OOPS… Tourism Minister Noel Lynch Gets Caught Lying Again!

Wednesday July 18th, 2007 – Midweek Nation

‘The first time that Minister of Tourism and International Transport, Noel Lynch knew about the introduction of trolleys at the airport was when the issue was raised by an Opposition MP in the House of Assembly’.

He made this clear while addressing Parliament yesterday, charging that any claim by Grantley Adams International Airport (GAIA) Inc, former board Chairman Colin Brewer to suggest otherwise was a lie’.

Well who exactly is lying?

According to the Government Information Service own website ‘On Tuesday August 15th, 2006 the Minister responsible for International Transport, The Honourable Noel Lynch, M.P. met with the Chairman and Directors of the Grantley Adams International Airport.

‘Central to these discussions was the functioning of the Porter (Red Cap) service at the Airport. The matter was fully vented and all present agreed unreservedly that the Porters (Red Caps) would under no circumstances be disadvantaged relative to any role being performed by them at present or in the future of the facility’.

It added ‘The operational plans for the Arrivals Hall under the expanded and upgraded Airport and a new management structure had always contemplated the provision of ‘personal’ luggage trolleys for use by incoming passengers, operating in conjunction and along side Porters but never to the detriment of the existing porter corps’.

In today’s Nation report Lynch insisted ‘that the first time he had any knowledge of the introduction of trolleys at GAIA, was when the issue was raised in the House of Assembly by St. Michael South central MP, Richard Sealy a year ago’.

Adrian Loveridge


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  1. trust but verify

    Adrian its deja vu all over again. Lynch cant help lynching the truth.

  2. In this calypso season Lynch lying ways reminds me of a song by none other then the Mighty Liar who sang a song i think was title “no body don’t like me”

    I plan to hang myself in a tree
    I plan to jump over Kellman gully
    Because nobody don’t like me.

  3. Jerome Hinds

    Only a lying BINGE bag like Noel Lynch……would use the good halls of our Parliament to air such nonsense !

    The same place he used to condemn the ICC for the CWC 2007 date……even though for 4 years he sat down with other Ministers of Sports / Tourism and the ICC and planned the event !

    He was even so confident about the CWC 2007 success…..that the BINGE bag he is predicted that :

    ** That 90,000 visitors would descend on Barbados for the final week of the event !

    ** That 700 yatchs would be in Barbadian waters for the final week of the event !

    ** That 28 cruise ships would be in Barbadian waters for the final week of the event !

    ** That 75,000 cruise passengers would descend on Barbados for the final week of the event !

    ** That US $ 15 million is needed to charter Carnival Destiny !

    When all of this did not materiaise…….the BINGE bag ( Noel Lynch ) publicly declare that he and his BLP hoodlums would have the last LAUGH !

  4. Najo

    Jerome thanks for the information you have made it fresh. and all can do right now is to lollllllllllllllllll @ Lynch. He has to be the Minister of lies, that man cannot speak the turth at all, shame on Lynch. I think i’ll just call him inch.

  5. Adrian Loveridge

    Under a headline of ‘Visitor arrivals surge’ published in the Barbados Advocate 14th July 2007, Minister of Tourism, Noel Lynch stated ‘After a slow start earlier this year visitor arrivals from the Caribbean to Barbados are on the rebound’.

    Yet according to the Central Bank of Barbados, visitor arrivals for the first six months of 2007 only grew 1.9%.

    Could this be described as a ‘surge’ ?

  6. Adrian Loveridge

    We are doing so well in tourism that the BTA has just announced that it increasing the Best of Barbados package subsidy to US$300 per person.

    That means return flights from Philadelphia to Barbados, 7 nights accommodation at GEMS Time out at the Gap, airport/hotels transfers and a daily breakfast will now only cost our American friends US$319.

    Standby everyone, September should record the BEST ever long stay visitor arrivals numbers from the USA.

    What will they do in October, increase it to US$400 per Person?

    It appears our Minister of Tourism is on a lemming-like crusade to maintain arrival numbers at ANY COST!

  7. Wishing in Vain

    Sadly this man is more about his own ego that the affairs of state and until we come to that realization we will continue to suffer.
    The Best of Barbados package is a sorry excuse to bulk up the arrival figures at any any cost however this cost is passed onto we the we the honest taxpayers of this island.
    How or when will Owing finally fire the TV idiot.

