Barbados Expropriated Lands – Selective Reporting: Nation News Again Covers Only The Government Message

The other day in Parliament, the Opposition gave a broadside to the Government over expropriated lands and unethical actions by the National Housing Corporation. Even Elizabeth Thompson, one of the government’s own Ministers, heavily criticized the NHC for lack of accountability and performance issues.

This was fairly reported by the CBC, but once again the Nation News printed a version of the debate that only covers Minister of Housing Reginald Farley’s glowing praise of government, and fails to mention any criticism at all. One has to wonder if the reporters were on the same planet.

Check it out for yourself…

The Nation News: Farley: Digital Mapping A Step Up

CBC: Parliament Debate NHC Land Sales


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8 responses to “Barbados Expropriated Lands – Selective Reporting: Nation News Again Covers Only The Government Message

  1. anon

    I listened to the debate. You are trying to raise issues that were not in the debate. Please elaborate on what unethical actions of the NHC were mentioned

  2. BFP

    What unethical actions were mentioned?

    I guess you don’t see anything wrong with government seizing privately held lands, then giving it to the National Housing Corporation – then the NHC turns around and doesn’t use the land, but then sells it for a profit back into private hands.

    If that isn’t unethical then nothing is.

    Then we have Minister Liz Thompson saying that she can’t even get the NHC to answer her questions in a letter!

    Heck, if that doesn’t show out-of-control, couldn’t care less unethical behaviour, then we have different standards.

    If the NHC won’t even be accountable to a Minister of Government, how do you think that they treat ordinary citizens?

    Hey…. Do you work for the NHC? 😉

  3. cat eyes

    Yes, Liz Thompson lambasted the NHC for their rudeness and disrespecful out-of-control behaviour. She would know. She was a housing Minister.
    And it stinks to high heaven that they send the land straight into the hands of speculators when everywhere you turn there is a Barbadian who would like land at the gov’t subsidised price. Our National HOusing Corporation should not be in the business of accommodating speculators. David Thompson has said time and time again that the NHC is not fulfilling the mandate which it was originally given when the DLP established the entity. They were originally called the Housing Authority with a mandate to provide housing for the people. They are now bigtime incompetent contractors, procurers of incompetent contractors, purveyors of houses for friends of the BLP (mostly female friends) and custodians of a list of hundreds of poor persons waiting in vain for an affordable roof over their heads.Which average Bajan can go to Wanstead/Husands next week and win a bid with the land hawks out there????? Puhlease anon. Step into the real Barbados!!!!

  4. Either Liz Thompson is a liar or a poor Minister or both.

    When did she write the purported letters to NHC on behalf of her constituents? Was it when she was Minister of Housing? If so, why could she not have issued a directive? Why would a NHC Board that she appointed ignore her requests? I find that hard to believe knowing how bombastic she is!

    If she did write, and they ignored her; then she is a poor Minister. If she wrote whilst Farley was Minister, then it does not say much for her and her Cabinet colleagues.

    Liz is just clutching at straws cause she has been a poor MP and a good bs… as a Minister.

    Notwithstanding that, NHC will remain the same unless some Minister and some Government (B or D) has the guts to stop politicizing the NHC and start letting it conduct it affairs in a professional manner. However, it would need professional Managers, which would mean that George Edghill would have to be retired or sent to the post of Prison Chief!

  5. Littleboy

    Peter Piper
    George Edghill as WHAT!!!!! We would have more Winston Halls than ever!!! George cannot organize a piss up in a brewery!!!
    You ever heard him speak aor try to “clarify” any NHC problems?
    He has passed his “sell by date”. Send him home!!!

  6. anon

    NHC and Government are the same. If Minister Thompson finds that the management of NHC is not performing nor doing what it should be doing then there are ways of dealing with this through the public services commission

  7. J. Payne

    WOW. It sounds like Barbados trying to be like the US in true….

    From what BFP is describing it sounds like what the US calls Eminent Domain law…

    The summer before last, a major US circuit court ruled that it would be legal here in the USA for the US government to use “Eminent Domain” (e.g. the right to forcefully acquire private lands for the public good.)

    It was ruled that E.D. could be used to take lands (or property) away from one individuals and turn over to private interests.

    This case was significant because the city wanted to seize several beach front homes owned by private individuals but they didn’t want to sell no matter how “Fair” the price was the government was offering. They challenged and the US gov’t challenged that they should have the right to seize the homes and build high-rise beach condos which would include some kind of other beachfront street level beach stores shops etc. that would bring people to the coast…

    See the case below:


    where is the deeds for all this land and empty houses , buying vote with worker and news clips of houses built?more fraud