Something Bothering The PM?


Prime Minister Owen Arthur wasn’t his old self today. Whether you are a supporter or not, you have to admire his energy, his ability to put a smile on anywhere and his Machiavellian skill.

But today Owen was a little down. In a reversal of the usual, his wife was driving the Lexus 4×4 while the PM sat sad faced and glum in the passenger seat. Perhaps he was feeling unwell.

Or… perhaps the Prime Minister was thinking about the increasing calls for accountability for that $750,000 “campaign” cheque that he deposited to his personal bank account “accidentally”?

Chickens sometimes run away, Owen.

But sometimes they come home to roost.

Now, about that $750k, Mr. Prime Minister…

Who gave it to you? Why did you deposit it to your personal bank account? When were the funds transferred to the party coffers? Did you fill out the prescribed anti-money laundering forms?

… and what, Sir, did you promise in return?

At least tell us that it was not received directly or indirectly from a foreign government!


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19 responses to “Something Bothering The PM?

  1. Jay

    This matter should not be open to public forum…….throughout the world political parties get hefty campaign donations….it’s nothing to hide. That is why my beloved PM didn’t deny it. THOMPY would’ve

  2. farmer

    unfortunately,the PM wanted to challenge God, when he said he would move Heaven and Earth. But God is not mocked

  3. Jay

    He said that about CWC and he did…I’m satisfied.

  4. BFP


    What makes you think that 750k was a “campaign donation” and not a bribe? It was obvious on television that the PM’s cohorts had not heard of the money when Thompson mentioned it.

    No rules at all, and that’s the way that Owen Arthur likes it.

  5. Warrior

    You think that questions about that cheque would bother him? You obviously don’t know the man.

    He was probably sad about whether or not he would be able to all his family to fit in the first class cabin of some airline enroute to Brazil, or some destination to enjoy himself with his family for the summer.

  6. Wishing in Vain

    The PM cannot be a happy person when he has surrounded himself with misfits that were chosen because they would not challenge him for the leadership of the party nor challenge him with his dishonest deeds, as far as the challenge for the party leadership we saw what happened once Mottley started to get besides herself he retracted and struck at her like a viper not even the opposition could have struck her that forcefully.
    With regard to appointing persons that were weak the examples are plentiful indeed, lets look at Jerome Walcott a disaster zone not one aspect of health is functioning properly, Dale Marshall has been found wanting badly even more so as AG his explanation of the fiasco of the jail leaves a lot to be desired, Liz Thompson will have spent over $ 60 million in her two bites (opps forgot that is not allowed on here) at the Greenland site and not an ounce of garbage has been received there and this is against all the advice that this is the wrong location for a dump, are we going to mention that bath she got the work for her husband on remember the cost? Glyne Clarke who is know to be living on lands that Gov’t owned and is known to take bribes for Taxi and ZR permits, and we come to one of the biggest idiots around and that is MM Lynch words cannot express his stupidity and his is so well documented but we would still like his response to David Ellis’s question where did his change of fortune come from and who is paying him these vast figures to permit him to buy a million dollar home and spend as much renovating it,and we have Moraless Mia Mottley and her handling of the jail where a tender document is so poorly specified that the people quoting on the project have to rewrite it before submitting it and in so doing now we see that despite her statement that they were $ 25 million more that VECO it now appears a much cheaper option as the prison is now $ 200 million over budget and growing, not to mention her disaster in Culture, CWC, Education where she blew over $ 200 million of our dollars, Wood a ramberler and a political clown dancing to the tune of the piper, Atherley we are still awiting word from him as to if these Chinese are legal workers or illegal surely it cannot take this long to investigate and report to us that pay his wages,Owing do we have hours to read about his handling of the financial affairs of the island and he Nicholls, Bannister, Wilkinson, Shorey,and Cox their financial misdoings are so well documented as well,we come to the Reginal Farley what a complete waste of time he has nearly been given every ministry that exist and yet he cannot make success of any, Lynette Eastmond has been dabbling within her ministry for too long with zero progess or anything to show for it other than airy fairy promises, oh by the way we are still awaiting your comments on who built your office? Keerie Symmonds he is not certain who he should be loyal to hence his rambling and idle time being spent in the corridors of the house of assembly.
    What we have here is a group headed by the main corruption leader Owing See Thru Arthur and a band of lesser players that await his voice on every subject in this island hence we have heard nothing more from Atherley regarding these Chinese workers sad but true.

