Barbados Prime Minister Proposes New Flag

Prime Minister Arthur & Ministers Silent About The 100 Illegal Chinese Labourers – And Silent About Chinese “Gifts” To Come

The Prime Minister and other senior members of government just returned from a big shopping trip in Communist China, but they are strangely silent about the specifics of any deals reached with the Chinese dictatorship.

Not to worry folks, the Prime Minister will tell us all about the gifts that China will shower upon Barbados – when it is convenient to do so.

When will we hear about all the support from China? Stupse… don’t you know? We’ll hear about all those Chinese gifts when we are a little closer to election time!

Meanwhile though, Owen and the gang don’t want to make any waves that might offend our new benefactors, so the government is remaining silent about those 100 illegal Chinese labourers that were caught working on the new hotel project. (For background, see here)

Were they given permission to stay?

Were they deported? (ha!)

Was the firm that hired them charged and fined?

Owen and his gang hope that we forget all about the price that we are about to pay as we return to our colonial days.



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  1. jinx

    I was told about a rather sickening discovery made a few days ago, on a construction site at Coconut Walk Complex, Hastings. Seems the “workers” on this site have an appetite for dog meat and hung the gutted carcass out for everyone to see!!!!!! .
    As a crowd had gathered , management ordered the dead dog to be taken down and placed away from public view…..No one called police or RSPCA.
    What kind of society is this???
    Oh yes, I forgot…..FIRST WORLD………..
    Oh yes, i forgot FIRST WORLD!!!!!

  2. Pride of Barbados


    Ca-dear, we IS a FIRST WORLD country. You ain’t see all de purty-purty cement jungles going up down de wes’ coast and we soon going get flyover an’ ting, and the fat guts people walking ’bout wid dey belly full a lovely fast food junk, and soon from now we going lose Graeme Hall (I hope I would drop dead before den) for another concrete jungle.
    Animals? Somebody care ’bout dem? You foolish or what? De other day I had was to beg a big-able man not to pelt salt pun a frog and he look at me like I mad. I had to knock de salt out he hand. Animals? Birds? Cho’ man, you mekkin’ sport. We got I-pods and cell phones and ghetto blasters and such tings to nuse in de concrete jungles and de childrun soon goin’ look like zombies walking ’bout wid duh heads knot up wid herb.

  3. Chinese labour


    would those chinese be the same 8 who live in a plywood shed behind the enclosed construction site where the video place used to be, west of Bubba’s sports bar?

    The use a chemical toilet and plant vegetables on the land north of their maksshift home.

    Who are they working for? Are they here legally?

    More politics.

  4. Pride of Barbados


    What are going to do (if anything) to save Graeme Hall if elected in the upcoming G.E.? You’ve had a few public meetings in Christ Church recently. Was anything mentioned about Graeme Hall? I don’t know because I don’t attend the meetings. You read these blogs so you must know of the concerns and fears felt by Bajans over the possible desecration of Graeme Hall. WE WANT TO KNOW WHAT YOU PLAN TO DO.

  5. Pride of Barbados

    Can you imagine the uproar in Trinidad if the Caroni swamp were in danger of being developed? Trinis would march in their thousands and keep bare noise. Apart from everything else, that is the home of the Scarlet Ibis, just as Graeme Hall swamp is home to thousands of Egrets, not to mention other birds and wildlife. Bajans are too apathetic.

  6. John

    “Times were so bad that on Saturday April 18 1931, the Board held a special meeting the possibility of selling BS&T shares in London in order to raise funds, which may not have been possible in Barbados.

    The company’s auditor, Mr. C.K. Pile was going to the U.K. and it was considered that he should be delegated the task of talking to possible investors.

    The Chairman suggested that because of strong trading links Montreal, Canada, might be even a better place to raise funds.

    After much discussion, however, the board decided to do nothing and BS&T remained firmly in Barbadian hands.”

    … taken from BS&T, “The First Seventy Five Years” by Ronald Hughes.

    BS&T was founded in 1920.

    Thought this might be worthwhile considering as the BS&T matter heats up and the whole issue of Barbados for sale comes into focus.

  7. Royalrumble

    When I make the point that the BFP is just another outhouse of the DLP, set up primarily to transship their political sewage from George Street across Barbados then what I am about to share with you now will prove just how correct I am.

