CONTENT WARNING: The Best Of Caribbean Culture

Our friend Ian Bourne over at Bajan Reporter has some thoughts about the excesses of Hip Hop and Calypsonian entertainers. In my opinion the whole thing has gone to garbage because you never know these days how coarse the show will become. One used to be able to say that the show at so and so will be tame because of the venue, but now it is almost like the “entertainers” are trying to outdo each other to see who can cause the most offense.

Caribbean Culture?

Nope. At the worst, just low people being low people.

If you want to read about Ram’s latest excess or Akon and the preacher’s daughter (with photos), visit Bajan Reporter.

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One response to “CONTENT WARNING: The Best Of Caribbean Culture

  1. Originally Hip Hop started out bringing a positive message, but it got high jacked by a number of artists whose only claim to frame is rapping about their women, cars and “bling”.

    The garbage that is being shown and heard on the airways here in the U.S. has spread around the globe, and it’s a sad reflection to the rest of the world of all people of African decent – and that includes Caribbean culture.

    The biggest story circulating through the black community here in the U.S. is BET network’s Hot Ghetto Mess. BET decided to develop a show based on the website by the same name. The site is run by a Black female attorney – and I won’t even go into talking about her!

    BET, which stands for Black Entertainment Network, but bought out by a White corporate entity Viacom. BET is planning on launching a new series called “Hot Ghetto Mess”

    Black bloggers and citizens across the U.S. are trying to stop the corporate advertisers from letting this show go on the air. Yes, its hot and a mess!

    If we can stop this show from airing, maybe the tide can start to turn away from the exploitation of these negative images. Those of us who have a moral high ground need to stand up and say ENOUGH!