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UPDATED: Duguid Posts 1st Time Since April 20, 2007 – Prime Minister Arthur Puts Gag Order On Duguid And Eastmond “No More Barbados Free Press”

UPDATED: Dr. Duguid Replies… 

My Friends,

The only person that can gag me is my wife.

At no time can any person think, expect or dream that it would possible to gag an independent person like myself.

I have been out of the country from time to time but I have followed the various conversations. but I was not moved to comment. First because no matter what I say people try to turn it around and secondly some people use this blog to be abusive and I will not sink to those levels.

I came into public life with integrity and I will leave whenever the people no longer want me to represent them with my integrity intact.

I appreciate this forum and I am encouraged with the posts that the people at BFP put up. Often very thoughtful and extremely entertaining.

Unfortunately from time to time operatives of the DLP try to hijack the site and use it for their own propaganda. I think that should be left for the DLP Blog.

BFP should be the peoples Blog when people from all walks of life from all persuausions could be welcome to come an air their views in a constructive manner.

I am still here and will comment when moved to do so. I am not an adversarial person by nature and I tend to avoid the heated and abusive conversations. I prfer to look for the win win soloutions.

So I am still here and will comment from time to time.

William Duguid

Original Post… 

Prime Minister Upset Over Barbados Free Press – Bans BLP Politicians From Posting

Of course he did.

Hey, we’re still waiting for the Prime Minister’s promised internet appearance on his own BLP Blog!

June 2, 2006…

BLP Blog Announces Live Online Chat With Barbados Prime Minister Owen Arthur


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