    The Barbados Advocate of Thursday, June 29, 2007 carried an article under the headline “Barbados ranks above India in E-Readiness”. The first paragraph reads as follows: The Global Information Technology Report ranked Barbados ahead of countries like India, and Caricom neighbours Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, and Guyana. This is obviously positive information for which Barbadians at home and abroad would be proud to read about on a web site that bears their country’s name, but sadly not a word on this great national achievement was found on the “Barbados Free Press”.

    Why would the BFP neglect to highlight the positives in this article but would prefer to highlight, in a negative way the recent trip to China to discuss opportunities that would further enhance employment opportunities for our people? In fact I challenge anyone to show me where, since its launch, the BFP has done anything other than reflect Barbados in a very negative light.

    The government of Barbados is not immune to criticism but when it comes from such bias and imbalanced sources like the BFP then hard working public servants and Barbadians as a whole should sit up and take note. Note the fact that the campaign adopted by the BFP against the Government is the same as that adopted by the Thompson. Everyday Thompson and the BFP accuse someone of corruption.

    I have noticed a fall off in the quality and quantity of contributions to the blog and this may have something to do with the fact that Barbadians are growing tired of that these kinds of empty charges. Evidence is never provided to substantiate the charges although the manner in which the blog is set up allows them to freely state the facts. The similarity in the way the DLP and the BFP has been conducting themselves is evident that they are one and the same. The fall off in the BFP’s support and the inability of the DLP to mobilize and impress the electorate at this time is an indication that the electorate has already come to the same conclusion that I have drawn that both entities are about to commit their last ritual.


    BFP george comments here:

    very nice Royal rumble. Now what about that $750k “campaign donation” deposited into the PM’s personal bank account?

  8. more

    RR, Did you even think about what you just said?

    Firstly, It is you an me who furnish the BFP with information. Why the He11 didn’t you send them the article? This is our blogsite and it is our responsibility to do some of the work here. Complacency is what got us into this mess in the first place.

    What is “E-Readiness” anyway? Being ready to do something and doing it are two very different things.

    BFP is ready and doing a great job. Get off your high horse and get with the program. Surely you have something better to offer? Make a difference and stop the whining.

  9. hmm, I think maybe the Barbados flag is a little to big. Anyhow this is politics, why is it so hard to understand that in order to succeed,The Barbados government has to get like the USA no permanent friends only permanent interest.

    Sometimes a blind eye has to be turned, for the greater good of the country, and this idealistic mind set will get you no where, because ALL of the most powerful nations on earth are in one way or the other corrupt, and we have to have dealings with them if we want to develop and survive.

  10. Warrior

    I have maintained that other Nations coming to Barbados will bring their own customs, practices, gods and whatever else with them.

    I am not surprised to hear about the dog being hung out in public, the practice will continue, however not in the public’s eye that is.

    I have also been told that construction workers from another country are killing animals and laying th blood in the foundations of the homes that they are building unbeknown to the owners.

    Right now, because our identity as Barbadians was never properly developed it has faded into the background, and suddenly “wuk-up” get-on-bad and mediocrity has become our culture.

    It is a sad day when our own country men hearing the outcry, seeing the decadence in society, continue on the path of further degradation of this society.

    It takes one red sock in your washing machine to damage a whole load of your best white clothes.

  11. jinx

    Chinese labour,

    I cannot say with any certainty if the killing and gutting of this unfortunate dog at the Hastings construction site was carried out by the, as you have stated “8 living in a plywood shed behind the enclosed construction site . But who would do something like this???????
    All i can suggest to people living in the area is

    PLEASE SECURE YOUR PETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Anonymous

    Anybody know what breed of dog is preferred?

    We may frown on the eating of dog meat but we really don’t treat our dogs in a way that would allow us to be comfortable taking the high road.

    The way we treat one another also leaves alot to be desired.

    How many dogs are put down and incinerated each day in Barbados?

  13. jinx


    Over 300 dogs per week are destroyed by Barbados Animal control. However, Animal cruelty and overpopulation is global (although some cultures have very strict laws which are enforced and other relevant organizations are doing their utmost to sensitize populations to this issue).
    Not too long ago singer Paul McCartney asked travelers to boycott China as they were SKINNING DOGS ALIVE !!!!!!.
    Do you think we should have dog meat on the menu here in Barbados?

  14. more

    “Do you think we should have dog meat on the menu here in Barbados?”

    Guess it depends on how many Chinese we plan to be feeding. Let me know soon so that I can get a jump start on dog farming. I hear Akitas are the favourites.

  15. D'Arts

    So what if they wanna eat dog meat, what da hell does that have to do with anything?

