Flying To Guyana On LIAT? Bring A Really Thick Wilbur Smith Novel…


I know, I know… Some folks consider Wilbur Smith’s novels to be chewing gum for the eyes. Not me.

The man loves Africa and he loves words. His novels don’t hide the coarse or brutal elements of human nature, but there is always redemption at the end… of some sort. Africa, historical accuracy and the theme of redemption are three of the reasons why you will find every Wilbur Smith novel on my shelf. If I had money, they would be hardcover, but alas… they are all well thumbed paperbacks.

That’s Wilbur and his second wife Mokhiniso above. Wilbur loved his first wife Danielle dearly, but I’m sure that she would be happy for Wilbur and Mokhiniso. I’ll let Wilbur tell you how he and Mokhiniso met…

Then ‘Wilbur’s Luck’ returned in full force. Something happened to fill the emptiness and bring me back to life again. In a bookstore in London I met a beautiful Tadjik girl. Tajikistan, her homeland, is in Asia and borders on Afghanistan. Her name is Mokhiniso Rakhimova. She received her law degree from Moscow University. To me she is all good things; beautiful, clever, hard-working, loving and loyal. She is younger than me by 39 years. I married her in May 2000. She brought me back to life. She taught me to love again.

Now with Mokhiniso beside me I look forward eagerly to each day. She has banished loneliness. She is the perfect lover and companion. She has made me feel young and vital again. Since meeting her I have written four of my best novels.

… from author Wilbur Smith’s website (link here)

Any Wilbur Smith will surely captivate you for a time, so a really thick Wilbur Smith novel would be the perfect companion if you have a LIAT ticket for a flight to Guyana…

From Stabroek News

Many LIAT flights from Barbados to Guyana are delayed?

Dear Editor,

There is a situation at the Barbados International Airport that is in dire need of attention. Consistently, LIAT/Caribbean Sun and Star airlines have been delaying or postponing flights to Guyana.

No doubt this has caused much inconvenience to travellers. There is often a scheduled wait of several hours in between flights.

To have to wait in excess of a further hour, sometimes as much as 3 hours, without any explanation from the airline is at best mediocre.

The situation is made worse when there’s no basic courtesy to satisfy people’s concerns, meals to conquer hunger during delays, or even blankets on flights.

I recommend that the Guyana Tourism Authority look into this. Customers must be treated with respect.

Yours faithfully,

Paul Subryan


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3 responses to “Flying To Guyana On LIAT? Bring A Really Thick Wilbur Smith Novel…

  1. Anonymous

    IS LIAT the only way to go??
    Are other airlines flying the route BGI-GEO?

    If so, why are you being foolishly nationalistic/regionalistic ??

    Are you so entirely ‘programmed’ that you continue to give your travel business
    to the very entity that tortures you?
    Are you masochistic?
    You guys PAY FOR THIS?

  2. Fred Corbin


    Come on man, LIAT ‘s schedule management is the main reason behind their inconsistency o.k.

    Yes I agree it is very inconveniencing and frustrating especially when you don’t have the extra cash to fly with another airline, but the fault lies flat out with the Caribbean governments who own LIAT not with the airline itself.

    If you owned a shop and I was a financial partner in it with you and I turned up every morning with 5 friends and ate 2 ham cutters and a coke each and left without paying, came back at lunch time and at dinner and did the same thing, do you think you would still be breaking even after 3 years ?

    Of course not, so apply that exact same principle to LIAT as an airline with 5 different Caribbean governments raking off a massive 65 % off EVERY SINGLE TICKET BOOKED and what do you get?

    A singularly inefficient operation whose cash flow is severely hampered due to plutocratic and vision less corporate stupidity and all at the expense of the paying Caribbean business public for which the airline was set up in the first place.

  3. MJ

    Mokhiniso is his 4th wife, not 2nd