Hartley Henry Asks Noel Lynch Where He Got His Million Dollars…


Under the archaic laws of Barbados that are designed to protect thieves from public calls for accountability, Hartley Henry can’t mention Tourism Minister Noel Lynch in his Nation News editorial column.

But the Tourism Minister’s running away from the electorate during the Brass Tacks debacle is surely the catalyst for Hartley’s editorial. Here’s an excerpt…

If a person cannot state publicly how he or she came by his/her wealth, then that person should be considered high risk for entering the Parliament of Barbados. Similarly, if a person in office at present cannot account for how they came by whatever they have come by, then that person should be considered as not suitable to continue to serve in that high office. Here, I am speaking not only about the funds in local banks and financial institutions, but also about moneys that may or may not be invested, some persons may say hidden, in foreign banks and institutions under corporate cloak.

I believe that the regulations should make provision for the oversight body to go to the far corners of the earth to investigate and ensure that the declarations of individuals are accurate. If you were poor five, ten, 15 or more years ago and today as a politician or “right hand man of a politician”, you are filthy rich, I believe the public has a right to know how you came by such wealth, particularly when the official salaries of politicians are nothing to shout about.

…See Hartley Henry deliver a broadside in The Nation News (link here)


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38 responses to “Hartley Henry Asks Noel Lynch Where He Got His Million Dollars…

  1. Anonymous

    Thank you Hartley Henry and BFP for making my day.
    You cannot want it any clearer than this.

    I had made up in my mind that most Barbadians who could make a difference were too complacent but I was wrong. There is a little light at the end of the tunnel and all is not lost.

    We now have to take the next step and make the government do what it knows it should.

    I am with Hartley.

  2. heartened

    This is heartening news.

    Thank you Hartley Henry and BFP for making my day.
    You cannot want it any clearer than this.

    I had made up in my mind that most Barbadians who could make a difference were too complacent but I was wrong. There is a little light at the end of the tunnel and all is not lost.

    We now have to take the next step and make the government do what it knows it should.

    I am with Hartley.

  3. Northpoint7

    Thank you BFP. Thank you Mr. Henry.

    Nobody talked about this kind of thing a year ago. Something has changed.

  4. heartened

    Sorry about the double post above.

  5. Pogo


    In the real world would Mr. Lynch have the wherewithal (brain power, business acumen, willingness to take risks with his own money and work hard) that is required to amass the fortune he has gained while being an elected official?

    How much of his wealth is derived from being the facilitator for deals using his power as elected official?

    How many deals involving tax payer money has Mr. Lynch been involved in?

    Didn’t Mr. Lynch take an oath to put the interests of the country and its people before his own?

  6. more

    To the Nation newspaper –

    We hope to see this or a similar article in the Sunday Sun this weekend.
    There is much better readership on Sundays than on Thursdays.

  7. Wishing in Vain

    It certainly must have taken a huge swallowing of pride for the Nation to allow this to be printed.
    Where would this gang start to state their financial standings either without telling gross lies or exposing their actions of the past and present.
    This is a sick gov’t doing untold damage to a nation meanwhile their bank accounts continue to swell with money received from crooks like themselves for work done and work not done case in point that gov’t building at Newton unfinished and that project started nearly 6 years ago where did the money for that project go ????

  8. reality check

    right on point!!!

    its all about strict accountability in public life to deserve the peoples trust

    so where are our laws on accountability?

  9. outpatient

    very simple, it is called a drawback, or also it might be a case of cost ” overruns” anyway you slice it anyone in politics can easily get filthy rich at the taxpayers expense.

  10. Hants

    Hartley Henry wrote…..”NOW that I have succeeded in getting Ezra Alleyne and Beresford Leon Padmore to look Under The Microscope, I wonder whether they would be so kind as to support my call today for mandatory declaration of assets by political appointees and persons running for seats in the next Parliament of Barbados.

    BFP you asked for Integrity Legislation. Hartley Henry asking for it and the DLP will now have to deliver.

    The HEAT is on.

  11. Perceived Corruption

    Lots of perceived corruption here, nuh!

  12. Wishing in Vain

    So how will a declaration resolve the issues of the monies that are placed in offshore accounts in the names of Bannister, Shorey, Nicholls etc etc for safe keeping when really and truely these accounts are owned by Owing, Lynch, Mottley, Clarke , Liz Thompson et al ?
    I think that it is a good thing to have the Integrity Legislation but we ought to delve deeper into these offshore accounts to really reveal the extent of the corruption that has taken place in this island, how do we get started on an investigation I am not sure but one certainly needs to get started right away.

  13. Hants

    BFP I hope you agree with me that first and foremost we want the present members of Parliament to declare their assets.

    Then all candidates for the forthcoming elections can declare theirs.

    Let the BLP show the Taxpayers that they are squeaky CLEAN, have nothing to hide and will continue to serve the people of Barbados in an environment of fairness,decency and fiscal responsibility.

  14. Wishing in Vain

    Also this Integrity Legislation cannot be limited to the elected officials only this should also extend to senior people in gov’t offices as well the PS’s the Deputy PS’s as well.

  15. Hants

    Wishing in Vain I agree but let us start with Members of Parliament.

  16. Wishing in Vain

    I have no problem with that,that is the right place to start, I cannot wait to see Owings and Lynch’s declarations they should prove to be very amusing to us, what about Mottley and company wonder what she made out of Edutech ? Liz Thompson and Glyne Clarke with their scams they will have more to reveal I am sure.

  17. Hants

    Several BFP contributors warned of this after Minister Lynch declared CWC2007 a success ….

