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Rihanna’s Umbrella Set To Become Longest-Running Number One Single For More Than A Decade


Nineteen years old and (despite the words of some critics) – still a home-girl. We predict that Rihanna will be around for a long time to come.

The BBC has the news here.


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OOPS… Tourism Minister Noel Lynch Gets Caught Lying Again!

Wednesday July 18th, 2007 – Midweek Nation

‘The first time that Minister of Tourism and International Transport, Noel Lynch knew about the introduction of trolleys at the airport was when the issue was raised by an Opposition MP in the House of Assembly’.

He made this clear while addressing Parliament yesterday, charging that any claim by Grantley Adams International Airport (GAIA) Inc, former board Chairman Colin Brewer to suggest otherwise was a lie’.

Well who exactly is lying?

According to the Government Information Service own website ‘On Tuesday August 15th, 2006 the Minister responsible for International Transport, The Honourable Noel Lynch, M.P. met with the Chairman and Directors of the Grantley Adams International Airport.

‘Central to these discussions was the functioning of the Porter (Red Cap) service at the Airport. The matter was fully vented and all present agreed unreservedly that the Porters (Red Caps) would under no circumstances be disadvantaged relative to any role being performed by them at present or in the future of the facility’.

It added ‘The operational plans for the Arrivals Hall under the expanded and upgraded Airport and a new management structure had always contemplated the provision of ‘personal’ luggage trolleys for use by incoming passengers, operating in conjunction and along side Porters but never to the detriment of the existing porter corps’.

In today’s Nation report Lynch insisted ‘that the first time he had any knowledge of the introduction of trolleys at GAIA, was when the issue was raised in the House of Assembly by St. Michael South central MP, Richard Sealy a year ago’.

Adrian Loveridge


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Barbados Tourism Minister Actually Accuses Someone Else Of Lying – Former Airport Chairman Colin Brewer. We Say… Let’s See All The Documents!

Takes One To Know One, I Guess!

According to prevaricator extraordinaire and Minister of Tourism Noel Lynch, former Grantley Adams International Airport board chairman Colin Brewer is “lying” if he says that Government was aware of the introduction of trolleys at the airport. (Nation News article here)

It should be a simple argument to settle. One would think that either the GAIA Authority or Colin Brewer himself would have some written record of the trolleys issue – especially as how it was important enough to cause all sorts of labour problems at the airport. Surely there would have been some written discussion or memos between the GAIA and government?

Except, as we all know…

Keeping Proper Records Is Not How Things Are Done In Barbados

Paper or electronic business records are kept to a minimum by government and government agencies because records make for accountability. Without records, it is difficult to assess just what happen or to assign liability or blame. So, following the government’s lead, agencies like the GAIA keep minimal records.

Heck, the government even put over a hundred million dollars into the Kensington Oval without any written agreement as to who would own the stadium after the expenditures. If that isn’t leadership of the wrong kind, then I don’t know what you call it.

Corruption has taken over the government infrastructure from top to bottom. That’s a function of leadership, you know. A textbook top-down-by-example lesson.

Airport Concessions Scandal Was Just More Of The Same

When the top leadership of a country is so determined to make a piece out of everything they touch that they won’t even approve a free AIDS clinic or a free National Park without their personal cut, that sets an example for the rest of the government workers.

Take the rumours that Airport Authority Chairman Colin Brewer owns some of the terminal concessions at the airport. That Colin Brewer opened up the bids for concessions, read them all and then submitted his company’s bid as “the lowest bid” (naturally!). Such an even would be an obvious conflict of interest and totally unethical.

But, of course, not prohibited by law in Barbados!

So if Colin Brewer observed the Prime Minister and all his cronies continually engaged in unethical behaviour… if Brewer saw that the Owen Arthur government deliberately failed to instituted conflict of interest regulations and integrity laws for over a decade – what conclusion could he or anyone else arrive at other than such corrupt (but not illegal) activities and their profits go with his position of authority?

So What’s The Story, Mr. Brewer and Mr. Prime Minister?

Was Colin Brewer fired for conflict of interest as the rumours are saying? Did he, does he own any shares in any airport concession? Do any other connected persons own any shares in any airport concession?

Don’t hold your breath waiting for an answer, folks!


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Two Nabbed With 16 Pounds Of Heroin On Flight From Barbados

Obviously some folks are more excited about our geographical location rather than our beautiful Bajan beaches and friendly smiles…

Hardbeatnews, CHARLOTTE, N.C., Weds. July 18, 2007:

A mother and her 19-year-old daughter were recently nabbed with more than 16 pounds of heroin aboard a US Airways flight from Barbados.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers at North Carolina’s Charlotte-Douglas International Airport thwarted the smuggling attempt by the unnamed U.S. citizen and her daughter on June 30.

Both passengers agreed to a partial search, which revealed eight packages concealed on each passenger taped to their torsos, thighs and calves. A total of 16.33 pounds of heroin was discovered hidden in the packages. Both passengers were taken into custody and turned over to state and local authorities for prosecution.  –  Hardbeatnews.com

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CONTENT WARNING: The Best Of Caribbean Culture

Our friend Ian Bourne over at Bajan Reporter has some thoughts about the excesses of Hip Hop and Calypsonian entertainers. In my opinion the whole thing has gone to garbage because you never know these days how coarse the show will become. One used to be able to say that the show at so and so will be tame because of the venue, but now it is almost like the “entertainers” are trying to outdo each other to see who can cause the most offense.

Caribbean Culture?

Nope. At the worst, just low people being low people.

If you want to read about Ram’s latest excess or Akon and the preacher’s daughter (with photos), visit Bajan Reporter.

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