Graeme Hall National Park – Powerful Entities Want To Possess And Profit From This Public Land


Should We Allow More Houses & Commercial Building In The Last Remaining Green Space On The South Coast?

The majority of the lands within the proposed Graeme Hall National Park are already owned by the people of Barbados. The vast majority of us naturally want to preserve those lands for our country’s future and for the immediate enjoyment of all our people.

But this will not happen if very powerful entities who want to profit from these public lands have their way.


How Powerful Are These Entities?

How Much Money Can Politicians Make If They Surrender Our Land To Them?

The people and corporations who want to use our last remaining south coast green space for personal profit are powerful enough, and the money is attractive enough, that the Government of Barbados ignored an offer from the Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary to donate most of the sanctuary’s land to the people of Barbados.

You see, the gift of land from Peter Allard and the Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary was tied to government declaring a National Park – and that would mean the end of selling off the surrounding public lands to “friends” of the government.

Graeme Hall National Park would mean the end of hundreds of millions of dollars of profits for those “friends of the government” who want to build wall-to-wall housing and businesses on our public land…

… So Prime Minister Owen Arthur and the Government of Barbados did not even have the courtesy to acknowledge the over 6000 citizens who petitioned for Graeme Hall National Park, nor the offer of a gift of the majority of the nature sanctuary lands.

The fix is in because the Prime Minister has those lands already promised to his friends.


Declaring the Graeme Hall National Park would legally protect the last mangrove forest, the last major wetland, the largest inland lake, and the most concentrated biodiversity in Barbados. It would provide an easily accessible park area for the enjoyment of all and would be a lasting legacy to future generations – a refuge from the tightly-packed urban living that is crawling across this small island with a speed never before seen.

The great cities of the world are great in part because they are not mile after mile of urban development and nothing else. The leaders and visionaries of New York City set aside Central Park over a hundred years ago. Think what a concrete jungle that city would be without Central Park.

Think of what Barbados will be in 100 years – or 30 years – or even 10 – if everything is done for profit and nothing is done for quality of life and the future.

This Train Is Leaving The Station

After being kicked around for years by the Government of Barbados, the Canadian philanthropist who funded the Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary is calling it quits in Barbados. Peter Allard poured some $32 million dollars into his gift to the people of Barbados just because he likes our country and our people. He wanted to preserve our last mangrove forest as a legacy to our children.

Do you remember what Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary was before Allard came? It was a garbage dump on its way to becoming condos and more concrete. Trucks would come in the middle of the night and dump chemicals and industrial rubbish and even then the developers had their eyes on it.

Peter Allard spent his millions to give that back to us, and now our government parasites want it so badly that they will take it from us to line their own pockets.

The Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary Is Now For Sale

What we could have had for free, what Prime Minister Owen Arthur and his government refused as a gift, is now for sale as Peter Allard rightly and righteously shakes the Bajan dust from his shoes.

Our leaders have decided to line their pockets rather than look after the future for our children.

This is not the first time that politicians refused a gift to the people because they could not line their own pockets.

Tomorrow we will tell you about how our leaders refused an offer of a free AIDS and cancer clinic – because there was no “squeeze” for their pockets.

Meanwhile, enjoy the Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary while you can.

If you are concerned at all about the refusal of your leaders to create a national park at Graeme Hall, I guess you could do a few things to help…

1/ Write and call your Member of Parliament. Tell him what you think.

2/ Write and call Prime Minister Owen Arthur. Give him a piece of your mind.

3/ Visit the Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary and its website. See for yourself what you and your children are about to have taken from you.

4/ Visit the website of the Graeme Hall National Park (link here). Learn about the issues surrounding this proposal. See how the government is violating it’s own plans and rules so it’s friends can make some heavy money.

5/ Talk to your friends and family. Talk on Brass Tacks and other call-in shows. Write letters to the media. Ask questions about the agendas that are preventing the creation of Graeme Hall National Park.

Don’t let the crooked politicians and their friends take your children’s land – the last green space on the South Coast – to fill their offshore bank accounts.


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28 responses to “Graeme Hall National Park – Powerful Entities Want To Possess And Profit From This Public Land

  1. Yardbroom

    We are led to believe by this Government that Barbados is moving forward, but we should ask ourselves how, and with whom, and how will this forward movement manifest itself in terms of improved living standards for ordinary Barbadians.

    Let us take an example, one of the most beautiful spots in Barbados Graeme Hall National Park, seems about to be abandoned to its fate, in that the support which should be given by Government to this oasis of tranquility, and home to natures’ creatures is being witheld.