    “There is now another casualty from ICC CWC 2007, which the Caribbean hosted earlier this year, this time to the tune of it $390 000. That is the outstanding balance of the Intimate Hotels of Barbados from the international tour operator Travel and Tours Anywhere Limited.

  18. regionalist

    It would be interesting to hear what Lynch’s counterpatrts in Caricom think about him. Any Caricom ministers or confidantes on this blog?

  19. Surely it is basic common law that if a police apprehends a person to ask where they obtained a valuable article, such as a Rolex watch, and that person cannot provide a receipt or other satisfactory explanation how they came by it, the police is entitled to arrest the person on suspicion of having stolen it?

    Similarly when Lynch can provide no answer where he came by his sudden wealth, other than to bluster, as he did on Brass Tacks, about thrift and his family members etc., our legal system is entitled, if not obligated, to go into matters thoroughly until the facts are known.

    However what is sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.

    So many politicians are suspect of acquiring property and wealth from sources which do not bear scrutiny (bribes, for instance), that it is silly to think they would ever want to see the justice system enquire into the facts.

    To the contrary they will use their powers to see to it that there is no such enquiry.

    That is why integrity legislation is essential. Without it we are inviting politicians to become crooks even if they were not to start with.

  20. Zero Enforcement?

    Lots of enthusiastic talk of declaration
    but how do we make sure they declare TRUTHFULLY and FULLY??

    “Ooops sorry…I forgot all about those two accounts in Bermuda..
    oh dear..and the one in Guernsey
    – and the deposits in Cayman.
    Silly me..the mind must be going”

  21. Anonymous

    Anyone here have the testicles to call in the Fraud Department ?

    Their number is (246)-430-7194 to speak with the SPO in charge.
    The general office is (246)-4430-7195

  22. Rufus

    We need to start with the former comptroller of customs and Reginald Farley.
    After we look at the FBI report then we will know who is who.
    This FBI thing started after 9/11. Bush clamped down on all those large accounts which were held by non-Americans in US banks and Straughn and Farley among others got caught when certain accounts were frozen. I’m not sure if theirs were frozen. But there is something fuzzy about Straughn. Why did Owen remove him and have him so close to the seat of power?

  23. Rufus

    “Let the BLP show the Taxpayers that they are squeaky CLEAN, have nothing to hide and will continue to serve the people of Barbados in an environment of fairness,decency and fiscal responsibility.”
    How can they do that? Have NOTHING to HIDE?????
    They must be sweating at all times wondering when they will be exposed.
    And they will be. Just enough and no more.

  24. reality check

    you can’t have effective transparency and accountability legislation without
    tying in the facilitators incuding the accountants, lawyers, Permanent Secretaries etc party faithfuls and in particular relatives.

  25. Wishing in Vain

    Rufus, maybe because he Straughn maybe holding to many secrets for Arthur and company, but he Straughn was not clean either, ask him about $ 300,000.00 he collected from a Bridgetown businessman to deliver a favour for him !!!
    Or the TV’s and videos he brought in to this island without paying a cent in duty because once the containers arrived he would make sure that he sent one of his partners to open the shipment and the officer would turn a blind eye to items not invoiced for the same Straughn.
    He was involved in nearly every scam that took place in the Customs and yes he was investigated along with Allan Fields as well lets us not forget this one either.

  26. Rufus

    As someone recently said, a hungry man should never be allowed to share the food nor a thief given the collection plate to pick up the said collection.
    And that is exactly what we have done with Owen and his gang. We should not be complaning because we like it so.
    but, don’t worry. One day coming soon.

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  28. Bajan Youth

    so true, one day is coming soon, can’t wait for it to come. Jail term’s is say. Who is with me?

  29. You want transparency … start with the PM. What ere the terms of his divorce with Beverley? I am reliably informed that it was a few million dollars including the expensive house built in Gibbs, ST. Peter. There is no way that the PM could afford such on his take home pay of $145,000 per year (including per diems for travel), especially since he has a growing family as well.

    What did the Chief Justice, David Simmons, do with the Arthur’s divorce file …. where is it hidden? Why was Sandra Mason fustrated out of her job and had to seek a Judgeship in St. Lucia? Did it have anything to do with the way David Simmons treated her over here handling of this divorce file?

    Arthur leads by example, that is why the whole bunch corrupt. Time for a change.

  30. pocomanjam2

    This is amazing. Let your vote decide who should run the government rather than this blog..!!!!!!

  31. Wishing in Vain

    No we need sites like BFP because the regular press are lap dogs to the ruling party and have no voice against the ruling party.
    Had it not been for BFP some of the stories would never have been vented or heard by John Public.
    You think you would have heard about our corruption that is the prison and the ministers stealing and VECO had the BFP not dug it up?

  32. Hants

    The beauty of a site like BFP is that it gives equal opportunity to the accused and the accuser.

    Every person has an opportunity to respond to accusations and the BLP Ministers have some of their collegues participating on this blog.

    Note that all the mainstream media in Barbados are sometimes “quoting BFP”

    Democracy lives.

  33. Wishing in Vain

    Hants I noticed that the one Duguid has taken leave of this site.
    After the Nature reserve discussion must have caught him with his pants down as he was in favour of the water park.

  34. Hants

    Duguid is probably under heavy manners.

    Note that recently only RR Sylly has been on here ranting and raving.

    I think they are being careful but closer to Election day they will be back spamming the site with campaign messages.

  35. Wishing in Vain

    I am sure they will be here as their site is a sad excuse for a site.

  36. Burton


    Foul, foul words belong in the gutter and not here between friends who are talking.

    Auntie Moses

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  38. Marlo Ray

    Tell Hartley to write an expose on the riches that Mr Michael Lashley ( Minister of Housing) now has. See if it came from Bjeeesus.