Barbados Tourism Minister – “Let’s Pour More Tax Money Down This GEMS Hole. NO… You Can’t See The Financial Statements You Stupid Bajans”

Theft In Progress – Somebody Call The Police! (oh, ya… nevermind)

Everybody knows that the best predictor of future performance – is past performance.

That’s why a store owner doesn’t hire a paroled thief just out of jail for the position of head cashier.

The Government of Barbados has poured millions and millions into the GEMS hotels and refuses to provide an accounting even though it is required by law. They can’t even say how much they have lost.

Nor will they provide any explanation for government purchases of run-down hotels that belong to “special friends” of the government.


Now our Instant Millionaire Minister of Tourism Noel Lynch wants us to believe that everything can be solved with yet more tax money and the same management team – with, of course, absolutely no accounting for what has been spent thus far.

“Just give me one more chance” says the applicant for the Head Cashier’s job…

See our previous story Barbados Government Enters Time-Share Vacation Hucksterism – But Shuns The Words “Time Share”

We notice that in the original announcement as reported in the link above, Minister Lynch said that Hotels & Resorts would be the company that was given the land to build condos. The latest report (below) indicates that the land is being given to a company called “Sapphire Inc.”

I wonder who owns “Sapphire Inc.” and if any politicians or their family members have any shares?

Adrian Loveridge was thinking about the same thing when he sent this…

Who and what is Sapphire Inc?

‘Chance for Gems to bounce back says Lynch’

‘Minister of Tourism Noel Lynch hinted at this yesterday as the House of Assembly approved the grant of a lease of land owned by the Crown to the company Sapphire Inc., for the project’.

Where is this company registered?

Who are the directors?

What is its share capital?

What is its previous experience in operating Condominium hotels?

Let me see if I have this right!

‘Government hoped to sell most of the units on the international market to non-residents’.

So, non-nationals will purchase individual condominiums on Government (taxpayer) leased land?

What is the length of the lease and exactly how much is Sapphire Inc., paying to lease the land?

More questions than answers.

Adrian Loveridge

Here is the article in The Nation News…

Chance for Gems to bounce back, says Lynch
Published on: 6/27/07.

A new condominium project planned for St Lawrence Gap in Christ Church could well represent a new lease on life for the controversial Gems of Barbados hotel group.

Minister of Tourism Noel Lynch hinted at this yesterday as the House of Assembly approved the grant of a lease of land owned by the Crown to the company Sapphire Inc. for the project.

The development “gives the Gems an opportunity to really claw back”, he said.

The project “will move the Gems of Barbados – at least start the process of restructuring the portfolio of the Gems, which is so much needed”, he added.

For years Gems has been under attack by the political Opposition as a badly conceived project that squandered money while attempting to rescue troubled hotels.

‘Right way to go’

Lynch told Parliament the Gems project had suffered some “significant operating shocks”,
but getting involved in the new venture was “the right way to go”.

The new project will use the former location of the Dover Convention Centre to construct 54 condominium units.

Last year Lynch said Government hoped to sell most of the units on the international market to non-residents.

Under the contract, 80 per cent of the units will return to the rental pool for a minimum of nine months of the year. They will be marketed and managed in association with an upgraded Time Out At The Gap, one of the Gems hotels.

Part of the receipts from the initial sale of the units will be ploughed back into upgrading Time Out At the Gap and other Gems properties, according to Lynch.

The minister said the jury “is still out on this issue of condos versus traditional hotel rooms”, but Barbados had to find creative ways to help “under-performing” hotel rooms.

Most tourism developers were now involved in a mixture of accommodation, he reported.

… read the original lies as reported uncontested in the lapdog Nation News (link here)


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67 responses to “Barbados Tourism Minister – “Let’s Pour More Tax Money Down This GEMS Hole. NO… You Can’t See The Financial Statements You Stupid Bajans”

  1. time of reckoning

    Mr Lynch—you and your BLP cohorts need to go directly to jail and do not pass go.

    Even though it is not monopoly money, it does not belong to you

  2. more

    Let’s hope the Condominium Act is modernized before more foreigners get scr..ed like John Desanti. Check June 10 2007 Sunday Sun.

