One Law For GEMS Hotels – Another Law For The Rest Of Us Poor Suckers

One rule for GEMS and other for the rest of us?

A fellow hotelier recently mailed the following to me…

Statutory Instruments Supplement No. 28

Supplement to Official Gazette No. 54 dated 6th July 2006.

Duties, taxes and other payments (Exemption) (Hotels and Resorts Ltd) Order, 2006.

The Minister in exercise of the powers conferred on him by section 3 of the Duties, Taxes and Other Payments (Exemption) Act, makes the following Order:

1. This Order may be cited as the Duties, Taxes and Other Payments (Exemption) (Hotels & Resorts Ltd.) Order, 2006.

2. Hotels & Resorts Ltd, a company incorporated under the Companies Act, is exempt from the payment of property transfer tax under the Property Transfer Tax Act in respect of Silver Rock Hotel to Silver Point Villas Inc. pursuant to an agreement between Hotels and Resorts Ltd and Silver Point Villa Hotel Inc.

Made by the Minister this 27th of June, 2006.

Minister responsible for Finance.

Adrian Loveridge
6 July 2007


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17 responses to “One Law For GEMS Hotels – Another Law For The Rest Of Us Poor Suckers

  1. more

    While they were at it they could have made it law that HRL didn’t have to file audited financial statements either? How many years of audited financials are not filed and who are the auditors? I hope not David Shorey & Co.?

    These people are criminals and should be where criminals belong – behind bars.

  2. Adrian Loveridge

    Its interesting that the lowest priced hotel on offer through the taxpayer subsidised programme, Best of Barbados, is Time Out at the Gap.

    US$429 get you return flights from Atlanta to Barbados, airport transfers, airport departure taxes, 7 nights accommodation at Time Out and daily breakfast.

    US$61 per PERSON per DAY.

    How does the private sector tourism sector compete with that?

  3. Straight talk


    Maybe if you did not pay your tax, VAT, NIC or repay loans using the excuse that you haven’t had sufficient time to collate financials, you may begin to get close to these bargain rates.

    I hear that in some cases you can get away with it.

  4. Anonymous

    That’s not even the price of a plane ticket.

  5. Adrian Loveridge

    Straight Talk…

    Well, we certainly have never been able to get away with it, but you are spot-on with observations. If we didn’t have to payback loans or interest or property transfer tax etc, etc, etc.

    Little people like us instead are forced to wait up to 15 months and 15 days to get a VAT refund!

  6. Hants

    Adrian I am surprised at the $429 flight and accomodation. This must be heavily subsidised.

    The cheapest flight is US $610 air only from Toronto to Barbados.

  7. Adrian Loveridge


    There is a direct Barbadian taxpayer subsidy of US$200 per person, but just compare the below two examples in terms of national earnings:


    7 nights paid accommodation at US$100 per ROOM per night (two sharing) = US$350
    7 days breakfast at US$15 per person = US$105

    Total Value = US$455 per Person.


    6 nights paid accommodation (one night FREE) at US$100 per ROOM per night (two sharing) = US$300.

    LESS daily ‘FREE’ breakfast = US$105.

    LESS US$200 airline subsidy

    LESS VAT element of ONE free night and 7 free breakfasts = US$19.50

    Total Value – (MINUS) US$24.50 per Person.

    Value of 5,000 people booking:

    DIRECT = US$2.275 million
    BEST OF BARBADOS = – (MINUS) US$122,500

    In my humble option, we would be far better off having an attractive land package and targeting FREQUENT FLYER members.

    Over 2.5 milllion American Airlines AAdvantage members used their miles last year on leisure travel alone.

  8. BK

    looks like the BLP is trying to right the ship if that is at all possible before elections are called.

  9. Anonymous

    Best of Barbados has been going for quite as few years now. The idea is to get people to Barbados and then have them spend money.

    After 9/11 weneededsomething. The problem is now how to wean the customer off what it expects as the norm?

    AL, come in please. How do we make the summer profitable without it?

  10. Adrian Loveridge


    You know that the people who pay the least to get here also spend the lowest amount.
    Driving destination choice by discounting is a hiding to nothing.
    That market will be driven by what is on offer this year and if Cuba, the DR or whoever is $10 cheaper, they will choose them.

    I mentioned my idea in an early posting.
    These people already have the means to get here and we do not have to subsidise the airfare.
    We just have to create an attractive land package.

    Commencing October, American Airlines will start a new service to New York from London’s third airport, Stansted.
    Its in response to MaxJet and others who have been growing market share on this route especially in the business class sector.
    Stansted is a huge hub for low cost carriers into Continental Europe and it would give us an chance to recapture some of our lost Europeans.

    I also suggest that we try and persuade Virgin to operate just one day a week out of Stansted.

    Thirdly, of the hundreds of people employed by the BTA, at least up until recently only two are dedicated to growing the Intra Caribbean market
    which is our third largest source of long stay visitors.
    Its strange ‘we’ are happy to subsidise each North American visitor by US$200 but not put the same
    incentive into cultivating a market that is on our doorstep.
    The Intra Caribbean market is the only one that have kept up to or exceeded the rate of inflation over the last two years.

    And lastly, we must have realistic policies and policymakers.

    Its no good having our ‘leaders’ boasting ‘90,000’ long stay visitors for the CWC final plus another ‘75,000 cruise ship passengers’ and
    an agreement ‘that will guarantee 1.2 million cruise ship passengers over three years’ with Carnival Corporation alone.

  11. Adrian Loveridge


    just to add…….

    Best of Barbados out of Toronto including return flights via JFK with AA and 7 nights at Time Out at the Gap, airport transfers, 7 breakfasts is US$698 in September.

    Same package out of JFK is US$423 and Miami US$416.

    Cheaper than staying at home eh!

  12. Burton

    Whats new in the London Tourism office, who owns the company that is raking in the money from Barbados Tourism Authorities? Why is the office (Tourism office London) checking on payments to a certain company? is that Company owned by PR and boyfriend.
    Seems there is ‘Steel’ in London Office also in connection with the German Operation.
    Things are really stink where this Government and ministers are concerned. Ali ‘Owing’ Baba and the 24 thieves. Is Seargent the only Police checking the London office? Heard today they are trying to get rid of the Seargeant from london Office.

  13. Wishing in Vain

    Burton you seem to be on the inside track on this matter, the PR you mention is this the PETRA ROACH ?
    I know that she has a new white youngster as her toy boy but did not realise the two of them had combined forces to rob the taxpayers of this island.
    What is really happening out of the London office needs to be investigated, what is the story about the local operator at WITT not paying their fees why is this the case and who is the party involved ?

  14. Wishing in Vain

    Another day and no ships in port today what are we getting for that $ 5 million that was donated to Carnival corp, more importantly what are we hearing with regard to a scam that is taking place at the board of tourism office in London where it appears the head Petra Roach is involved in a scam to steal our taxpayer dollars just another case of everything got steal in there.

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  16. Petra seems to be quite passionate about Barbados and the least likely person on earth to rob the public purse

  17. Tyler Wyatt

    Petra and her German boyfriend are indeed robbing the country in broad day light. A veru close friend of mine managed to get information via emails exchanged between the two and I can tell you that until someone makes this public and stops them they will continue as they are….one email said and I quote ” You have me involved in this plan of yours” by the boyfriend. Also in the emails was invoices of the company that the boyfriend works for…in his personal emails that is, not the work email…..they are stealing from both companies.