  8. Adrian Loveridge

    ‘He (Noel Lynch) added that a major tourism destination like Barbados clearly needed physical and legislative expansion, and whereas eight years ago, there was only one American Airlines flight into Barbados daily’.

    Midweek Nation Wednesday October 31, 2007

  9. Adrian Loveridge

    ‘Other Caricom markets DOWN 25.9% or 10,566 people’ for the first six months of 2007. Source BSS.

    Let us not forget a 240 room closed hotel less than ten minutes away from the airport, rotting away for years but Minister ‘Lynch wants to see hotel,runway and car park’.

    Let us not forget our registered hotels, guest houses and apartments did not even achieve a overall annual occupancy of 50% in 2004, simply meaning that over 3,500 rooms stood empty EVERY single night of that year.

    But the Minister wants a new airport hotel and a second runway!

    A second runway for what?

    If we didn’t need it for the ‘90,000’ long stay visitors for CWC 2007, the ‘75,000 cruise ship passengers’ and the ‘700 yachts’, why do we need it now?

  10. Young Gun

    saw that last night as well and laughed to myself. Noel Lynch normally talks through his ass (probably because he cant help it these days) but with elections around the corner.. he steppin up the bull-shit (no pun intended) a notch..through the whole redevelopment of the airport he did not think to expand the car park he now wants to? lol. I went to the airport just yesterday and i dont think running out of parking space is a major issue. The hotel is another story.. we have so many rooms here so close to the airport empty like Adrian said..and he wants to spend money to house the few ppl that might have to stay overnight for whatever reason? how many passengers comin thru bim will have to do this? how often? how does he validate even thinking to spend money on a hotel there? dude is bananas..

    What is the situation with that huge (and ugly) building on the left hand side up the road from the airport? Isnt that to be a hotel? Heard Ms Ram owned it.. dunno how true that is.

  11. Adrian Loveridge

    Barbados Advocate
    Monday December 3, 2007
    page 3
    ‘No tourism mass marketing for Barbados’

    ‘In 2006 we earned $1.9 billion from the Barbados
    tourism sector, that represented the best earning results on record. This year, in addition to the expected growth in long stay arrivals expected to be in the region of 2.5 per cent to 3 per cent we have also achieved an increase in average visitor spend. Our expectation is that Barbados, this year
    will earn in excess of $2 billion from our tourism sector’.
    Senator Rudy Grant

    Well! unless the quoted figures are inflation adjusted, the ‘expectation’ of reaching ‘in excess of $2 billion’ will have to happen just to keep up with the rising prices our guests are having to pay this year.

    It doesn’t take genius to realise that if inflation is rampant at 7 or 8 per cent per annum, of course the average visitor spend is higher.
    Things simply cost more money.

    However, add the rate of inflation to ‘expected growth’ of 2.5 to 3 per cent in long stay visitors arrivals and tourism earnings have to be considerably above $2 billion to demonstrate any real growth whatsoever.

  12. Adrian Loveridge

    Only SIX days ago (5th December 2007) a Daily Nation story headlined ‘More Stay Overs’ reported that for the period January until October 2007 Barbados recorded an overall increase of 2% in long stay visitors and 12% increase in cruise ship passengers.

    Various tourism pundits then went on state that they expected an overall in increase of around 3% in long stay visitors by the end of the year.

    Yet! today (11th December 2007) in the Advocate
    under the front page banner headline of ‘Air Challenge’, claiming the source was the Ministy of Tourism, stated that ‘Passengers arrivals decrease by one per cent’.

    So WHO has got it right?

    If the Ministry of Tourism figures are accurate, then this is truly alarming, as this was the year of the CWC and our ‘finest hour’.

    Not only have we not even kept close to maintaining arrival numbers, but due to the effects of rampant inflation, the only logical conclusion is that ‘real’ tourism spending is down.

    Equally worrying is the statement ‘During the first nine months of the year, overall (air) capacity decreased by 67,519 seats or six per cent’.

    And ‘With regards to the Caribbean, capacity was reduced by eight per cent with load factors decreasing by three per cent, the first time in some years that capacity in the Caribbean has been decreased’.

    Perhaps the Prime Minister wants to re-think his comments describing Lynch as ‘the finest Minister of Tourism that Barbados has ever had’.