  3. Ripped-Off Foreigner





  4. Admission??

    What talk is this?
    “Chance for Gems to bounce back” ?? -from where?

    This would indicate that GEMS was ‘down’
    but all along we’ve been led to believe that GEMS was a success.

    Who’s lying?

  5. RightON.

    Major Kudos to Ripped-Off Foreigner for talking the truth about the can of worms that Barbados has now become, this last 5-10 yrs. or so.

    Potential investors might also want to bookmark(Favourites) the website for Barbados Free Press,
    to keep an ear to the ground as to what REALLY goes on here,
    i.e. the stuff you won’t read in our local “newspapers”,
    if you can call them that

  6. fleet street

    Goodness me Lynch is in newspapers every day. Vivian Gittens you aware of this? Lynch and cronies shareholders in nation? Give us a newspaper that cares about important subjects. Lynch mouthings are empty he is about lies, ego and nonsense.

  7. Plover

    “Ripped-Off Foreigner”. Now you feel the pain of the average Bajan being ripped off by foreigners. But let me ask you this.

    Why not give credibility to your allegations by telling the people wuh happen to mek you feel like this.

  8. Adrian Loveridge

    Sapphire Inc.
    Registered No. 24059
    Date Registered/Inc. 2004-07-30

  9. Anonymous

    Last chance for Lynch to “lynch” some taxpayers free money,oh yeah baby,get this last one while it’s hot.

  10. Zulu

    Who are the men/women behind Sapphire Inc?
    Whose names are on the registration?

  11. Adrian Loveridge


    I have emailed the CAIPO office asking those same questions.
    No response as yet.

  12. Straight talk

    Don’t waste your time waiting for CAIPO’s answer.
    It will be mysterously filed along with 3S’s details in Room 101, and irretrievable.
    Cannot CAIPO simply ring the company secretaries concerned and ask them to re-submit duplicates, if only for the taxpayer’s perusal, or is that too inconvenient?
    If not, why not?

  13. more

    Go down to the CAIPO office on Belmont Road and ask for the file. If they find it, pay your $5.00 and look at the file.

    Then let us all know what you find.

  14. Straight talk

    Have you tried it with a controversial enterprise?
    Best of luck.

  15. Hants

    Minister of Tourism Noel Lynch hinted at this yesterday as the House of Assembly approved the grant of a lease of land owned by the Crown to the company Sapphire Inc., for the project’.

    The Government must let the public know who the Owners and Directors of Sapphire Inc. are.
    Hopefully they will do so.

    To the best of my Knowledge Governments in Democratic countries are required to be transparent in their “dealings”.

  16. Straight talk

    Governments in democratic countries are transparent.
    Let us judge the type of our government by this simplistic test.
    But always remember only the initial shareholders/directors at 2004 are required to be disclosed to CAIPO , and, as shown by GEMS, any variation in control or benefit can be withheld with impunity and indefinitely.

  17. Nobody

    Who and what is Sapphire Inc?



    JADA is the builder & partner involved in Sapphire.


    Keep up the good work.

  18. Who and what is Sapphire Inc?

    ‘Chance for Gems to bounce back says Lynch’

    ‘Minister of Tourism Noel Lynch hinted at this yesterday as the House of Assembly approved the grant of a lease of land owned by the Crown to the company Sapphire Inc., for the project’.

    Where is this company registered?

    Who are the directors?

    What is its share capital?

    What is its previous experience in operating Condominium hotels?



    JADA is the builder & partner.


    Sorry for posting twice, but I got a ‘moderation’ message and I know patience is a virtue, but still…

  19. Wishing in Vain

    On another note did I hear right today that there was a land transaction taking place in the house of assembly today for more lands to be vested in the Hotel and resorts project, now we cannot see balance sheets or anything but more lands are being vested in this project what madness is this?
    Well are we in the process of committing more money for these crooks to steal.

  20. reality check

    Lets not overlook the obvious

    In a culture of wink and nod, where favours rule every part of society, the persons shown in the registry ( usually our upstanding legal profession ) are shills for others who can make things happen by driving a truck through the inertia.

