BFP Readers Report Website Is Blocked In Certain Areas Of Bridgetown

What’s Happening Folks?

We are hearing a few reports that our website is impossible to access from certain areas on the west side of Bridgetown. Unknown if this is a technical problem or something more sinister.

One of our readers just emailed some additional details but left out the “error” message he received. Please resend… Thanks!


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4 responses to “BFP Readers Report Website Is Blocked In Certain Areas Of Bridgetown

  1. Parochial Interference?

    sounds like a tech issue.

    Can’t imagine why/how the BLP would block BFP in one small area,
    unless it’s the beginning of a trend.
    Maybe they managed to crack thru the wall,
    and this is just the beginning of the end?
    Parish by Parish we go down?

  2. J. Payne

    Was this a company owned computer?

    or an @ home user?

  3. God Bless David

    The “west side” of Bridgetown? Where’s that, Carlisle Bay???

  4. De Bullie

    I had the honour of attending the much hyped Tourism Awards at the PM home. Nah lie it was world class,fine dinning and all that jazz, money seems not to be an issue at these awards who’s who was there enjoying de tax payers dollars, while de government of Barbados with much of they white bajan friends and de BLPimps where in full attendence. De order of de night was how de white owned companies in Barbados has so much say in the Tourism product. This BlP government has lost its way for de working class people in this country and i’m not a proud bajan with these actors and story tellers leading this country.

    One final note i will like de government of Barbados to change de FTC name to Fah De Big Companies