  16. Warrior

    I noticed that the Jehovah Witnesses have sold/leased the building across the street from the Alico Building on Fontabelle.

    What is occupying the beautifully repainted building?

    A Chinese Restaurant and an Asian Deli.

    Things that make you go hmmmm!

  17. Backra johnny

    Maybe we should bring in some Viet Namese workers. I hear dem does eat rats … an we sure need to get rid ah some ..especially in Bridgetown

  18. Jerome Hinds

    Backra johnny

    June 30th, 2007 at 1:03 am

    Maybe we should bring in some Viet Namese workers. I hear dem does eat rats … an we sure need to get rid ah some ..especially in Bridgetown

    I agree…..Owen & his gang need to be eaten !

    They are monster……RATS !

    As for Royalrumble…..he can go and rest his weary backside !

    Barbados up with India on E – Readiness ?

    The Barbados government cannot even get its Integrated Portal off the ground !

    The Barbados government yet to launch any E – commerce strategy !

    The Barbados government yet to get EDUTECH functional !

    Millions down the drain never the less !

    Only a hungry, dingy PIMP like Royalrumble would try to sell such PROPAGANDA !

    Royalrumble……by the way…… settle your debts with the BAILIFF yet ?

    Because David Thompson refused to support your WUFFLESS financial indiscretions……you now seek to villify him.

  19. Bimbro

    I just can’t get used to that trident! Am I the only one who it constantly, reminds of ‘the devil’s fork’?!!!

  20. get used to it

    Bimbro you got used to and adore the union jack the flag under which your ancestors were enslaved for centuries. The broken trident should be a cake walk. Think of it as the fork that dug colonialism out of Barbados’ soul.

  21. Yardbroom

    In reference to the chinese workers in Barbados someone wrote…” Sometimes a blind eye has to be turned, for the greater good of the country”… Unfortunately we are now turning so many blind eyes, that we live in a world of perpetual darkness.

    No laws adhered to, unidentified individuals often obstruct and evade the law.

    There is no accountability, situations are governed on the hoof, it is a morass that a nod and a wink culture germinates. Omnipotent its tentacles reaching far into the lives of ordinary people, and affecting them as a result.

    The old lady with a meagre quantity of vegetables on her tray, sitting with gentle eyes requesting you to make a purchase from her. I implore, even beseech those high toned politicians to look the old folk in the eye and explain their actions – they are not at their computers today, but their voices should be heard.

    Those who lead us, will spend more on a round of iced drinks among friends than those old ladies will earn in a week, and there is no one to give a nod and a wink for them, or to turn a blind eye on their behalf.

    If one of them should need medical attention for aching limbs, no doctor, they cannot afford the bill, so it is a long wait at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital. There hard pressed staff can only do so much, dedicated they are, but there is a limit to what dedication alone can achieve. Should she take a turn for the worse, she cannot jet off to the USA, Canada or the UK for specialist medical attention as the well heeled do.

    Our old friend will have to return to her humble abode negleted and forgotten, friends and family in strained circumstances will do their best but there is a limit to what they can do. Most of them will get some respite when they go to church tomorrow, but now we should not forget them.

    What we need in Barbados is a transparent system with politicians who really “care” about ordinary people and whose modus operandi is to improve the lot of ordinary citizens.

    We are not after the turning of blind eyes, we are after the opening of eyes and hearts to the relentless suffering of our people.

    Often the worst of suffering is not being dressed in rags and unshod, or emanciated until bones can be seen under parched skin. It is being clothed and having the “mental anguish” inflicted by pride, knowing that your financial circumstances are dire, as a result you and your children suffer in silence, closeted in the emptiness of a sparsely furnished room, with no one, dare I say it to give a nod and a wink on your behalf.

    When is it the turn of the ordinary Barbadians ?
    (the invisible people)

  22. Bimbro

    get used to it
    June 30th, 2007 at 1:07 pm
    Bimbro you got used to and adore the union jack the flag under which your ancestors were enslaved for centuries. The broken trident should be a cake walk. Think of it as the fork that dug colonialism out of Barbados’ soul.


    Thanks for making me laugh, ‘Get used to it’!

    I’ve certainly, got used to the union jack, not that I see it all that often, but I hardly, take any notice of it. That’s the difference. There’s nothing about it, or even any other flag that I can recall ever seeing, which so grabs my attention and, if I were completely honest, makes me feel slightly, nauseous than that ‘devil’s fork’ in our flag. The rest of the flag is absolutey, fine it’s just ‘the fork’! It looks a bit wicked!!! 🙂

    I think it was designed by a blind man!