    We all know who the number one Minister is, who can cut through the bureaucratic red tape but some of the other Ministers have seemed to have honed this
    skill from him as well. How many planning rejections from Town and Country have been appealed to a higher authority and who paid what to whom for the favour? How many containers of many thousand dollars of duty for the Barbadian taxpayer were let go
    for a tenth of the duty required?

    A truly transparent and accountable system with teeth and a culture of enforceability would stop this corruption in its track.

    Where oh where is our opposition? Probably setting up offshore bank accounts as we speak.

  21. Rumplestilskin

    Attacks where they are not warraneted only detract from the overall value of the blog and major issues highlighted.

    The attack above re the judicial system and lawyers is one example.

    The judicial system has an excellent record, major cases have gone to the Privy Council which in the most part has upheld the decisions based on law.

    What ‘foreigner’ needs to understand is that there are obviously honest or competent and dishonest or incompetent persons in every profession.

    His experience may not have gone according to his wishes, then again, did he receive good advice, in law?

    When one analyses issues, it is necessary to take a step back and separate the emotional from the factual and the logical.

    Subjective vs objective.

    The reality is that the real issue in Barbados is the lack of disclosure re public projects, issues such as incorrect application (from a philosophical or moral basis) of Government funds and land, and the preferential treatment form a Govenrment policy point of view, of specific investor or investor types.

    In circumstances where anyone, not only a foreigner, is investing, that investor should first ensure that what they are doing is within the law.

    Unless one has a ‘helper’ behind the scenes somehow, the law here IS the only protection.

    Now, that said, it is mindboggling that we cannot yet see published and audited financial statements for GEMS, no substantial discussion as to its current status and future potential or disposal, but yet the Minister wants to sink more taxpayer assets into the same project.

    Not only is this mindboggling, it shows complete and utter disregard and disrespect for the taxpayers and citizens of Barbados, by refusing and not acknowledging the need to account for decisions and actions made by the Govenrment acting on behalf of the taxpayers.

    It folloows the same blatant disregard for objective analysis and taxpayers resources shown in respect of the Greenland project, by another Minister.

    It has got to stop. Will it?

    It looks as if only the election will stop it.

  22. Rumplestilskin

    Let us hope that Prime Minister Thompson demands accountability from his Ministers and makes that clear right in the beginning!

  23. more

    Straight talk, yes, I have tried it and know firsthand what happens. That is why I recommend that others try, just to see for themselves how the system works.

    It is the same story in many other Government departments like the Town Planning office where there is a current map for some to see and an obsolete map for you and me.

    Corrupt to the core!

  24. Wishing in Vain

    These criminals cannot be really serious are they?
    We cannot see or here anything about the accounts of GEMS to show where the proceeds of the sale of Eastry House etc have dissappeared to, but we can commit more money to a proven corrupt undertaking.
    The Minister is not only a corrupt bastard he bold faced as well to even consider that they should try this move.

  25. comment

    Rumplestilkskin said:-

    “Attacks where they are not warraneted only detract from the overall value of the blog and major issues highlighted.

    The attack above re the judicial system and lawyers is one example.”

    I do not agree as I have seen too many foreign investors scammed in Barbados and also Barbados scammed by foreign investors.

    Only the evidence will confirm this.

  26. Adrian Loveridge

    The Minister (Noel Lynch) said ‘the jury is still out on the issue of condos versus traditional hotel rooms’.

    But not according to Brian Robinson a partner at PricewaterhouseCoopers who has warned of the reduced economic benefit of the conversion of hotels into condominiums.

    Davis Ellis during today’s Brass Tacks programme read some of Mr Robinson’s concerns.

    Also Sue Springer, the EVP of the Barbados Hotel and Tourism Association expressed fears ‘over the conversion of small hotels in condominiums’ and our ‘already stagnant hotel room stock’ which has ‘hovered around 6,000 rooms over the last 10 years’.

    She went on to say unless this is addressed increased airlift and exploring new markets will be ‘academic’.

    25 hotels have been lost over the last twelve years with another two about to be converted into condominiums.

    If the jury are still out, somebody had better locate them and awake them from the sleep very soon.