  7. littleboy

    You have forgotten Rommell Marshall who was only allowed a half day pick as a CONsultant with the Ministry of Public Works and lazy “Diabolical Forces” Rawle Eastmond who is now trying to stage a comeback (heard him on Best & Mason tonight), and George “Silent Night”P ayne.
    What a pathetic lot!!!
    You have broken a promise to provide readers with details of the shenanigans of the government.
    A promise is a solemn debt, and you will stand condemned if you do not honour your promises.
    We will lose faith in you if you fail to deliver.

  8. bajejun


    The fact that you see nothing wrong with Owen Arthur taking campaign donations and depositing it to his account, shows why this lot of pretenders need to be kicked out of office. The fact that something as serious as this is trivialised by you lot, says a lot. Arrogance and huge egos seems the order of the day, you feel accountable to no one, and seem to think that your spin doctors can fix everything, and if that dosen’t work then throw money. The BLP has show very little respect to the people of Barbados, getting on as though we owe them a debt of gratitude. Word of caution, you are now inaccessable to us, you presently do what you like, how you like without any explanation to anybody. You treat persons with disdain, because you believe you are untouchable. Bear this in mind, a time is soon coming when we the electorate WILL RETURN THE FAVOUR.

  9. Wishing in Vain

    Littleboy, I did not forget them that was going to be a phase two but thanks for your fill in they are some of the best.
    What a place we live in corruption at its best.

  10. Jerome Hinds


    The PM cannot be happy……when you for the past 3 months have been promising a YET to be published Money – Laundering story…..but in the interim you folks have been hounding down the DLP about Integrity Legislation !

    The PM is worried that like him……some people just try to keep fooling others !

    Sometimes this strategy appears to be…….Better Fool People (BFP)……!

    Coincidently……this ACRONYM also stands for BARBADOS FREE PRESS (BFP )…..!

  11. ??

    Jerome….. Perhaps after all their searching BFP has been unable to find a story??

  12. more

    ??, perhaps but perhaps not
    I guess we will have to wait and see.

    If BFP were half done so long ago the story must be a big one and will probably have to be in parts.

    I am looking forward to part one.

  13. Plover

    Jay let me ask you this with the greatest of respect. And get rid of your partisan political glasses and open your mind. You ready?

    Suppose the BLP or the PM were given a million or two or let us say $500,000 by COW, or any other big Developer for campaign funding and I know COW would not get caught in that trap but I hear the Foreigners dont give two s——tes. And I do not know what your campaign laws are in Bim but your theory is that these donations should not be made public or carried in the press. Isn’t that what you said?

    Well here is the question why do you think the donations were made? Because the foreigners pockets were brekkin down because of too much money in dem and they said to the BLP or PM “come bo tek some of this weight of muh pockets becuz it brekkin up muj crown jewels? Or would you not think they want something in return? Dont answer right away think because you seem to have problems THINKING!

  14. Jay
    may be you should take a look at Beverly’s house in Gibbs st Peter ,part of the divorce settlement and you would underatsnd.

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  16. Fried Chub, are you kidding me?

    Bev’s house in St. Peter which she has to work so hard to pay for? After working so hard to refurbish the one in West Terrace which she got put out of. It is said that when her shop could no longer support the payments, she had to return to the cold of NY to work and pay that mortgage- Again!

    Word on the street is that she has received not one red cent in settlement to date!

    But you know that the Good Book says about biting the hand that feeds you. And God dont like ugly.

    Beverley Arthur gave, she fed, clothed, and kept her man and the children she didnt even know he had, as the sole bread winner of that family for many years. Barbados can bear witness to the thanks she received.

  17. Zulu

    But you know that the Good Book says about biting the hand that feeds you. And God dont like ugly.
    And the BLP ugly.

  18. J. Payne

    guilt, treason, sabotaging the name of Barbados, sending your fellow countrymen up the creek without a paddle. Yes Mr. PM— What could be bothering a swell– fellow like you?

  19. Fred

    Picture this MP Cynthia Forde goes to a function and when they start to serve snacks after the event she helps herself to a plate and proceeds to stack it up to the hilt to take some of these snacks home so that she does not need to cook for those at home.
    Surely this is classless person if she had any breeding she would never have done something like this.