Canadian Prime Minister Visits Barbados July 18, 19 – With The Canadian News Media… What News Stories Do We Want To Tell Canadians?


PMs Stephen Harper & Owen Arthur Will Hold Talks In Barbados

Will Environment Minister Liz Thompson Be Allowed Near This “Caucasian Male”? **

For two days, July 18 and 19, 2007, the Canadian journalists traveling with Prime Minister Harper on his Caribbean and Latin American tour will be in Barbados. The Canadian media folks will be hungry for news stories to send back home – stories that break from the traditional dry political photo ops that they usually get stuck with.

Our Cliverton suggests that some of BFP’s stories about the government’s attack on freedom of the press and corruption issues will be of great interest to the traveling journalists.

Contrary to Clive, Auntie Moses argues that we should remain positive as our national reputation is a stake and we don’t want to sour the Canadian folks with any negativity about Barbados. “Keep smiling and get them cold tourists down here!” she says. “Show ’em only the good. Nice smilin’ friendly Bajans an a good place to visit an bring their dollars that is almost good as US dollars in this moment.”

Auntie Moses has a point, but Robert is of the opinion that “This is a big chance to gain international exposure on the issues that concern Bajans the most. Only international pressure matters to the government. Arthur’s gang doesn’t care about domestic opinion and why should they? The Barbados media does as told.”

Shona says, “Keep your mouth shut and nothing will change.”

George says, “I’m in charge of spam and its too much work. Leave me out of it. Where’s my rum?”

As for Marcus? I think we want to send a message that Barbados is a fine place, and Bajans are fine, welcoming people – but we have a problem with our government that is threatening our freedoms and our democracy.

What Do Our Readers Think That Bajans Should Be Telling The Canadian Media?

Comments are open!

from Canadian News…

Harper to visit Latin America and Caribbean

Updated Tue. Jul. 10 2007 9:05 AM ET News Staff

Prime Minister Stephen Harper will visit Colombia, Chile, Barbados and Haiti from July 15 to 20 in an effort to “establish new partnerships in the Americas” and enhance Canada’s relationships in Latin America and the Caribbean.

“Through this enhanced engagement, Canada could achieve real progress on key issues such as security, democratic governance and economic prosperity,” Harper’s office said in a release on Tuesday.

The prime minister will meet with foreign leaders and representatives from the private sector in the region as well as Canadians.

He will begin his visit in Bogota and meet with Colombian President Alvaro Uribe. On July 17 and 18, he will visit Chile and meet with President Michelle Bachelet.

On July 18 and 19, Harper will visit Barbados and meet with Prime Minister Owen Arthur and other Caribbean leaders.

On July 20, the Prime Minister will conclude his trip with a visit to Haiti to meet with President Rene Preval.

** Re: “Caucasian Male”

If you are not familiar with Government Minister Liz Thompson’s opinion of the “Caucasian Male”, you can listen to her here.



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14 responses to “Canadian Prime Minister Visits Barbados July 18, 19 – With The Canadian News Media… What News Stories Do We Want To Tell Canadians?

  1. John

    Wonder if he got Patrick Porter’s letter…..!!

    Maybe he is coming to see for himself.

  2. Hants

    Sell,Sell,Sell. That is what Bajans must do. Try to get more Tourist from Canada. Auntie Moses is right.

    It is better for the Journalist to say good things about Barbados so as to help the most important industry on the Island.

    Besides Canadian journalists have been dealing with a lot of scandals and corruption up here.

    Harper came to power by exposing corruption in the Liberal party. He is also against Tax Havens so we should be on our best behaviour.

  3. God Bless David

    Don’t joke…since Harper became PM he has visited much worse places than Bim…he’s been to Afghanistan twice already, for a start…I think it was actually his first trip outside of North America as PM! Barbados is a veritable paradise by all comparative measures…

  4. Verdana

    I think is right to inform about all the shyte going on here. It’s time to speak out !!

  5. Paradox

    All valid points above by the team at BFP. None of us should condone any government who is corrupted or denies its citizens freedom of expression. All governments given a mandate by its people, should insure transparency and where suspicion arises that government should ‘open the books’ for all to see. The Press should be free to report on all issues without FEAR.
    Foreign media has played a great part in changing many countries behaviour including China, North Korea and hopefully Zimbabwe.Those 3 are well known for stifling freedom of expression by its media. If foreign media was not at work, many of us would have no idea of the brutality THERE.
    On the point of the Minister; while we should not condone behaviour of this kind, whether in public office or not,we all know that one can say something in the heat of the moment and next day regret it. That’s not to say we should not remind others. Perhaps others would learn, to think before you…….
    Marcus, I am in agreement with you.

  6. Pogo

    Hey Canada has always been good to Barbados so give their PM the best treatment possible.

    Maybe Mr. Harper can provide a copy of the Canadian laws of conflict of interest and freedom of information since we hear he is solid on that whereas our own PM is, ah, er, how to say this, missing in action on the subject.

  7. great theatre

    Why not get Liz and the former Barbadian RCMP officer Richard Goddard to give a joint presentation to Harper? It would be great theatre!!!

    Maybe Richard could do a mock arrest of Liz for many of the her past actions which would be actionable in Canada ( excluding negligence and incompetency )?

