
Harrisons Caves – Govt. of Barbados
Foundation School
Speightstown Fish Market
Scotia Bank Hwy7 & Dayrells Rd

* This draft list is posted to enable BFP readers and those on the list to verify and comment.


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