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Graeme Hall National Park – Powerful Entities Want To Possess And Profit From This Public Land


Should We Allow More Houses & Commercial Building In The Last Remaining Green Space On The South Coast?

The majority of the lands within the proposed Graeme Hall National Park are already owned by the people of Barbados. The vast majority of us naturally want to preserve those lands for our country’s future and for the immediate enjoyment of all our people.

But this will not happen if very powerful entities who want to profit from these public lands have their way.


How Powerful Are These Entities?

How Much Money Can Politicians Make If They Surrender Our Land To Them?

The people and corporations who want to use our last remaining south coast green space for personal profit are powerful enough, and the money is attractive enough, that the Government of Barbados ignored an offer from the Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary to donate most of the sanctuary’s land to the people of Barbados.

You see, the gift of land from Peter Allard and the Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary was tied to government declaring a National Park – and that would mean the end of selling off the surrounding public lands to “friends” of the government.

Graeme Hall National Park would mean the end of hundreds of millions of dollars of profits for those “friends of the government” who want to build wall-to-wall housing and businesses on our public land…

… So Prime Minister Owen Arthur and the Government of Barbados did not even have the courtesy to acknowledge the over 6000 citizens who petitioned for Graeme Hall National Park, nor the offer of a gift of the majority of the nature sanctuary lands.

The fix is in because the Prime Minister has those lands already promised to his friends.


Declaring the Graeme Hall National Park would legally protect the last mangrove forest, the last major wetland, the largest inland lake, and the most concentrated biodiversity in Barbados. It would provide an easily accessible park area for the enjoyment of all and would be a lasting legacy to future generations – a refuge from the tightly-packed urban living that is crawling across this small island with a speed never before seen.

The great cities of the world are great in part because they are not mile after mile of urban development and nothing else. The leaders and visionaries of New York City set aside Central Park over a hundred years ago. Think what a concrete jungle that city would be without Central Park.

Think of what Barbados will be in 100 years – or 30 years – or even 10 – if everything is done for profit and nothing is done for quality of life and the future.

This Train Is Leaving The Station

After being kicked around for years by the Government of Barbados, the Canadian philanthropist who funded the Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary is calling it quits in Barbados. Peter Allard poured some $32 million dollars into his gift to the people of Barbados just because he likes our country and our people. He wanted to preserve our last mangrove forest as a legacy to our children.

Do you remember what Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary was before Allard came? It was a garbage dump on its way to becoming condos and more concrete. Trucks would come in the middle of the night and dump chemicals and industrial rubbish and even then the developers had their eyes on it.

Peter Allard spent his millions to give that back to us, and now our government parasites want it so badly that they will take it from us to line their own pockets.

The Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary Is Now For Sale

What we could have had for free, what Prime Minister Owen Arthur and his government refused as a gift, is now for sale as Peter Allard rightly and righteously shakes the Bajan dust from his shoes.

Our leaders have decided to line their pockets rather than look after the future for our children.

This is not the first time that politicians refused a gift to the people because they could not line their own pockets.

Tomorrow we will tell you about how our leaders refused an offer of a free AIDS and cancer clinic – because there was no “squeeze” for their pockets.

Meanwhile, enjoy the Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary while you can.

If you are concerned at all about the refusal of your leaders to create a national park at Graeme Hall, I guess you could do a few things to help…

1/ Write and call your Member of Parliament. Tell him what you think.

2/ Write and call Prime Minister Owen Arthur. Give him a piece of your mind.

3/ Visit the Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary and its website. See for yourself what you and your children are about to have taken from you.

4/ Visit the website of the Graeme Hall National Park (link here). Learn about the issues surrounding this proposal. See how the government is violating it’s own plans and rules so it’s friends can make some heavy money.

5/ Talk to your friends and family. Talk on Brass Tacks and other call-in shows. Write letters to the media. Ask questions about the agendas that are preventing the creation of Graeme Hall National Park.

Don’t let the crooked politicians and their friends take your children’s land – the last green space on the South Coast – to fill their offshore bank accounts.


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