  27. Rumplestilskin

    So, tell me why new hotels are being built in Jamaica, St.Lucia AND T&T???

    And only one in Barbados i.e. Four Seasons?

    Is it due to the difficulty of doing business here i.e. the unions et al?

    Why do the investors in those islands still see benefit in hotels, but not here?

  28. Straight talk

    What type of sites are the other islands building their new hotels on, Rump?
    Merricks is still waiting to announce its own flagship hotel, six months delayed.
    Ms Ram’s Casa Grande in Mangrove is a delight for those tourists who don’t require sea, sand and an ocean view.
    Sam Lord’s is waiting for Clico to decide upon the election winner.
    We are running out of suitable large hotel sites, and while waiting we are being swamped by Condos.

  29. Crusty

    In my opinion, negative comments regarding the
    internal workings of Town and Country Planning
    are not justified. I am aware of instances where
    insider help has been called upon to facilitate the
    investigation and approval process. That is not to
    say that an improper or unsuitable application
    had been made, merely that there was hope of
    reducing the time to process the application.

    I am also aware of instances where the application
    was left to make its own way through the process.

    In observing a half dozen applications, I would say
    that insider help made little or no difference and
    that wide variations in processing time are common
    and inherent in the system.

    My personal experience with the staff at the desk
    of Town and Country Planning is that they are
    unfailingly helpful and professional. But then, I
    do not involve myself with large, possibly contentious

    Regarding condominium development, I suggest
    to you that the developer can get his money back
    sooner from the multiple sales instead of operating
    a hotel, hoping to recoup the investment over many

  30. Adrian Loveridge

    ‘My husband and I stayed at the Savannah for our honeymoon. What a disappointment! The main areas of the hotel were dark and dank. The rooms were worse. When we were shown the first of three rooms, it was truly disgusting. The walls were dirty and the carpet stained. When I looked in the bathroom, I could not believe that the mangement would allow this room to be seen by customers. There were hugh patches of black mold growing in two of the corners of the bathroom. The commode was clogged. The ceiling in the bathroom was peeling. The bathroom and main room had puddles of water on the floor. The second room that was shown to us was just as bad.
    Finally there was a third room that was somewhat suitable.
    The Savannah was deserted despite the inexpensive rooms.
    The Savannah is the pits! Ruined by honeymoon.’

    These comments were posted by a recent Savannah guest from Trenton, New Jersey, USA
    on the world’s most visit travel reference website, TripAdvisor.

    GEMS mission statement is
    ‘Raising the standards on the South Coast’

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  32. Adrian Loveridge

    My email to the Corporate and Intellectual Property Office requesting details of Sapphire Inc., was returned as ‘undeliverable mail’ – ‘account is full – quoted exceeded’

    Perhaps Senator Eastmond could investigate?

  33. reality check


    Its never what you can find but what you can’t

    You can’t for a very good reason.

    Someone is hiding something and it isn’t pretty.

    There are far too many bajans holding dirty legal secrets
    all the while destroying the so called Rule of Law. The Rule of the Jungle is a much apter title.

    Various records, transfers and documents go missing and no one cares to ask or demand answers.

  34. Zulu

    Isn’t Corporate Affairs computerised? John Public does not want any file. What he wants is information. If a file is missing I believe that the info can still be retrieved from the computer. Unless that system is missing too.
    I find it ridiculous that ppl can’t get information because a file is missing. RUBBISH!!
    Somebody has something to hide and as RC said, it ain’t pretty.

  35. John


    If it is necessary to misplace a computer in Barbados, …. it will be done.

    All things are possible!!

  36. John

    June 29th, 2007 at 2:17 am
    So, tell me why new hotels are being built in Jamaica, St.Lucia AND T&T???

    And only one in Barbados i.e. Four Seasons?

    Is it due to the difficulty of doing business here i.e. the unions et al?

    Why do the investors in those islands still see benefit in hotels, but not here?

    Running out of space and what’s left is too expensive!!

    Growth in tourism and construction needs to be capped and managed for optimal returns. Both are unsustainable.

    Should have been done 10-15 years ago.

    GEMS is simply crazy.

