Jury Finds Former Alaska Politician Guilty Of Bribery – Connections To VECO And Private Prison Company Cornell Industries Inc.

Who Says That God Does Not Have A Sense Of Humour?

Former Alaskan State Representative Thomas T. (Tom) Anderson was convicted on Monday by a jury of his peers for corruptly accepting money to influence the legislative process in favour of private prison company Cornell Industries Inc. He faces a sentence of up to 125 years in prison and ironically could end up in a prison run by Cornell.

Why It Matters To Barbados

Convicted politician Thomas Anderson was also corruptly in the pay of VECO – the same company that is building the new Barbados prison. You know… the one that is $200 million dollars over budget or so, depending upon which Barbados government minister is telling the lie on any given day.

A major FBI investigation into VECO has shown that bribery and political corruption are merely standard operating procedures used by that company. Anderson was the fourth person convicted so far in an ongoing investigation that hasn’t even started to scratch the surface of the corruption surrounding Alaska-based VECO.

Barbados Prison Is Hundreds Of Millions Of Dollars Over Budget – How Much Of That Is Due To VECO’s Corrupt Acts And Political Payoffs?

Every Barbados citizen knows that when you combine VECO’s top-down corporate culture of corruption with the political corruption and payoffs that are endemic to Barbados – the cost overrun on our new prison stinks to high heaven.

As we said in our previous article Barbados Prison Builder VECO To Be Sold – Will Court Actions Stop This Attempt To Shed Liability For VECO’s Corrupt Activities?

Barbados Attorney General Dale Marshall was quick to absolve VECO of any corrupt activities for both the jail and the previous oil terminal project. Within days of the scandal breaking, the Attorney General held a press conference to say “Everything be jus fine wit dem nice honest people from VECO. Nothin to see here folks. Move along, move along.”

Yup, the AG was quick to absolve VECO: way too quick. Outrageously too quick in fact.

The FBI investigation is not even up to speed, there are hundreds of hours of secretly recorded conversations and thousands of pages of potential evidence that haven’t yet been revealed, more arrests to come and probably some public hearings – yet the Attorney General announces that he’s looked into everything in a morning meeting and it’s all clean.

It is not over until its over Mr. Marshall – and this investigation hasn’t even started to heat up.

There is a Barbados side to the VECO corruption investigation that is just waiting to see daylight… and when it does, oh boy!

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2 responses to “Jury Finds Former Alaska Politician Guilty Of Bribery – Connections To VECO And Private Prison Company Cornell Industries Inc.

  1. Adrian Loveridge

    Two pleaded GUILTY and one more if found GUILTY.
    How many more will follow?

    And still the question has to be answered,
    why would the Government of Barbados contract a company that had no previous experience building prisons and that had been under FBI investigation from as early as 1989?

  2. Wishing in Vain

    Will a FBI investigation reach these shores to find out who they paid here for favours.