    I, certainly, don’t adore, the union jack. I never think about it, but at least it does n’t make me nauseous! Am I the only one????

    Even if I thougt of it in that way, it were better that it was a normal, fork and not a sinister looking one!

  23. littleboy

    Royal Pain (in the you know what),
    You write about a “trip to China to discuss opportunities that would further enhance employment opportunities for our people?…”
    Is that why we now have hundreds of Chinese working on “Chinese Only” projects in Barbados?
    Maybe you should think before writing.
    You are not helping the BLP by posting that kind of misinformation, nor by being so abusive.

  24. candy

    when u r in rome do as the romans do. when people come to a next man country they should abide by the rules and regulations of the country. Oh sorry , I 4got, anything goes in barbados now . when it comes to other nations and other races.1 rule 4 them and another 4 d poor bajans. Barbados has lost it way big time. If we had to go to they country we wont be accepted. U have to blame dat Owen fa all d problem going on down there in barbados. Barbados int d place it used to b. Barbados is becoming a racist country against it own people . U allow people to come into yr country and carry on as dem like and dem u wonder y it is becoming a little hell hole. Bajans should wake up stop being so bloody lazy stop looking 4 hand outs from people abroad. Stand up and b wat u used to b A GREAT ISLAND. Take back yr island from the Satan’s of the world and start to put god back as the leader of yr state. Barbados is only a small island of a 166 sq miles. It is time that u wake up and c it is becoming an overcrowded place. The people u letting into yr country r not a very clean race of people they r not health and hygiene conscious .Owen should kept his sticky fingers off d bajan flag. He should b voted out in d next elections. He int for d people of barbados he is a sell out.

  25. Straight talk

    You got the vibe of the ordinary Bajan, you got the talk to explain what is really happening, go with it, for Barbados’ sake carry the flame of independence from tyranny to your people.
    There is too much at stake, very hard earned, to surrender it to a mean grasping meritocracy, who have attained their positions by the sweat, hopeful sacrifice and goodwill of true proud Barbadians, who themselves could not live their dream , but through their hard work bequeathed it to their children.
    Are we going to squander our grandparent’s blood , sweat and tears to become a banana republic.
    Let us hope that now our Industry has been to sequestered to China, we still have enough Pride to hold our heads up and do the right thing for Barbados.

    Fight for your independent country.

  26. J. Payne

    Its a shame… Soo much ole abandon buildings in Bridgetown that have been left to rot because they belong to the “colonists” and some of those can’t be fix up for disadvantaged persons in Barbados to live in?

  27. Bimbro

    I think the only people who could find a devil’s fork a desirable item to have in the middle of their flag, is Barbadians!

    I reckon that any other people IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD would be appalled at the thought.

    Must be something about Barbadians.

  28. Bush Tea

    why don’t you take it easy?
    Do you know of any other country where the people accept a situation where their secret vote is done on a ballot that any official could easily trace back and see who voted and for whom?
    Where the national assets are being sold off to the highest bidders by a government that admits to unexplained large deposits on personal accounts with no follow up?
    Why are you surprised that we accept the devils fork on our flag? All things considered it even seems appropriate.

  29. Patriot

    Our best government companies- sold to Trinidad.

    Our big newspaper/radio media controller- merged with Trindad.

    Now our biggest public Insurance company- shares controlled by Trinidad.

    Big insurance helps Trinidad interest with takeover of:

    Biggest public Bajan company.

    Government pleads no contest unless it s greater than 40%, quietly complicit.

    It just has to be the Trinidad flag.

  30. Bimbro

    ‘Bush Tea’, No, surely, things can’t be suh bad! Yuh mean dah is why duh caan see de preposterousness of having the devil’s fork on dere flag????????????!!!! Well, Lord help dem, dah is all I can say!!!!!!!!!!

    Patriot, yuh mean de Bajan flag should be within the Trini flag, too?!!!

    So, in dah case, wha happen tuh Bajan, intelligence, democracy an common-sense?!!!!

  31. Yardbroom

    Barbados National Flag and The Trident

    A trident has been used for centuries, and was often used by a retiarius in gladiatorial combat in Rome or as a characteristic attribute of the Sea God Poseidon or Neptune. With regard to Barbados, the trident was on the old Colony badge, it symbolizes both continuity and the break with tradition made by independence.

    Only people whose minds are seeped in devil’s forks and other such dark deeds, could suggest such nonsense.