    Investment needed to have been in the other major sectors of the economy.

    … We are screwed!!

  37. more

    Crusty, the press needs to take much of the blame for the corrupt mess in which we now find our country.

  38. ??

    Adrian… you missed this Tripadvisor posting… dear I say on purpose.

    “We just came back from the Savannah and had an amazing time (the word of the holiday!) On arrival we were immediately upgraded and met by the lovely Alfred who took our bags to the room and gave us a full history of the hotel and local area on our way! The hotel staff were brilliant, they went out of their way to make sure we were ok and even sorted out our social life for us! After a day of a bit too much sun we had one of the staff crawling through the garden for an aloe vera plant (approved by the hotel manager who was incredibly friendly) to soothe us! The food was great the breakfast plentiful, however I would definitely recommend a trip to the Hilton just along the beach for one of their subs at lunchtime! Our only slight complaint was that the beach was a bit difficult to walk on and sit on due to the seaweed and general sea debris- but the coastline is long and beautiful. All in all an excellent holiday and we were made to feel totally at home. It was a much better experience than last years all inclusive @ Sandy Bay Beach Resort!”

  39. Adrian Loveridge


    Did not miss it all. I have read EVERY single entry for the Savannah on TripAdvisor.

    Please explain then WHY they are the rated #48 out of 80 graded hotels on Barbados if they do such a good job?

    Time Out at the Gap is currently #75.

    Is this ‘Raising the Standard on the South Coast’ ??

  40. Fos

    Why has GEMS not refurbished the several units located at the back of Blue Horizon? They have been shut up and derelict since government bought the property. More waste. You would figure taht they would have fixed it up for CWC.

  41. ??

    I am not discounting the rating I am simply stating that there are other views not all as negative as you like to make out. We know there are several other issues with GEMS but your constant knocking of them makes their employees feel belittled and ashamed… They are not all bad… I understand your agenda and I think all right thinking people know it….. and several (most) agree with the pressure on Government to be more open on Gems.. But like usual you like to take things to the expreme without thought to who you hurt.

  42. ??

    FOS, Adrian can answer that for you… they can’t afford to.

  43. Adrian Loveridge


    The Government of Barbados is as you know the single largest employer of people on the island.

    Is it morally right to employ people on false pretences to ther detriment of others?

    Take an example.

    When the St. John family owned Silver Rock Hotel, Sir Harold honestly admitted that they could not generate sufficient income to repay capital and interest on the property.
    Their lowest room rate was then US$115 per night.
    GEMS then spent a reported $40 million on enlargement and renovations and re-opened with a room rate of US$80.

    EVERY hotel in the area (including ours) were forced to pay through their predatory pricing.

    The jobs for GEMS employees have been created (and sustained) by BAD business ethics .
    I really care about them and want them to have PROPER sustainable empoyment.

    Don’t you ??

  44. ??

    Adrian you still do not seem to understand my point…. your comment highlighted a negative view however there were several good reviews which you secectively chose to ignore because thay did not help your point.

    There are times when you make very interesting and valid points but your often nasty snide remarks do little to impress me or a wide crossection of the Barbadian public. As I always tell you keep to the facts!

  45. Adrian Loveridge


    I think you have missed the point.
    Savannah’s overall rating reflects the views of all their guests.
    Clealy at #48 the MAJORITY are not happy.

    It may be acceptable to you to get it right occassionally but in the REAL world those of us in tourism have to get it right MOST of the time.

  46. ??

    Adrian you obviously have your blinkers on re my point so I will leave it here but if you re read you might see what I mean…….

    I agree we need to get it right most of the time.. however we do need to acknowledge that while there are negative comments there are also many positive ones.

    I know your agenda you have articulated it well and in the unlikely that anyone will get throught to you with opposing views.

