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Question About The Tax Implications Of Painting Houses In Barbados – Who Knows The Answer?

BFP reader “N” asks…

Hi Guys

Just checking something here….is it true that there was some tax incentive for Bajans who did not paint their homes? I want to clarify this matter with someone.

OK BFP readers… let’s do the Wiki “Knowledge of Crowds” thing and see if we can answer this question for N. Comments are open…


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Barbados Expropriated Lands – Selective Reporting: Nation News Again Covers Only The Government Message

The other day in Parliament, the Opposition gave a broadside to the Government over expropriated lands and unethical actions by the National Housing Corporation. Even Elizabeth Thompson, one of the government’s own Ministers, heavily criticized the NHC for lack of accountability and performance issues.

This was fairly reported by the CBC, but once again the Nation News printed a version of the debate that only covers Minister of Housing Reginald Farley’s glowing praise of government, and fails to mention any criticism at all. One has to wonder if the reporters were on the same planet.

Check it out for yourself…

The Nation News: Farley: Digital Mapping A Step Up

CBC: Parliament Debate NHC Land Sales


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Barbados Government Completes Digital Mapping Of Barbados Via Satellite… NOW POST IT ON THE WEB


Secretive Barbados Government Does Everything It Can To Deny Public Information To Citizens

The Government of Barbados has just completed using GPS satellite technology to digitally map the country. When this information is combined with satellite photographs and existing maps it provides an invaluable resource for anyone seeking to locate and closely define the exact positions of land boundaries, buildings and other features on the island. Access to this information would allow citizens to hold government officials accountable for the many schemes and violations of law that we have seen over the years – especially in relation to public lands.

So it is no wonder that the government will now hide the information from the citizens of Barbados.

There is also an inventory of government lands and buildings that exists, but the Government of Barbados sees no reason why any citizen should have access to that list either.

Pray tell us, Mr. Prime Minister, why the people of Barbados should continually have to beg for knowledge about what lands they own, and to whom our lands are sold and under what circumstances?

In this day such information could easily be posted on the web for all citizens to access. It could be posted on the web tomorrow with the push of a button.

But that would foil the strategy of the political and business elites in this country – who have for so long made money from the people’s land and resources. The elites will do anything to maintain their exclusive access to what should be public knowledge.

from The Nation News…

Farley: Digital mapping a step up

Published on: 7/11/07.

GOVERNMENT has completed the digital mapping of Barbados with the satellite technology offering an accuracy of half-a-metre or 18 inches.

This was disclosed yesterday by Minister of Housing and Lands Reginald Farley as he introduced a pair of resolutions in the House of Assembly to vest lands at two locations in St James in the National Housing Corporation (NHC) for their sale or lease.

The first was to approve the vesting of 781.6 square metres of land and a dwelling house at 42 Paradise Heights, formerly occupied by the top executive of the Caribbean Centre for Development Administration (CARICAD); while the second was to vest the 10 651 square feet and a dwelling house at 92 Wanstead Terrace, formerly occupied by a consultant at the Psychiatric Hospital.

Responding to calls from both sides of the House for there to be an inventory of Government lands, Farley pointed out that one did in fact exist, and contained about 2 600 listings, while the Crown owned about 478 buildings.

“The Lands and Surveys Department has completed the digital mapping of Barbados,” Farley said, “so that [for] all of Barbados, you can have down to an accuracy of half-a-metre – 18 inches – and you can take approximate measurements to do several scenarios.

“What we are seeking to do now by way of an enhanced land management system is to put that information on top of the geographic information system. And we will be overlaying on top of that base map, the registered survey plans for the Lands and Surveys department, the Land Tax information and all other relevant information.

Easy access

“So that within the ministry you will be able at the click of a mouse to go onto a parcel of land to find out information about ownership – whether it is owned by Government or someone else; you will be able to get contour information [that is] height, depth, slopes; [and] you will be able to get the information on how it is zoned.”

Farley said with the inventory in place, what was required was more effective policing of Government lands to make sure they were used for the intended purpose and that unauthorised people do not have access to those lands.

“Quite frankly,” he added, “too often when lands have to be surveyed either for sale or lease or for some form of development, it is then discovered there is some form of encroachment.”


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Mo’s Grill Fish – Oistins Barbados… Yum!


Mo Puts Up A YouTube Advertisement!

Mo always pretends to sing while she grills 😉

… but it is the grill fish and soft rice and peas all washed down with a Banks that keeps us comin’ back. And, of course, Mo’s smile and friendly manner.

We all recommend Mo’s with a 10 out of 10, but we had no idea that she had a YouTube advert up or we would have featured it earlier.

Click on the photo to see Mo’s YouTube advertisement. Cutting edge grill fish fur sur!

Mo’s YouTube advertisement was done by Kris and Miasha at Life-n-Styles Barbados


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Jury Finds Former Alaska Politician Guilty Of Bribery – Connections To VECO And Private Prison Company Cornell Industries Inc.

Who Says That God Does Not Have A Sense Of Humour?