    CBC would have its greatest audience ever!

  8. Gordon

    George says, “I’m in charge of spam and its too much work. Leave me out of it. Where’s my rum?”

    Can George really be this cranky all the time? Or is this a running joke among the BFP folks? Whichever it is, i’m pretty sure he’s my favourite! I’m humbly asking him to contribute more articles, if only to hear his response!!


    BFP comments…

    We are laughing at lunch Gordon. George love to act the part of a cranky old fart and everybody thinks he one for real. George better write another piece!

  9. Green Monkey

    Pogo said:

    Maybe Mr. Harper can provide a copy of the Canadian laws of conflict of interest and freedom of information since we hear he is solid on that whereas our own PM is, ah, er, how to say this, missing in action on the subject.

    And then he can explain to Owen how he gets around them and gets Canadian gov’t business funneled to his conservative cronies in Canada, conflict of interest and freedom of information laws notwithstanding – as described here:

  10. RRRicky

    Enforcement of laws is another issue, but surely Green Monkey is not saying that Canada or Barbados would be better off without conflict of interest laws?

  11. J. Payne

    I really and truely do believe Canadians real— love Caribbean people.

    I read news from Canada every day and they don’t talk like the Americans do. They are quick also to jump on their government whenever it doesn’t assist other countries… And Canadians really jumped on their government over Aristide in not helping him etc.

    Example article by a Canadian.
    *A window of opportunity

    Plus Canadian article take a more genuine intrest for the Caribbean’s well being…

    * Canada recruits more Jamaicans

    * They love going to the Barbados on the Water festival up in Toronto….

    *They love when the Ottawa Sentors Hockey team celebrates Barbados Night……

    * They just recently had a featured article about Canadian Senator Anne Cools (A born Bar-bajan!) and her life experience in an article the other day….

    *Then recently they had another featured article about Canadian-Bajan that plans to run for office soon.

    *This is their foreign police Magazine the Embassy Mag. Read what it says should be Canada’s foreign policy towards the Caribbean (scroll half way down past the part about Brazil if you wish…)

    *They love it when CHUM FM and Magic FM broadcast live from Barbados (and yes- even give away a couple tickets to a few lucky few Canadians.)

    *Canada’s engagement with Guyana could increase, says official–13-13–.html

    *National Flag carrier proposed for Guyana

    *You should have heard the Mayor of Toronto bigging up Caribana…. (As seen below)

    Personally I think the Caribbean Community should consider launching a 24/7 soca/calypso station up in Toronto. It’s the perfect market for it I know many Canadians would love it etc.

    *P.S. look at the front page of the Newspaper right now they have photos of Caribana.

    *Firstly I know I’m not pie-in-the sky I know also that some Caribbean people do face some issues in Canada (just like the United States, Britain etc.) but it is not as bad as in the States. In the states they want to keep you down.)

    Tradition a powerful draw

  12. J. Payne

    As I stated, and now have proof yet again.

    In today’s paper it reads that many Canadians have been commenting and voicing their opinion that Mr. Harper should include Human Rights in all of his talks held while on his tour…

    Canadians are raising their voice that this should not just be about making a quick buck, and that citizens in the countries visited need to be protected as a priority.

    From Today’s Ottawa Citizen newspaper.
    Article: Harper pressed to keep rights at fore of Latin America trip

    Officials say agenda is not just economic
    Richard Foot, The Ottawa Citizen
    Published: Thursday, July 12, 2007

    Prime Minister Stephen Harper begins a whirlwind visit to Latin America on Sunday, beset by calls to press rights issues there, but equally intent on raising Canada’s political and economic profile in a region heralded as a new priority for the government.[. . . ]

  13. Yardbroom

    Barbados is to have a visit from the Prime Minister of Canada Mr. Stephen Harper, and we should give him a warm Barbados welcome, with the courtesy as befits a friendly country’s Prime Minister. Often close to general elections politicians are eager to be seen with international statesmen. Some of these visits have been instigated, for others the timing is just fortuitous, as it allows some politicians to appear statesmanlike, with the pompt and ceremony of such visits.

    However time should not weary us, or account for us losing our focus, which is accountability, integrity and an improvement in the circumstances of the Barbadian people.

    We still need to know the legal situation regarding the Chinese workers in Barbados, to treat the population with contempt through “silence,” to questions asked is not good enough. Not to have satisfying answers, and a refusal to be questioned over the sudden acquisition of large sums of money and property is not an option. We will not be wearied into forgetfulness, the burden is too great, this Government has ignored us for too long, and the contempt with which we have been, and are treated has made us even more aware of our invisibility.

    The Government has ignored us, they have not listened to our entreties, and treated us like children. In essence they have said you have asked your questions, we will answer you with “silence” and like small children, you will forget and go away and play, but I am afraid ” we will not forget, the wounds of the contempt shown to us are too deep, and we will not be treated as invisible people – not seen and ignored.

    Burnish your image as you wish, politicians of our Government, but we will look only beneath the image, and what we see is not pleasant, so we turn away, for beneath the image is corruption, greed, mismanagement, squandering of our nation’s resources and treating the electorate with contempt.

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