    Why are we to have another lament, is there no respite, why should our precious soil be again subjected to “concrete brutalism”.

    Is the South Coast Road to be constantly immersed in pools and puddles, with overflowing drains unable to cope, when there is even a hint of rain. Must well dressed young women have always to keep twenty feet away from the pavement to escape the inevitable drenching caused by vehicular traffic.

    This circumstance in not ordinary or normal in advanced societies, but we have accepted it as such, because nothing is done and so it will continue, if our soil is constantly blanketed with concrete, with no thought or consideration given to the environment we inhabit.

    It seems the Government is prepared to get into bed with anyone, the only question is how much? Any half-baked scheme is accepted, no thought is ever given as to how it will impact on the life of ordinary Barbadians, or their children.

    Millions of dollars being frittered away in ill thought out schemes, tenders for contracts being submitted without officers knowing if the they are talking about US or Barbados dollars. It is so tragic one would think it is being made up.

    A Government Minister saying certain chinese workers should not be in Barbados working, a refrain backed up by the Chief Immigration Officer and yet here they are, and here they stay, we are talking and asking, but the officers of Government have taken a mental holiday.

    Mansions, condos, farms, four by fours, bulging back pockets, this is fine change my boy, the real money is in far away bank accounts.

    Arrogance has set in, we don’t have to answer to anyone we do as we please, you are too ignorant to understand what is happening, and even if you do, so what you are the “invisible people” you are not there.

    Past souls who have toiled this land, and often looked to the heavens for deliverance, would be ashamed if their naked feet were to tread this land again.

  2. act now!

    BFP and Yardbroom you have touched my heart this morning.

    I am a Barbadian and have lived my entire life in Barbados. I love my country and thought it was the most wonderful place to be but over the past 25 years the corruption here has escalated to a point that has made life in Barbados almost unbearable for many of us.

    This is unacceptable.

    The fight has been ongoing for many years and there have been some great achievements.

    Now that so many people are feeling the effects of corruption in their everyday lives it is time for everyone and particularly the younger ones among us to take the baton and continue the fight to make Barbados again a place we are proud of and happy to live.

    Start today. Use the list above in relation to all matters of concern. Get involved, act now – WRITE, TALK, ASK

  3. Marcus2

    6/Write and call Prime Minister Owen Arthur and tell him that you would welcome a Water Park in the Graeme Hall area.

  4. Fos

    Why can’t government repair the sluice gate at graeme hall so that the marsh can “breathe” as it did years ago? This allowed for the nourishment of teh mangroves and the movement in and out of fish. It could be operated at night when noone is swimming in the sea. Perhaps the answers lie in the comments already posted.

  5. Tudor

    7) Make sure that the Govt is not allowed to change the use of land at Graeme Hall as they plan to (see National Physical Developement Plan) when it is voted on in Parliment.

  6. reality check


    Government can’t repair the sluice gate because they don’t care enough.

    Environment and quality of life is so low on their radar screen that it simply does not exist as an issue.

    There is lots of money, however, for pi—ng
    away in Tourism on the most outrageous projects by the most incredibly incompetent people. And so on and so on.

  7. Paradox

    What a sad day!
    Where is the Opposition,Academics,Trade Unions Church Ministers?
    To keep quiet, is as guilty as the person who commits the crime.
    What future have our young people?
    Selling the family silver; you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours.
    No wonder why we are referred to as a ‘Banana Republic’.
    Who has the deepest pocket, eeh!
    Remember ‘respect is earned’.We need someone who is true and honest to lead this coutry.
    It’s hope that at the end of the day,the entire cabinet is investigated and if found guilty of wrong doing, each sent to spend their ill-gotten gains in St. Philip or St.Lucy.

  8. laughing barbadian


  9. more

    laughing barbadian, try not to be so hopeless. All is not lost YET.

  10. Backra johnny

    So please tell me what does matter?? Only your stinkin self interests?? Fool !!

  11. J. Payne

    WOW. This is as good as gone. I quickly looked at the math, If all ~250,000 people in Barbados contributed to buyout this land at the 23 million market rate. It would require about $92 per Barbadian to keep this park in national hands. I don’t think Barbados has the will power so I say this park is as good as gone.

  12. J. Payne

    Barbadians have to get serious about forming a new grass routes political party too. It needs all fresh new faces and people who want to do their best to make life better in Barbados. it needs to be people from the communities and neighborhoods of Barbados that can relate to the common man, women and child in Barbados and can use critical thinking skills to make changes.

