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New Canadian High Commissioner To Barbados Under A Cloud

The Canadian Globe newspaper says that a fellow by the name of David Marshall “has left Public Works and, according to federal sources, is in training to become Canada’s high commissioner to Barbados.”

The newspaper also says that Mr. Marshall is in the center of a scandal where he was in charge of doing some sort of study to find ways of saving money for the Canadian government. Marshall spent $24 million or so and accomplished nothing.


On second thought, Mr. Marshall will make an ideal Canadian High Commissioner. He’ll fit right in with all the Barbados government members – no problem!

The Globe – Ottawa Lost Control Of Cost-Cutting Project


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Barbados Prime Minister Proposes New Flag

Prime Minister Arthur & Ministers Silent About The 100 Illegal Chinese Labourers – And Silent About Chinese “Gifts” To Come

The Prime Minister and other senior members of government just returned from a big shopping trip in Communist China, but they are strangely silent about the specifics of any deals reached with the Chinese dictatorship.

Not to worry folks, the Prime Minister will tell us all about the gifts that China will shower upon Barbados – when it is convenient to do so.

When will we hear about all the support from China? Stupse… don’t you know? We’ll hear about all those Chinese gifts when we are a little closer to election time!

Meanwhile though, Owen and the gang don’t want to make any waves that might offend our new benefactors, so the government is remaining silent about those 100 illegal Chinese labourers that were caught working on the new hotel project. (For background, see here)

Were they given permission to stay?

Were they deported? (ha!)

Was the firm that hired them charged and fined?

Owen and his gang hope that we forget all about the price that we are about to pay as we return to our colonial days.



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