  47. Justasking

    Adrian Loveridge
    June 29th, 2007 at 11:10 am
    My email to the Corporate and Intellectual Property Office requesting details of Sapphire Inc., was returned as ‘undeliverable mail’ – ‘account is full – quoted exceeded’
    Perhaps Senator Eastmond could investigate?
    Adrian, maybe Royalrumble should investigate as he highlighted the story in the Advocate which reported that “Barbados ranks above India in E-Readiness”. The first paragraph reads as follows: The Global Information Technology Report ranked Barbados ahead of countries like India, and Caricom neighbours Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, and Guyana. This is obviously positive information for which Barbadians at home and abroad would be proud to read about on a web site that bears their country’s name, but sadly not a word on this great national achievement was found on the “Barbados Free Press”. ”

    Maybe we are not as e-ready as we think. What say you RR?

  48. Hants

    Barbados is a tiny Island 431 sq.Km with 280,000 people

    India is a huge country 3Million sq.Km and a population of over 1 billion people.

    What is the relevance of comparing these 2 countries?

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  50. Adrian Loveridge

    I tried the link to Growth Development Inc, but keep getting a page 404.

    Its amazing that David Shorey has the audacity to make a public appearance while the Barbadian taxpayer stills awaits to see audited accounts for Hotels and Resorts Ltd and the extent of the liabilities that it will have to shoulder.

    And what you do make of the Minister of Tourism’s statement the group had been ‘saddled with a lot debt’.

    What do you meam ‘saddled’.

    It is YOU under your stewartship that has allowed
    GEMS to fester and grow a massive fiscal deficiency and a few people buying condominiuns on land that does not belong to them is not going to solve the problem.

    By the way, Minister, where has the proceeds from the sale of Eastry House and Silver Rock gone to?

    The Minister also said ‘in the interim, GEMS (hotels) has been performing relatively well in terms of operational performance over the last two quarters’.

    Amazing! Did it take your appearance on Down to Brass Tacks Sunday 25th March 2007, where you were NOT prepared to discuss GEMS, to galvanise you into learning more about the company’s liabilities?

    Please explain ‘performing relatively well’.

    Does this mean Hotels and Resorts Ltd are going to start and repay some of their debt and interest?

  51. Rumplestilskin

    Note that in the past two months they are making sure that Liz Thompson is getting nuff press?

    Hoping that by pushing press the voters will be persuaded that which ever relevant parliamentarian is thus pushed knows what they are rabbiting on about, despite 12 years of incompetence.

    Them prepping for elections hard.

  52. Rumplestilskin

    Next time Liz Thompson presents to the press one of them should ask for follow up info on Greenland, ther QEH status and now Graeme Hall.

    Probably she will say, as per the sidestep that has been used on this site previously that Greenland and QEH are ‘not her portfolios’……although the calamity occurred under her watch.

    Interesting to find out here reply as she should now be in charge of Environment, no?

    Interesting too how she was blaming NHC for not having a listing of land and houses under its control….but err. Are you not the Minister???

    Pass the buck to the civil servants seems to be the new line of defense against criticism.

    The reality is that in 12 years the processes should have been changed by the relevant Minister or Ministers, so THAT is where the responsibility lies.

  53. Rumplestilskin

    Should read above: Interesting to find out her reply on Graeme Hall as she should now be in charge of Environment, no?

  54. Wishing in Vain

    And again we have another piece of beachfront property being converted into condos as is the case with the old Dover convention center.
    When are we going to learn that these condos are going to be the doom of our hotel industry we are having a constant decline in hotel rooms meanwhile the condos are increasing at a rate just look at the prime real estate along the west coast that is now moving from hotels to condos.
    I am very happy to see that they have made Sandy Lane remove the bricks from across the road in front of the road of the hotel this is a good move wonder who allowed it in the first place was it the PM and only after the pressure he changed his program.
    NO more condos we need more hotel rooms fix the ills in the industry and allow hoteliers to make money and let them grow this can only be done by having someone with a brain heading the ministry of tourism and certainly Lynch does not fit this bill replace him install Adrian Loveridge or someone with a care and understanding of the industry not an idiot like Lynch.

  55. Adrian Loveridge

    Wishing in Vain…

    Thank you for the endorsement.

    I agree with you. If we have to have the condominiums, then build them the other side of the road. Its short term profit and long term unemployment.

    I am afraid our politicians only seem to think 5 years. Mr Lynch won his seat with a very small majority in the last election.

    We have already lost 25 hotels and over 1,000 rooms during the last 12 years.