  32. Bimbro

    July 2nd, 2007 at 9:10 am
    Barbados National Flag and The Trident

    A trident has been used for centuries, and was often used by a retiarius


    Was often use by wha??????? Oh, Laad, well I caan be sure, but I think it was a long time ago! LOL!!!!!!!!!


    it symbolizes both continuity and the break with tradition made by independence.




  33. Bush Tea

    Help me to understand your logic Yardbroom.
    How does the fact that other entities also use the Devil’s Fork (as bimbro refers to it) relate to Barbados having it on our flag?
    In any case the Retiarius were known for their ‘skill’ of running away from opponents in battle and avoiding direct combat….. oh wait… maybe THAT is the significance in the flag.

  34. Bimbro

    Bush Tea
    July 2nd, 2007 at 1:45 pm
    Help me to understand your logic Yardbroom.
    How does the fact that other entities also use the Devil’s Fork (as bimbro refers to it) relate to Barbados having it on our flag?
    In any case the Retiarius were known for their ’skill’ of running away from opponents in battle and avoiding direct combat….. oh wait… maybe THAT is the significance in the flag.


    Bush Tea, I love it! By the way, I had plenty of bush tea as a kid and I loved it!!! Could do with some now!!!!!!!!! Lord!! 🙂

    You tell him BT, I doan know wha all dat foolishness is about but I talking bout Bim in the 21st century! He talking bout some nonsense!

    And don’t just say ‘as B refers to it’! YOU KNOW, it looks like the devil’s fork!! As I said before, ONLY IN BIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I caan even pronounce da word – ret!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  35. Bimbro

    The real, question is what could we replace it with, apart from a picture of my smiling face, one of Barrow or Arthur or Adams – I leave it to you, really, so long as it’s not that blasted, devil’s fork!

  36. more

    You are going to have to have to change a lot of things around here before you can replace that “fork”.

  37. Bush Tea

    Right now, I think we could replace the trident with a picture of the fellow Esau from the bible, who sell his birthright for a bowl of pottage or some such foolishness.
    Seems that things were looking a bit bleak for him and he sold out for some food…
    He seems to be the model that this Government is using for national development, and I don’t seem to be hearing any alternative from the DLP.

    Bajans are so lost and stupid nowadays that I beginning to feel that the Devil’s fork belongs on our flag…

  38. more

    “Bajans are so lost and stupid nowadays that I beginning to feel that the Devil’s fork belongs on our flag…”

    Bush Tea, I was thinking the same thing.

  39. Anonymous

    Look, we losing forkus.

    Bimbro don like fork. I like fork. No fork fuh he, fork for me.

    Our great fork fathers sold the seeds.

    That is how we gwine be singing.

    So come, lewwe stop with this forking business and get to reality?

  40. Anonymous

    Nah fork, chopsticks?

    Nuh pork, dog bits?

    Da iz a new culture
    It in we future.

    it mash up all de local companee

    and de poor man plainly basodee.
    pocket brek but cannot flee

    Dey went an’ call in 2 Trini.

    An’ Owen gon to Miami.

  41. J. Payne

    Portia says: “‘No Comrade, Labourite must die'”

    MONTEGO BAY, St James – With political tension rising ahead of imminent elections, Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller yesterday urged Christians to hold political leaders accountable for peaceful polls.

    Simpson Miller at the same time called for a national day of prayer for peaceful elections, an apparent admission that the political temperature needed cooling down.

    “It doesn’t suit the JLP for PNP people to die; it doesn’t suit the PNP for JLP people to die; they are Jamaicans first of all, and there are no symbols in their foreheads to dictate that they belong to the JLP or the PNP,” Simpson Miller declared.

    “As we move close to an election, we need to have a day of prayer and fasting for peace, and for God to touch the leaders… and for you as Christians, to hold us the leaders of this country accountable for a peaceful election,” said Simpson Miller.

    Election campaign keeps Portia away from Caricom
    Tuesday, July 03, 2007

    PRIME Minister Portia Simpson Miller’s absence from this week’s 28th annual Caricom Heads of Government meeting in Barbados has been attributed to her participation in the general election campaigning.

  42. Bimbro

    Day got an election coming up! Watch out for the murderings, shootings, killings, stabbings! Oh, no, I ferget. Portia get down pun she knees an beg dum tuh behave demselves. Let’s see if day bodda tuh tek any notice of r dis time!!!! Lord!!!!!!!!! 🙂