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Barbados Storm Watch – Maybe Not, Probably Not… But Keep Your Weather Eye On It


Heading Our Way – Expected In 2 Days

Reuters put out an article a couple of days ago quoting the National Hurricane Center as saying that it was “becoming less likely” that the depression heading towards Barbados would turn into a major event.

… but these things can change, so as is usual wise Bajans keep an eye on the weather.

Reuters article here.

National Hurricane Center here.


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Updated: Indian Slave Labourers Rebel In Anguilla


UPDATED: Indian Labourers Have Pay Doubled

The Indian “slaves” (as described by Don Mitchell CBE, QC of Corruption Free Anguilla blog) have had their wages doubled. “Doubled” says a lot.

Read about it at the Houston Chronicle here.

Original Story…

Indians, Chinese, Sri Lankins – The New Caribbean Slave Labour

Anguilla obviously has the same problem as Barbados – the government allows outside labour to be shipped in to work for far less wages and under conditions that citizens would not put up with.

The whole “outside labour” scam only works if the government allows companies to get away with it.

But sooner or later, the slaves rebel…

Excerpt From Corruption-Free Anguilla Blog…

We have a developing humanitarian crisis in Anguilla that needs to be told. It involves the rebellion by the Indian slave labour that our government has permitted the KOR Group and Viceroy Resorts to import into Anguilla.

It was at 3:00 pm yesterday Tuesday 26 June that the police stopped the Indian workers at South Hill. They had been walking into the Valley to complain to the Labour Commissioner. Iwandai and Heartbeat Radio broadcast live for some hours from the scene. Eventually, the Commissioner of Police relented. He permitted their Anguillian sympathisers to drive the Asians to the Labour Commissioner’s office in The Valley.

There were then at least fifty of them. The Labour Commissioner met with a few of their representative. There, they told their tale of the unbearable conditions which they were treated to at Barnes Bay. Wages of US$180.00 per month. Meat for dinner just once per week. Work-related injuries that remained untreated. Eleven-hour days, six days per week, in the blazing sun. Eight men bunking in a container in the container village to which they were confined.

Anguillians were affected by their plight. Many of them had lost their better paying jobs when these Asians had been brought in to replace them at Viceroy. That did not stop them congregating in an unmistakable demonstration of support outside the Labour Commissioner’s offices.

… read the entire article at Corruption Free Anguilla blog (link here)


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Gardin Says Have Fun At Crop-Over – And Be Safe!


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