    The premature demolition of Dover Convention Centre was a BIG mistake. It provided both lodging, dining and car rental business for a whole range of tourism partners (and often in the summer months when we really need it).
    People that attend conferences like to have their accommodation either onsite or close-by, not to have to fight through rush hour traffic to a stand alone facility.

  56. BK

    Adrian dont forget that it provided an excellent venue for crop over events. I have enjoyed watching mant tent performances at Dover and looked forward to the outing in St.Lawrence Gap afterwards. I never understood why it was demolish before the government knew what do do with it.

  57. Wishing in Vain

    Adrian, I have to say that I am impressed with passion that you invest in the subject of the hotel industry and tourism as a whole.
    Sadly the likes of Lynch and company have not got that passion nor care for the industry they are totally limited to doing what creates a return to their bank account sad but true.
    Bruce Bayley and company in the news today they have been the ones sponsoring the buy out of the lands for Owing and company when you can use your office to change use of land to allow for commercial developments as is being done now for a faciliators fee to the tune of $ 5 million because of your close association with the PM then we can safely be said to be living in a corrupt state with corrupt politicians controlling our destiny.
    What are you hearing about the Petra Roach sitution in the tourism boards office in London ?
    Will the public be made aware of the scam that is on going ?
    What have you heard about WITT not paying $ 15,000.00 in fees is this because of favours for favours ?
    We need to wake up and take action in this island before we find that it is no longer ours, when you consider the change in property transfer tax that is designed to help the west coast property owners in their sales of condos etc but yet we can get no relief from the VAT on fuel for our electricity bills.
    You want to tell me that this could be a caring gov’t ?
    Caring only for their healthy bank accounts and how to keep them growing.

  58. Adrian Loveridge

    BK.. yes! I had forgotten that.

    Who in their right mind tears down a relatively new facility (Dover Conventon Centre) without a plan, planning approval and finance in place for a replacement (in whatever form).
    Then leaves the site idle for how many years?
    I do not accept the argument that it was serious competition to Sherbourne. It was a different size and often used for smaller conferences.
    And Sherbourne still survives with facilities like Almond Bay, Dove, Manor Lodge etc.

    Wishing in Vain…

    I did speak to Petra, after being personally sent a very venomous letter outlining some of the things
    alledgedly going on in London BTA office.
    I would prefer not to comment at this stage until I can verify the facts.
    I am not avoiding the question, but in fairness to ALL involved would prefer to independently confirm the allegations.

    I was under the impression that ALL travel agents, tour operators and ground handling companies on Barbados needed a licence to operate and at one stage the Ministry reponsible to granting licences printed a list in the newspaper or at least on a website.
    I keep seeing company names that I cannot recall on any list.

    Finally, did you see that the PM waived the property transfer tax on the sale of Silver Rock Hotel.

    Talk about, don’t do as we do, do as we tell you.

  59. Trying to make a comment but

    I see today that we are starting yet another condo project this one being sponsored by the gov’t of all people I thought that I heard it with my own two ears that minister lynch stated that research was being done on the impact of condos on the tourism sector but yet we commit taxpayers monies to this project before the research is done?
    This appears backward step to me this latest project must have the directors and shareholders of Jada smiling as they have conned the gov’t to free up our taxpayers land to build condos that a few of them will be making a handsome profit from,to be built on another piece of taxpayers owned beachfront property that would serve well as a hotel location.
    Somehow I think we have the cart before the horse here ??????????
    My other question here would be how much money is Noless Lynch making for arranging this deal with Bayley and company ?
    We have to seriously address the issue of these hotels versus condos and I am amazed that the gov’t can be party to such a development in this present setup this is nothing short of madness, what do we the taxpayers get out of the sale of our lands in this arrangement ?

  60. Wishing in Vain

    So there is more in the mortar than in the pestle on the UK board of tourism issue, please keep us informed and up to date on this investigation and what the charges are in relation to this.
    The WITTS issue appears to be a case of favours for favours but the bill needs to be paid as it cannot be waived.
    The part that amused me the most is the act in the house a few weeks ago to aquire the land for this scam of the Sappire project but no one asked anything about the status of GEMS JAWS or anything pertaining to this sick fiasco that was GEMS corruption at its best and they get more thrown into the kitty to allow for even more stealing, but yet we are still awaiting a balance sheet from the gov’t only over 10 years now and still waiting.

