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CARICOM Summit Makes No Decision On Giant Squid Farming Or The Wearing Of Burkas

Of Course, The CARICOM Summit Never Discussed Giant Squid Farming Or Burkas…

Today’s online issue of The Nation News proclaims the story headline No Decision On Sex Workers. Any literate person reading that headline would immediately conclude that the issue had been discussed and that CARICOM’s leaders had been unable to come to a decision.

Only when we read further into the article do we discover that the issue of the free movement of “sex workers” under CARICOM was never discussed at the summit.

So what’s going on here? Slow day at The Nation News… or does someone at the paper’s management have an agenda concerning prostitution? Or perhaps the topic of prostitutes’ working permits is on the official CARICOM agenda for later discussion?

With reporting like this it is no wonder that Bajans usually feel like mushrooms when reading our local media. (You know… kept in the dark and fed lots of manure.)

As BFP reported in August of 2006, Winston Williams, Antigua and Barbuda’s Minister of Health, told the Nation News that CARICOM would be discussing issuing labour permits for regional “sex workers” for the Cricket World Cup. (That was before the actual CWC visitor stats came to light. We understand that during CWC there were so few visitors that Tourism Minister Noel Lynch achieved a higher prostitute to visitor ratio than was ever thought possible. Congratulations Noel!)

We looked at the issue in our article Licensing Prostitutes In Barbados – Government As Pimp.

So what is the true story, Nation News? Is the topic of regional work permits for prostitutes on the table for discussion at the CARICOM Summit? Was it a slow news day?

Or was the article part of an agenda by The Nation News to achieve social change in the issue of work permits for prostitutes?

Your readers deserve an answer.

“Sex Worker” or “Prostitute”?

In our July 2006 article Barbados Sex Workers… or Prostitutes? Words Matter, BFP took issue with the trend by politicians and media to use the term “sex worker” instead of “prostitute” as part of a social campaign to legitimize prostitution.

As we pointed out in our comments, the term “sex worker” was invented by a prostitute for the purpose of achieving social change. Here’s what we said…

Sex Worker legitimizes.

We don’t call a thief a “theft worker”

We don’t call a fraudsman a “fraud worker”

“The term “sex work” was coined by long time prostitutes’ rights activist Carol Leigh as a way to designate all those who work in the adult industry.”

online reference…

International Sex Worker Foundation…


Here is the “Sex Worker” story as it appears in today’s Nation News

No decision on sex workers

SEX WORKERS ARE not a category under the free movement of labour within the CARICOM Single Market and Economy.

There was no formal position on their movement at the 28th CARICOM Heads of Government, according to Roosevelt Skerritt, Prime Minister of Dominica and head with responsibility for labour within CARICOM.

He added it was not a matter which was discussed on Monday, and while Dominica would not allow that type of activity, he could not speak from a regional standpoint since there was not a collective position on the issue.


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Caribbean PR Blog Changes Web Address – Cliverton Still Red-Faced Over Standing Up Pretty Girl


Karel McIntosh has given her Caribbean PR Blog a sharp makeover and acquired a domain name: CaribbeanPRblog.com. The new layout is easy to scan and we like it so much that we might steal a few of the ideas for Barbados Free Press. We really like the “tag cloud” and the possibilities that open up with a 3 column spread.

As well, Karel has started writing for Global Voices – the worldwide blogging project associated with Harvard Law School – and she has linked to the GV articles from her blog.

Here’s Some Hot Gossip About Cliverton 🙂

A few weeks ago Karel sent an email to Cliverton asking him to participate in an article she was researching for Global Voices: One Caribbean: Many Identities.

“Sure thing, Love to.” said Clive – who promptly announced to the BFP crew that he would be handling this. (Meaning… “Mine – don’t touch”)

Now you have to understand something here… Cliverton finds Karel to be rather attractive and has said so publicly on the blog and while sitting around the table with the gang. We think that Clive might have even sent Karel an email or two via proxy. Not that he’s said anything to us – we just know our Cliverton.

The problem is… Clive can’t meet Karel without blowing his anonymity. Otherwise, as he put it, he’d be on the first airplane to Trinidad for the weekend.

Back to the story… After PROMISING to contribute to the article, Cliverton missed the deadline and Karel (being a responsible person unlike some around here) made her deadline anyway and published her article on time at Global Voices.

An embarrassed Cliverton apologised to Karel, but he has remained strangely silent about her blog lately… acting like he’s about 15 years old.

Cliverton, old friend: I’m sure that Karel forgives you. But don’t get your hopes up… besides the whole anonymity issue, Karel is much too intelligent to have anything to do with our Cliverton – new university degree or not!

As Shona wrote to Karel in a comment on the article Karel McIntosh Talks About The Power Of Caribbean Blogs

“Stay away Karel! He will only break your little heart!”

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The Legacy Of Cricket World Cup: Debt, Debt and More Debt


‘It was to be the lead event for Barbados and the Caribbean, however, as most of us can certainly attest this was not the case. I will even go as far to say that the event was just short of a disaster’.

These were among the comments made by Chairman, Denis Tull, of the 40 member group in an article carried in today’s Barbados Advocate under the headline “Intimate Hotels another CWC casualty.”

Intimate Hotels has a little less than 50% of all the small hotels on Barbados as members.

The event has left Intimate Hotels with a debt of $390,000 alone from one tour operator, Travel and Tours Anywhere Ltd, which recently went into bankruptcy.

Comments made by Mr Tull, who among other accolades has received a Lifetime Tourism Achievement Award, are difficult to reconcile with other remarks expounded by Minister of Tourism, Noel Lynch, stating that CWC represented ‘Barbados finest hour’ and ‘the best by far’.

Adrian Loveridge
(As published in Caribbean Net News)

You Tube Video above: Barbados Minister Of Tourism admits “Oh Sh*t, We Blew It!” 


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Jamaican Lifestyle Blog Remembers 1980: “The Bloodiest Election Of All Time”

Jamaica Girl shows reveals her generation in her post Jamaica’s Political Past“.

She lists the things she remembers from the time of Jamaica’s 1980 election – which she calls “the bloodiest election of all time”.

We’re adding Jamaica Girl to the sidebar as we think she’ll be around for a while.


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