  13. Straight talk

    $23 million is chickenfeed to this administration, it is equivalent to 2 months overrun on the prison, and that is no apparent cause for concern for our government or our supine media.
    If there was a kickback to be had we may see some action on the National Park, however the bung is already in and it looks like Water Park and Condos for the favoured few.

  14. J. Payne

    opps. grassroots… rather.

  15. J. Payne

    Re: Straight talk

    But you’re talking about something the gov’t wont do.

    Its not an option the GOB is probably even willing to negotiate.

    The public would have to buy it themselves so as to get rid of this developer (Send him back to the ‘states’ where he come from) and then demand that the government acquire the land and preserve it….

  16. J. Payne

    Or get an org. like the Barbados National Trust to speak up.

  17. Straight talk

    Where is Wishing In Vain, JP.
    This is his area.
    We are all wishing the GoB will do something for the good of the people,
    but in expecitng it we are all WIV.

  18. Straight talk

    To all right minded Bajans.

    We are all being steamrollered by the almighty dollar into relinquishing the last South Coast, RAMSAR protected green belt, on to the altar of quick returns.

    Kerins is not buying the land, it is not economically viable for his operation.
    Our government is considering leasing the land to a company who is so uncertain of its own projections that it will not, or cannot, invest hard cash into the prime land’s value to sustain their Water Park.

    This in itself should raise a red flag to GoB.
    Should this SRL ( which on past performance is the status the company will be formed ) fail to meet their ambitious targets, where does thet leave GoB, Graeme Hall Reserve and the residents.

    Who will clean up the remains of a failed enterprise?

    Or, is it so, that the guarantee is already in that once change of use has been granted, increased property values will ensure a soft exit for all concerned, and Laughing Barbadian will be thumbing his nose at we, the insignificant taxpayers, who have borne every risk to the environment, whilst ensuring the “included” investors collect their megabucks with no actual risk.

    Town and Country, please tell me this cannot happen in a democratic Barbados

  19. J. Payne

    If there was a fund setup. I know I’d put-in $100 myself (to begin with) to preserve that land. But I just wondering how many other Bar-bajans on here are just all “talk” about preserving the land and w’unt actually put dey own money where dey mouth is. It is obvious the poor Canadian guy is probably getting hounded as bad as can be about giving up the land, hence a reason he may just want to sell and be rid of the commess. But If Bajans own it I would dare the Owen cartel to come trying to steamroll the citizenry outright over this.

  20. J. Payne

    If the National Trust would take it over I have no problem subscribing to one of their memberships either… The fact of the matter is the Owen government can no longer be trusted.

  21. Zulu

    Where and when can I make my contribution? Let’s say that 200,000 Barbadians donated $200.00 over two months ( this would allow for those who can’t afford one-off payment) then we can buy the sanctuary and set up our National Park.
    Any suggestions, anyone???

  22. more

    We still have the problem of the waterpark to deal with.

  23. Jason

    Kerins can only set up the waterpark if Barbados subsidizes his project with free land. It doesn’t matter what “word” you use: “rent” “lease” or “contract”, the Caribbean Splash waterpark is not viable without government letting Kerins build on OUR LAND.

    It doesn’t matter how much Kerins bribes the politicians I will block the waterpark road with my body if need be. Had it had it had it!

  24. more

    Well said Jason. That is just what I wanted to hear.

    I am happy to put in $200. Where can I go and pay it? How about at the Sanctuary? Let’s get the paperwork done. Give Bajans a chance to make a difference in their childrens’ future. (BTW The contribution should be tax exempt because it is our land anyway).

    I ready.

  25. J. Payne

    Re: More.

    Does the waterpark want to use some of the private land too? The Canadian fellow seem as though he’s as feteup as everybody on here.

    Almost like he is ready to throw his hands in the air and say— “juss do whatever de ‘tail you want to do wid de blasted piece of land just pay me my money and I done wid dat.”

    I contend if that park wants that private land they wont be able to get it because a large cross sections of Bajans would own it or perhaps the Barbados National Trust you get the idea….. I’m totally bolstered by the example up in Canada with the Teachers that had all their money in their pension fund and they just buyout the largest company in Canada with one swoop…. If they can put their money where their mouth is when push-comes to shove. Hey I down with that, just let me learn how the art of the technique is done.

  26. Bajan Youth

    i think that owen and his goverment are not committed to serving the people of this land. Probably someone need to do what happen in one of our neighbouring island years ago to a certain PM and his crew.

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