Trinidad and Tobago Says No To CARICOM Cricket Lottery – “Government Wants No Further Involvement In Gambling”

It looks like the Trinidad and Tobago government meant what it said about getting out of the gambling business.

Less than two weeks ago, T&T announced that they were outlawing slot machines – while in Barbados the morally bankrupt and socially irresponsible Owen Arthur Government rings full speed ahead in a social engineering program designed to make gambling a part of local Bajan communities. (See BFP’s Trinidad and Tobago Outlaws Slot Machines – While Barbados Imports Thousands More)

From today’s Trinidad & Tobago Express…

T&T Not Batting For Cricket Lotto

Trinidad and Tobago will not participate in the proposed Caricom lotto to help fund West Indies cricket because the government wants no further involvement in gambling.

Sport Minister Roger Boynes made the disclosure during yesterday’s post-Cabinet news conference at Whitehall, Port of Spain.

Government has made no moves to end the State-operated Lotto in the country.

“The position with respect to gambling and that sort of thing, I believe the government of Trinidad and Tobago, we feel that we should not position ourselves in that regard,” Boynes said.

The Caricom Heads of Government, including Prime Minister Patrick Manning, during their 28th meeting in Barbados last week, approved the cricket lotto which had been proposed by the West Indies Cricket Board.

Grenada Prime Minister Dr Keith Mitchell, who chairs Caricom’s prime ministerial committee on cricket, said last week that the lotto would be operational by September.

Boynes said the Cabinet will consider assisting in making up for any shortfall not met by the lottery system to help fund West Indies cricket after it receives a comprehensive assessment from the WICB to determine what each Caricom member state’s contribution should be.

When Manning spoke to reporters in Barbados last week, he did not disclose that Trinidad and Tobago had decided not to participate in the cricket lotto.

Manning had told reporters last October, after his 2007 national budget presentation, that his administration had served notice of a planned phase-out of the State-operated Lotto, Play Whe and National Lottery systems as it had declared war on gambling.

To date, the Manning administration has only introduced legislation that was passed in the Parliament last month to phase out slot machines at casinos and private members clubs.

That legislation is yet to take effect but one association representing the local gaming industry says it threatens the livelihood of some 7,000 employees.

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7 responses to “Trinidad and Tobago Says No To CARICOM Cricket Lottery – “Government Wants No Further Involvement In Gambling”

  1. reality check

    “* Wealth without work
    * Pleasure without conscience
    * Knowledge without character
    * Commerce without morality
    * Science without humanity
    * Worship without sacrifice
    * Politics without principle
    * Rights without Responsibilities”

    Finally a caribbean government showing some principles!!!

  2. Anonymous

    Trinidad Gov’t. is quite right. BAN IT.

  3. Sapidillo

    Barbados has to do what it has to do and so is Trinidad. Sometimes what is good/bad for the goose is not always bad/good for the gander.

  4. Anonymous

    Sapadillo is of course entirely correct,
    what works for one doesn’t necessarily work for another.

  5. Paradox

    Most people are aware of the potential dangers gambling can bring to any one country. Perhaps this has alluded the “Powers that be”; or are willing to over-look for the sake of a few dollars.
    If this should go ahead, can we conclude, ‘A person(Bajan or no Bajan) with money can have what he wants in Barbados no matter what impact it might have on the citizens’.
    I find it quite fasinating that a country which values christianity so highly could be so quiet. What are our Ministers saying/doing? Are we to believe that once a government,B,C,D,or Z is in favour of something, it is right? Are we so short sighted? What are the so called “Men/women of the cloth” saying?
    Uncle Tom says, ” Hear none, see none, do none; you need some one with moral responsibility to lead by example”. He continued, “You may live for the next 100 years or more and it might not happen,cause they are so far and few…”.

  6. Wishin in Vain

    Not likely that our gang will side step the issue after all Nicholls, Bannister and Mr See thru Owing are bringing in 2,500 slots now.

  7. We need to wake up and face reality. Barbados is morally corrupt. We are the greatest pretenders around. When it suits our cause we feign christianity. Our politicians have lost their moral rudder and are adrift. They are available to the highest bidder. Do not take my word for it; do some analysis and see. the Prime Minister received a cheque for five million dollars and deposited it in his personal bank account. Had it not been raised by David Thompson, ordinary members of John Public would not have known.

    The bath that cost half million dollars and the explaination given that the cost was in the foundation. Everyone knows that you cannot excavate the foundation to find the true cost.

    The GEMS project and the money spent without explaination.

    Whatever you want in Barbados you can get. From drugs of all description to sex of all description with all ages and all sexes.

    It is thertefore no wonder that our country is decaying.