    Also if a report from Silvanius Fontenard, General Manager of the St. Lucia Hotel Association is correct, while speaking at the recent 16th Caribbean Media Exchange (CMEx), then St. Lucia with a much lower number of hotel room capacity, has this year exceeded Barbados total annual tourism revenue. They are already estimating revenue at US$1 billion.

    Simply put this means that hotels on St. Lucia are enjoying a much higher annual average occupancy than Barbados with the resulting profitability that brings.

  13. Adrian Loveridge

    Over 67,000 airline seats lost in the first 9 months of 2007, which is the total carrying capacity of more than 7 1/2 widebodied British Airways B777 EACH WEEK from Gatwick or basically EVERY single seat operated by that carrier to Barbados.

    For the second time in three days, Air Jamaica has cancelled its scheduled Fort Lauderdale to Barbados service. Guests that should have arrived at 2pm, will now land at an estimated 11.10pm via Montego Bay.

    This is not the way to treat people.

    And these are flights just before or in the peak winter season.

  14. Adrian Loveridge

    Parliament doday Tuesday 18th December 2007
    approx., 1655 hrs…

    Minister of Tourism, Noel Lynch stated ‘LIAT has shed over 700 jobs (staff) ‘.

    Some months ago chairman, Jean Holder, stated that LIAT employed 752 persons.

    Even allowing for the recruitment of some Caribbean Staff people, how could LIAT possibly ‘have shed over 700 jobs (staff)’ ?

  15. Leviticus

    The man is an amazing liar!

  16. Wishing in Vain

    He is being reported on VOB this moring to be saying CWC was our finest hour????

    He sold it and will die saying that all was well with CWC when the rest of the world minus the idiot knows what a FAILURE it was.

  17. Adrian Loveridge

    ‘Minister of Tourism Noel Lynch said expenditure was boosted significantly early in the year, during the period which coincided with Cricket World Cup (CWC) when 42,575 visitors travelled to the island and sepent over $234 million’.

    So an average spend of $5,496.18 per person?


    The same article goes on to state ‘Based on information reported in the exit surveys conducted by the Caribbean Tourism Organisation (CTO), spending by long-stay visitors to Barbados amounted to US$648,889 over the first six months of 2007’.

    ‘The CTO survey further reported that the average daily spending of cricket fans was US$321’.

    These ‘statistics’ were carried in a Bernard Babb, Nation story under the headline ‘Tourism set for $2 million high’ published on the 20th December 2007.

    I must be missing something.
    Either there are a few missing 000’s or it makes NO sense whatsoever.

  18. Rumplestilskin

    Poster above:”Over 67,000 airline seats lost in the first 9 months of 2007, which is the total carrying capacity of more than 7 1/2 widebodied British Airways B777 EACH WEEK”

    Does anyone else get the impression that maybe Arthur WANTS out now, before things get even worse?

    This way the BLP Opposition can say…we told you so, look they mucking things up.

  19. Adrian Loveridge

    The Barbados Advocate
    Saturday 22nd December 2007

    ‘Lynch stated that over the past five year, no less than 15 new airlines had been welcomed into the island’.

    ‘For the first time ever, if you come to Barbados on any afternoon around this time, you are likely to see as many as seven wide-bodied planes on the tarmac, and that this was an indicator of the continued growth of our tourism sector’.

    The Barbados Advocate
    Tuesday 11th December 2007

    ‘In 2007, Barbados air transport sector suffered a number of challenges as a result of losing the services of four airlines’.

    ‘It was noted that one new airline was introduced during the year, Caribbean Airlines which replaced BWIA, leading to a total of 13 airlines operating into Barbados’.

    ‘During the first nine months of the year, overall capacity decreased by 67,519 seats or six per cent’.

    ‘Passenger arrivals decreased by one per cent’

    The source of the above information (11th December) ‘was outlined in a document prepared by the Ministry of Tourism’.

    So who do we believe, the Minister or the Ministry?

  20. Jerome Hinds

    Good investigative work as usual Adrian Loveridge……FRANKOLOGY would be equally proud of you !

    Another glaring example of how this BLP government….LIES !

    Owen Arthur says on BLP TV ” no DEMS in office AGAIN ” then DENIES the statement when the NATIONNEWS prints a verbatim account of the SAME !

    Noel Lynch says one week…..airline service to Barbados has declined to the extent of 4 – 5 AIRLINES ….the VERY next week later Lynch says 15 NEW airline services came to Barbados over the past 5 years !

