Jamaican Lifestyle Blog Remembers 1980: “The Bloodiest Election Of All Time”

Jamaica Girl shows reveals her generation in her post Jamaica’s Political Past“.

She lists the things she remembers from the time of Jamaica’s 1980 election – which she calls “the bloodiest election of all time”.

We’re adding Jamaica Girl to the sidebar as we think she’ll be around for a while.


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4 responses to “Jamaican Lifestyle Blog Remembers 1980: “The Bloodiest Election Of All Time”

  1. excellent and very relevant post

  2. Anonymous

    maybe barbados needs something like this to snap it out of its political doldrums?

  3. J. Payne

    Can you feel this love coming from the Bahamas????

    Happy anniversary Bahamas
    Monday, July 9, 2007

    We in The Bahamas have a great deal to be thankful for as we celebrate our 34th anniversary as an independent nation. We most certainly must give thanks to God for blessing us with three Prime Ministers who shared a deeply rooted commitment to democracy and the freedoms that it guarantees the citizens of our country.

    There are striking examples of former British colonies that have not been so fortunate. All we need do is look at the continent of Africa, where Ghana became the first former British colony to be granted independence in 1956 after Great Britain decided that its once boastful claim that “The sun never sets on the British Empire” was no longer relevant in a global community in which colonialism was fastly outliving its usefulness. [ . . . ]

  4. i would like to find out more on the jamacian culture