Former Alaskan State Representative Thomas T. (Tom) Anderson was convicted on Monday by a jury of his peers for corruptly accepting money to influence the legislative process in favour of private prison company Cornell Industries Inc. He faces a sentence of up to 125 years in prison and ironically could end up in a prison run by Cornell.

Why It Matters To Barbados

Convicted politician Thomas Anderson was also corruptly in the pay of VECO – the same company that is building the new Barbados prison. You know… the one that is $200 million dollars over budget or so, depending upon which Barbados government minister is telling the lie on any given day.

A major FBI investigation into VECO has shown that bribery and political corruption are merely standard operating procedures used by that company. Anderson was the fourth person convicted so far in an ongoing investigation that hasn’t even started to scratch the surface of the corruption surrounding Alaska-based VECO.

Barbados Prison Is Hundreds Of Millions Of Dollars Over Budget – How Much Of That Is Due To VECO’s Corrupt Acts And Political Payoffs?

Every Barbados citizen knows that when you combine VECO’s top-down corporate culture of corruption with the political corruption and payoffs that are endemic to Barbados – the cost overrun on our new prison stinks to high heaven.

As we said in our previous article Barbados Prison Builder VECO To Be Sold – Will Court Actions Stop This Attempt To Shed Liability For VECO’s Corrupt Activities?

Barbados Attorney General Dale Marshall was quick to absolve VECO of any corrupt activities for both the jail and the previous oil terminal project. Within days of the scandal breaking, the Attorney General held a press conference to say “Everything be jus fine wit dem nice honest people from VECO. Nothin to see here folks. Move along, move along.”

Yup, the AG was quick to absolve VECO: way too quick. Outrageously too quick in fact.

The FBI investigation is not even up to speed, there are hundreds of hours of secretly recorded conversations and thousands of pages of potential evidence that haven’t yet been revealed, more arrests to come and probably some public hearings – yet the Attorney General announces that he’s looked into everything in a morning meeting and it’s all clean.

It is not over until its over Mr. Marshall – and this investigation hasn’t even started to heat up.

There is a Barbados side to the VECO corruption investigation that is just waiting to see daylight… and when it does, oh boy!

Forbes: Former Alaska Lawmaker Guilty Of Bribery


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Canadian Prime Minister Visits Barbados July 18, 19 – With The Canadian News Media… What News Stories Do We Want To Tell Canadians?


PMs Stephen Harper & Owen Arthur Will Hold Talks In Barbados

Will Environment Minister Liz Thompson Be Allowed Near This “Caucasian Male”? **

For two days, July 18 and 19, 2007, the Canadian journalists traveling with Prime Minister Harper on his Caribbean and Latin American tour will be in Barbados. The Canadian media folks will be hungry for news stories to send back home – stories that break from the traditional dry political photo ops that they usually get stuck with.

Our Cliverton suggests that some of BFP’s stories about the government’s attack on freedom of the press and corruption issues will be of great interest to the traveling journalists.

Contrary to Clive, Auntie Moses argues that we should remain positive as our national reputation is a stake and we don’t want to sour the Canadian folks with any negativity about Barbados. “Keep smiling and get them cold tourists down here!” she says. “Show ’em only the good. Nice smilin’ friendly Bajans an a good place to visit an bring their dollars that is almost good as US dollars in this moment.”

Auntie Moses has a point, but Robert is of the opinion that “This is a big chance to gain international exposure on the issues that concern Bajans the most. Only international pressure matters to the government. Arthur’s gang doesn’t care about domestic opinion and why should they? The Barbados media does as told.”

Shona says, “Keep your mouth shut and nothing will change.”

George says, “I’m in charge of spam and its too much work. Leave me out of it. Where’s my rum?”

As for Marcus? I think we want to send a message that Barbados is a fine place, and Bajans are fine, welcoming people – but we have a problem with our government that is threatening our freedoms and our democracy.

What Do Our Readers Think That Bajans Should Be Telling The Canadian Media?

Comments are open!

from CTV.ca Canadian News…

Harper to visit Latin America and Caribbean

Updated Tue. Jul. 10 2007 9:05 AM ET

CTV.ca News Staff

Prime Minister Stephen Harper will visit Colombia, Chile, Barbados and Haiti from July 15 to 20 in an effort to “establish new partnerships in the Americas” and enhance Canada’s relationships in Latin America and the Caribbean.

“Through this enhanced engagement, Canada could achieve real progress on key issues such as security, democratic governance and economic prosperity,” Harper’s office said in a release on Tuesday.

The prime minister will meet with foreign leaders and representatives from the private sector in the region as well as Canadians.

He will begin his visit in Bogota and meet with Colombian President Alvaro Uribe. On July 17 and 18, he will visit Chile and meet with President Michelle Bachelet.

On July 18 and 19, Harper will visit Barbados and meet with Prime Minister Owen Arthur and other Caribbean leaders.

On July 20, the Prime Minister will conclude his trip with a visit to Haiti to meet with President Rene Preval.

** Re: “Caucasian Male”

If you are not familiar with Government Minister Liz Thompson’s opinion of the “Caucasian Male”, you can listen to her here.


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