    Mia Mottley…..declares on 21 Dec 2007 UNEMPLOYMENT at it’s lowest in Barbados…..Jeffrey BOSSTRICK in the Sun on Saturday 22 Dec 2007…..says UNEMPLOYMENT in and around the city is at it’s HIGHEST and the BLP government need to address this ISSUE….URGENTLY !

    Wuhloss…..Owen , Mia , Lynch…….LYING !


    Time to give TODD…..de NOD…..!

  21. Adrian Loveridge


    Thank you.

    I just can’t understand how he continually thinks he can get away with it and no-one will notice.

    Also, surely you cannot have personnel in your own Ministry preparing accurate information and then completely ignore what they say?

  22. Wishing in Vain

    This total clown Lynch is not the sharpest tool in the shed and to boot he is cocky and arrogant with himself, do we need any better reason to kick his butt out of office??

    The people of this nation are hurt by the wicked stealing of their money by people that they elected to do a job not to steal from them, they are sick of the arrogance and the total disregard for the needs of the common man.

    How can it be fair with these people that have stashed away mega amounts of taxpayers cash now tell people that the inflation is not our problem it is your problem because you eat too much food ??


  23. Anonymous

    Adrian Loveridge,

    The first article refers to “over the past five years”.

    The second article refers “in 2007”.

    Please try again.

  24. Adrian Loveridge

    Nation – 12th December 2007
    “Tourism on the up and up’

    Minister Lynch stated ‘In fact, Barbados is ahead of other affiliates in terms of tourism arrivals, according to figures from the Caribbean Tourism Organisation’.

    Caribbean Tourism Organisation ‘Latest Statistics 2007’ published 3rd January 2008.

    Table 3: Tourism Arrivals by Main Market – 2007
    USA,Canada, Europe and Other
    Barbados showed a 5.3% DECLINE for period January- October.

    So which figures are the Minister quoting again?

  25. Adrian Loveridge

    Nation- Thursday 3rd January 2008

    Minister of Tourism, Lynch said ‘that through the efforts of the BTA and the Ministry of Tourism and International Transport, Barbados had been able to significantly expand and improve airlift to the destination’.

    Advocate – Tuesday 11th December 2007
    ‘Air challenge’

    ‘During the first nine months of the year (2007), overall capacity decreased by 67,519 seats or six per cent’.

    ‘Capacity out of Canada decreased by ten per cent’

    ‘Overall capacity out of the US fell by five per cent’

    ‘Caribbean capacity was reduced by eight per cent with load factors decreasing by three per cent’.

    ‘These challenges were outlined in a document prepared by the Ministry of Tourism’.

    According to the ‘Latest Statistics 2007′ published by the Caribbean Tourism Organisation – 3rd January 2008’, ‘Tourist arrivals by Main Market’
    for the period January -October 2007.

    Main markets include the USA, Canada and Europe including the UK for that period are DOWN 5.3%.

  26. Adrian Loveridge

    Remember that article that appeared in the Nation – 12th December 2007

    ‘Tourism on the up and up’

    Minister Lynch boasting ‘It’s the first time in recent history that we have grown in tier three’.

    Over the last few weeks, yet another carrier has been scaling back its services or reducing its operating aircraft size. The widely publicised Air Jamaica new route from Ft. Lauderdale has it fact cancelled several of its flights over the last four weeks and guests who arrived on today’s flight stated ‘there were only 10 persons on the plane’.

    One wonders what fiscal marketing support was given to Air Jamaica this route, as if ‘we’ are unable to fill the plane in the peak winter months, what chance is there in the summer?

    Maybe from Wednesday next, perhaps all we can hope is that we have a new Minister of Tourism that has a basic understanding of the industry or is willing to listen to those that do.

  27. Hants

    OTTAWA, Jan 11 (Reuters) – Canada’s economy unexpectedly shed jobs in December, beating even the most pessimistic forecast with the biggest job losses since May 2003 as the softening U.S. economy and strong currency took their toll on manufacturers.

    The Minister of Tourism should read what is going on in the world economy. Things getting tough in North America.

  28. Adrian Loveridge

    31st October 2007
    Daily Nation
    ‘Grantely Adams International Airport will be a Category 1 airport by yearend’.

    This assurance was given by Minister of Tourism and International Transport in the House of Assembly yesterday.


    BFP Comments

    Even if it does get a category I rating, will it still rain INSIDE the terminal?

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