  61. J. Payne

    What do you think should GEMS be floated on the stock market???

  62. Wishing in Vain

    What and let the gov’t pay us to take the shares ?

  63. Adrian Loveridge

    I’m puzzled!

    If as the Minister of Tourism states ‘the jury is still out’ over the possible ‘huge benefits’ (the Ministers words, not mine) of condominiuns and that ‘a comprehensive study is currently being conducted to determine the extent of the impact of condominium development’, WHY on earth would Government make taxpayer owned prime ocean front land available to a private developer?

    And who exactly is preparing this’formal study’?

    Suprise me!

    Is it possible it is the company owned by the former BTA chairman, who himself is involved in condominium development?

    The Minister should tell us, after all we are paying for the study.

    What we do know, is that we have lost 25 hotels over the last 12 years.

    What we also know is that between 2002 and 2004, one in every 14 persons employed in the tourism sector or 2,000 people lost their jobs.

    Of course, it may be just coincidence!

    The Minister stated ‘Those knocking condos in Barbados have taken issue with the fast trend of converting hotel properties to more lucrative condominiums’.

    More lucrative to who?

    Certainly not to sustained employment!

    Condominiums have a lower occupancy rate than traditional hotels.


    Is they are occupied for less time of the year, then an empty room (s) is not filling our restaurants, activities, rental cars etc.

    The ‘jury is still out’ but the Goverment still goes ahead to limit prime oceanfront land from attaining its most productive use.

    Barbados and Haiti, the only two Caribbean nations that have not increased their overall hotel room stock over the last 12 years.

  64. littleboy

    Did you hear the discussion, re the same subject, on yesterday’s “Brass Tacks”?
    The stupid arguments used by Tony Marshall and Senator Lynton made me laugh.
    Can you imagine that they both said that there was no proof that the decrease in the number of tourism employees was as a result of an increase in the number condos !!!
    The DLP ‘s candidate from St James made a mess of the two of them!!!
    Then Marshall tried to tie up another caller who agreed with the DLP man.
    What a goat!!!
    The BLP people obviously feel that they can pull the wool over the eyes of all Bajans with fancy rhetoric!!!
    Time for a change!!!

  65. Rumplestilskin

    I heard that bit of comedy re Lynton asking where did the condo workers work before, basically questioning whether a hotel shutting and a condo in its place means that net jobs are lost.

    Err (a word I do not usually use) duh!!!

    Actually, he inferred that these condo workers were not working previously. Which, if true, means that the hotel workers are still out of work, if the condo workers are all ‘new’ employees.

    THIS is why I believe that all senators should be elected rather than appointed.

    The Senate should be independent, as a ‘control’ on Parliament, not another Ministerial mouthpiece.

  66. Adrian Loveridge


    Yes! I heard it.
    I am afraid the Senator does NOT do his research.
    I have not really taken notice of anything he has said since denying that neither the Airport or the Hilton was over budget.
    The loss of 2,000 tourism sector jobs must equate to something. 2002 – 14,200 down to 12,200 in 2004.


    Agree with you there re: Senate

    Austin Husbands has spent a lifetime in tourism. He’s on the ground and unlike our current Minister of Tourism, he talks to people.

    You only have to talk to the Hotel suppliers, taxipeople, car rental agencies, restaurants, activities operators.

    Condominiums employ LESS people and deprive our earning capacity for sustainable tourism.
    I am NOT against Condominiums as such, just where they are located.
    Move them the other side of the road away from prime ocean front land.

  67. more look an see for ya self ,the pm is boss over Customs &Exercise,Print& Electronic media,Town &Country planning,he is minister responsible for those, so ya can see why this Country under lock down, now he wants n-c-f an sports may be more bling bling for the in the first three witch are so vital to our Country you will always have problems finding anything or knowing the real truth.but don’t worry or dispair time fast approaching to the 15 GOD willing help on the way.