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People Of No Particular Religion Attempt To Murder Hundreds In London and Glasgow. How They Were Stopped…


Anyone who has not been asleep, drunk or stoned for the past few days (Hello Cliverton and Dr. Tafari!) 😉 knows that “someone” planted two car bombs full of gas, propane and nails in London’s nightclub district to try and murder hundreds of innocent Brits.

Then we had a flaming Jeep full of gas cylinders deliberately smashed into the passenger terminal at Glasgow in another attempt to murder innocent families and their children as they transited this busy airport.

According to the news media, the attacks failed for two reasons…

1/ Luck… in that the cell phones used to detonate the London car bombs failed to work


2/ Bollards… those retractable or fixed structures used to deny entry to vehicles that have been spouting up like weeds since the Muslim terror attacks of 9/11 and 7/7.

Our comments…

1/ It is good to be lucky, but not good to rely upon luck.

2/ Until the “peaceful vast majority” of Muslims are successful in reforming their religion or doing whatever they need to do to stop religiously-motivated terror attacks against innocent families, stock in bollard companies would seem to be a good investment.

We direct your attention to the following YouTube videos that demonstrate bollards.

Rather neat, actually…

Anti-Terrorist Bollard Test

When Bollards Attack

Other Article Links…

Bollards play a key role in defeating terrorist attack in Glasgow, Scotland

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Police Hunted Glasgow Suspect Before Attack

Terror Ringleader Is Brilliant NHS Doctor


Thanks to our reader Jason who alerted us to the article by blogger Angry In The Great White North


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Sir Allan Fields – Great Businessman or Traitor To Barbados – or Both?


Barbados Underground asks some difficult questions about Allen Fields’ role in the sale of Barbados Shipping & Trading…

“Barbados Underground is tempted to ask how ethical would be the behavior of Sir Allan if it were to be proven that he conspired to work with Neal & Massy to sell Barbados lone conglomerate. We suspect that he would feel the venom of the famous Barbadian tongue. BS&T has fattened itself at the expense of Barbadians through the years and the idea that it can be picked-off by cash rich T&T companies we find to be extremely distasteful. The business climate in Barbados is a simple one designed to support a public good as well as to create shareholder value.

“For those in our country who continue to focus on shareholder value only, we say go and come again, Barbadians have had enough! It is no secret that at BU we believe that BS&T MUST remain in Bajan hands. If Barbadians win this battle there is hope yet.”

BU also talks about “white businesses” in Barbados. Although BU’s statements are accurate in that certain large businesses have carried along for years with predominantly “white” management and ownership and thus could be called “white”, the lines are not so distinct as before.

We also worry that talk of “white” businesses in conjunction with some of the racist pronouncements by Ministers of the current Barbados government sends a message to the world that is detrimental to the financial and social health of our nation.

Nonetheless, as usual you can find an excellent read at Barbados Underground (link here)

Also see our take on Senator Sir Allan Fields’ unethical use of Barbados embassy vehicles and drivers for his private business…

Senator Sir Allan Fields Talks About Transparency – OK, Sir Allan… How About Those Embassy Drivers You Used For Private Business Trips?


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What Happened To The Deal That Supposedly Guaranteed “Two-Thirds Of Barbados Visitors Over The Next Three Years” ???

carnival destiny.jpg

‘Barbados has signed a deal which guarantees it will earn $156 million over the next three years in cruise tourism’

Daily Nation 7th October 2006 3-Year Tie

‘The deal will account for two-thirds of the island’s business for the next three years and will ensure a minimum of 1.2 million visitors’.

‘Vice-president of operations of Carnival Cruise Lines, Gordon Buck, and president and chief executive officer of the Barbados Tourism Authority, Stuart Layne, signed the agreement at the Hilton yesterday’ (6th October 2006).

Minister of Tourism, Noel Lynch stated ‘We have determined that rather than moving from year to year with such uncertainty in the market place, what Barbados was going to attempt to do was find the basis of forming an agreement with our major cruise partners to ensure a minimal number of passengers arrive at our ports every year’.

He added “clearly no partner is going to ensure there is a certain number of calls or a certain number of flights, unless there are incentives’.

Stuart Layne went on to describe ‘the deal as an insurance policy, and a historic and major development for Barbados’.

So what has happened to the ‘guaranteed 400,000 cruise passengers’ per year?

That’s 7,692 per week or the equivalent of three full Carnival Destiny’s each week.

Adrian Loveridge
2 July 2007


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Four CARICOM Heads Of State Absent From Annual Summit Opening

Jamaica, Bahamas, Belize & Suriname Leaders Absent From Opening Ceremonies

Portia Simpson Miller of Jamaica Will Not Attend Summit At All

Jamaica Will Not Even Send A Minister To CARICOM Annual Summit!

Once a year, that slapped-together dysfunctional family known as “The CARICOMs” puts on a show of pretended unity and love by holding a family fish fry and beach picnic. During the year a few of the aunties or cousins might be having a little spat over the family business, but that is usually forgotten as everybody tries to try to get along at the picnic for the sake of the children and the greater good of the family.

There is also the reality that it doesn’t sit well with the children and the bankers if the senior heads of the family are seen to be fighting in public. During the year anything can happen in private without weakening the family – but if any one of the senior members deliberately skips the annual fish fry it is a public signal that lets everybody know that something is wrong…

As Ian Bourne would say, “Ca Dear!”

Excerpts from The Jamaica Observer…

BRIDGETOWN, Barbados – The surprise absence of four Caricom leaders and a sharp, open rebuke to some governments for failure to support the regional carrier LIAT were two of the significant features of yesterday’s ceremonial opening of the 28th Summit of the Caribbean Community.

Absent leaders for the one and three quarter hours-long event in the courtyard of the Barbados Parliament were prime ministers Portia Simpson Miller of Jamaica; newly elected Hubert Ingraham of The Bahamas; Said Musa of Belize; and the president of Suriname, Runaldo Venetiaan.

Although all 15 member countries of the Community were represented, it was quite unusual to have so many Heads of Government absent at the start of a regular annual summit.

No explanations were publicly offered, but it was learnt last night that President Venetiaan would be participating in today’s working session at the Barbados Hilton. Prime Minister Musa is due to arrive late today and would be involved in tomorrow’s scheduled retreat of the Community leaders and heads of delegation.

Prime Minister Simpson Miller is known to be involved in intense political strategy sessions at home ahead of announcing the date for a new general election anytime now.

But, like Prime Minister Ingraham, she will not be represented, even at the ministerial level, for this four-day Heads of Government Conference…

… read the entire article at the Jamaica Observer (link here)


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